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Thoughts on the now and future of Social Media


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Thoughts on the now and future of Social Media

Published in: Technology
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Thoughts on the now and future of Social Media

  1. 1. Social Media  Thoughts on the now and the future  By Razan Kha:b  CEO, Spring Technologies  Amman Tech Tuesdays – July 13th event
  2. 2. Your message and the medium  •  Focus on the message.  •  Understand the channel/medium   •  Different channels, different messages  •  Watch out for new channels, Foursquare,  Gowalla, posterous, Tumblr...etc. 
  3. 3. Your message and the medium  Channel/Medium Mood How to play Blog Personal Personal views, reflections and opinions Facebook Personal Keep it personal! Insights, opinions, real-time news, meet Twitter Hyper new people, learn... YouTube Relaxed At your own desecration :-) Keep it professional, find jobs, find LinkedIn Professional customers, join professional groups...
  4. 4. Your message and the medium  Channel/Medium Mood How to play Announcements, Product/Development Blog Corporate conversations, Industry analysis CSR related news, events and activities Facebook Light weight Conversation Oriented Short with URL: Multiple Accounts: Corporate &Industry news, CSR related Twitter Hyper news, Customer Service/Support and promotions. Longer Stories YouTube Relaxed CSR, Testimonials, Ads, Interviews LinkedIn Professional Recruiting, Corporate News
  5. 5. Quality over Quan:ty  •  TwiNer: Re‐tweets vs. # of followers  •  Facebook: Advocates vs. # of fans   •  LinkedIn: Recommenda:ons vs. # of  connec:ons 
  6. 6. A story from   the future 
  7. 7. Back to now  •  Foursquare: the loca:on sharing tool,   •  Siri: the talking guide,   •  Waze: the real‐:me map and traffic wiz,   •  Glympse: the real‐:me loca:on sharing app  •  And Yelp: the Social review app  Are all installed on my iPhone today!  They don’t talk to each other and   They are not yet Levant‐friendly. 
  8. 8. The Future  A Social OS 
  9. 9. The Future is a Social OS  Web 2.0   •  Par:cipa:on     •  Conversa:ons  Social Media  •  Making things together     •  Interconnectedness  Social OS  – The end of the social silos  – The Internet of Things  – Augmented Reality 
  10. 10. The Social OS  Or? 
  11. 11. Thank You!  Amman Tech Tuesdays – July 13th event