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The responsive web jennifer shaheen


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Small Business Technology Tour 2012 - (sponsored by Intel) - Jennifer Shaheen - Technology Therapy

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The responsive web jennifer shaheen

  1. 1. The Responsive Web and Social Integration Jennifer Shaheen The Technology Therapist® Twitter @techTherapist
  2. 2. How Do You Access a Website?
  3. 3. Do You Use Only ONE Device?
  4. 4. Do Your Customers?
  5. 5. Let’s Look at The Research
  6. 6. Tablets
  7. 7. Mobile Stats• Today there are about 1.2 billion mobile web users around the world according to a 2012 study by MobiThinking.• A growing number of these users never browse the web on a laptop or desktop computer. According to the same study, 25% of mobile users in the U.S. are mobile only– meaning they rarely ever browse the internet on a desktop or laptop computer.
  8. 8. Do You Know The Difference Between…Mobile Website Vs. Responsive Website
  9. 9. Why Responsive Design?• Your Customers• Changes & Growth in Technology• If Re-designing it is more cost-effective• It’s Forward Thinking and encourages planning internally
  10. 10. Why Planning is ImportantNot all of the content will fit in the smaller designs so planout content priority
  11. 11. Is Responsive Design Right for You?• Technology always has varying opinions
  12. 12. Is Responsive Design Right for You?GoingHeadtoHead
  13. 13. Is Responsive Design Right for You?• Browser Support is at 70%-80%• Responsive Design uses CSS3
  14. 14. Is Responsive Design Right for You?• Browser Support is at 70%-80%• Responsive Design uses CSS3
  15. 15. Building Custom• Planning is imperative• Discuss what you’re looking for from a marketing & a technology point of view.• Discuss testing• Discuss backward compatibility concerns
  16. 16. Buying Templates or PrePackaged
  17. 17. Buying Templates or PrePackaged
  18. 18. Buying Templates or PrePackaged
  19. 19. From Responsive To Social Do They Work Together?
  20. 20.
  21. 21. Does It All Come Together? Social Campaign
  22. 22. The Day to Day Social Media Your Social Campaigns
  23. 23. What Tools Are You Using?
  24. 24. Are You Sending Them Back To YourWebsite?
  25. 25. To Relate You Need…
  26. 26. Social Integration and Your Website Design Integration
  27. 27. Social Design
  28. 28. Tips from Facebook 1. Utilizing Community - personalize the user experience 2. Building Conversations – Build an experiences that give people the power to connect and share. 3. Curating Identity - Users share and interact with others because self expression feels good and rewarding. Help them learn more about themselves and curate their identity.
  29. 29. Moving Ahead• What are your business goals?• What do your customers value in your business?• What changes are you planning to implement?• Do they line up with your goals & customer value?
  30. 30. Get Answers By Leveraging…• Google Analytics• Asking clients on your social platforms• Using surveys
  31. 31. Need Specific Attention for Your Business? Schedule a Private Therapy Session 914-949-6092Websites: apist