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The Local Celebrity Entrepreneur: Build and Grow Your Person Brand

  1. Start and Grow Your PERSONAL BRAND Ramon Ray, Editor, Smart Hustle Magazine
  2. How Can I Stand Out?
  3. How Can I Be Different In A Very Noisy Marketplace?
  4. How Can I Be Memorable?
  5. Who are you?
  6. Who is Ramon?
  7. 4x Entrepreneur, Speaker and best selling author
  8. Expert Witness to Congressional Small Business Committee
  9. Tweet @ramonray
  10. Why Personal Branding
  11. Benefit To You?
  12. Personal Branding Benefits… • You as the “only” choice • Shield against price discounting • Barrier against clients going to competitors
  13. What Is It?
  14. Sustained fame (celebrity status) in your local market (geographically or professional category)
  15. 3 Principles of Personal Branding
  16. Perception and Reality Fans
  17. Perception and RealityPerception Perception and Reality Fans
  18. Perception and Reality Perception Perception and RealityFans Perception and RealityNo Frills vs Frills
  19. Four Personal Traits Vital For Personal Branding
  20. Be Happy
  21. Be Excited
  22. Be Patient
  23. Be Focused
  24. Why Focus? • Niche Is Premium • Focus Is Cheaper • Targeting is Easier • Marketplace Can Identify You Easier • Good brands have deep focus
  25. Personal Connections and Personal Branding
  26. GET OUT IN YOUR COMMUNITY & NETWORK Get out in your local community and industry community
  27. Why Network? • Meet New People • Make Key Partnerships • Serendipity is Amazing
  28. Good Networking Tips • Listen to others • Have a giving heart • Find opportunities of similarity • Be brief and connect deeper later • Segment your networking contents • Don’t be a networking shark
  29. CULTIVATE CIRCLES OF PERSONAL INFLUENCE Who are the influencers in your business? MARI SMITH AND RAMON RAY
  30. Circles of Influence • Everyone wants to boost their brands – even influencers • They can help you boost your brand • Name association – even a little bit - helps
  31. The Personal Branding Tool Box
  35. Social Content is the Best Way For Small Businesses To Build Your Personal Brand
  36. Social Content is MOST effective with ENGAGING content (photos, video campaigns, contests)
  37. Analytics Relevancy Frequency Engagement
  38. EMAIL NEWSLETTER MARKETING One to one connection with your fans and sponsors….
  39. Email Newsletter Tips • Great subject line • Great content • No spamming • Be consistent
  41. Video Tools • Video Camera ($500) • Good tripod • Shotgun Microphone • XLR to Mini Jack Adapter • Modern Smartphone • Lighting • Video Editing Software
  42. Video Hosting Platforms • YouTube • Facebook • Snapchat • Google Hangouts • Vimeo • Blab • Periscope • Meerkat
  43. 2016 Is The Year of Video • Brings YOU to life • Highest form of engagement
  44. QUALITY PICS AND IMAGES Headshot by Jason Gardner –
  45. Focus on YOU. Look GOOD. Good Pics. No Babies.
  46. 4 Power Tools
  47. PUBLISH A BOOK Adds credibility; media hook
  48. PRODUCE AN EVENT Headache, money losing, credibility, reach VIPs
  49. MEDIA EXPOSURE Credibility, massive brand boost
  50. Media Exposure • Start local • Get to know journalists • Don’t pitch – educate • Know what’s important to them • Be there to HELP them • Share your expertise or a good story
  51. CREATE YOUR OWN REGULAR “SHOW” Audio (Podcast), Video (Youtube)
  52. DELEGATE AND GET HELP Personal Branding Takes A Lot of Work
  53. Why Delegate? • Focus on what you do best • Get help with things you don’t want to do • UpWork, Fiverr, 99 Designs
  54. Start and Grow Your PERSONAL BRAND Ramon Ray, Editor, Smart Hustle Magazine

Editor's Notes

  1. It’s a marathon - not a sprint