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  • For broadband see if there is anything that looks more like a technology speed vs. highway speed or operations type of scenerey. Closest is slide 13 but without the traffic lights
  • These show large servers – can we find images show data being stored remotely. Maybe google ‘cloud data storage’ or remote data storage. If this one proves to be an issue deprioritize it as we may have an image we’ve used in the past
  • Laptop with lock
  • Can we find someone working in an airport or working in a hotel outside of the office with a picture of them online at a a computer. Not to techy looking if possible
  • Re-crop
  • Nyxpo twcbc xpo top 10 tips-111511

    1. 1. THE TOP TECHNOLOGY TIPS TOACCELERATE YOUR BUSINESSNY XPO For BusinessNovember 16th, 2011Maureen LinkRegional Vice President, Business Marketing
    2. 2. BANDWIDTH THAT CANT KEEP UP WILL BRING YOUR BUSINESSTO A CRAWL AND PUT A CAP ON YOUR PRODUCTIVITY.Broadband increases SMBproductivity by 17%* SOLUTION Scalable, broadband Internet access with speed tailored to the level that best suits your companys needs BENEFIT Significantly speed up email, information sharing, and file downloads to maximize the value of your data *Source: Marshall University study 2
    3. 3. HOW WILL YOU KEEP YOUR BUSINESS RUNNING IF YOUROFFICE COMPUTERS ARE DESTROYED BY FIRE OR FLOOD?40% of SMBs don’t backup their data at all* SOLUTION Online data backup – remote, secure storage of valuable business information BENEFIT Ensure 24/7 access to key operations and customer data, so you can keep your business running continuously while your competitors may not *Source: Small Business Computing 3
    4. 4. YOU DON’T LEAVE YOUR FRONT DOOR UNLOCKED. WHY LEAVEYOUR DATA UNPROTECTED AGAINST HACKING OR THEFT?46% of SMBs have beenvictimized by cybercrime* SOLUTION Managed data security – a service that ensures your systems are firewalled and protected from the latest viruses and other outside cyber threats BENEFIT Eliminate business downtime due to infected data with up-to-date virus and malware protection *Source: Panda Security Survey, 2010 4
    5. 5. WHEN CUSTOMERS NEED HELP, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE.YOUR EMPLOYEES NEED ACCESS TO DATA ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.75% of the U.S. workforcewill be mobile by 2013* SOLUTION Remote mobile Internet access – through mobile data cards or personal hot spots BENEFIT Become a business that is never out of touch with its suppliers and customers, providing the best response possible *Source: IDC, Worldwide Mobile Worker Population 2009-2013 Forecast 5
    6. 6. HAVING EMPLOYEES SHARE DATA FILES BY EMAIL IS A SLOW ANDTEDIOUS PROCESS - INCREASING HARDWARE COSTS.65% of SMBs usehosted software* SOLUTION Hosted document control and collaboration services, such as Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint BENEFIT Store critical data on a secure, remote server, so your employees can easily share files and collaborate, accelerating productivity *Source: Microsofts Global SMB IT and Hosted IT Index 2010 6
    7. 7. HOW CAN YOU MEET WITH CUSTOMERS AND SUPPLIERS WHENTRAVEL COSTS AND HASSLES SEEM NEVER ENDING?54% of companies nowuse video conferencing* SOLUTION Web video conferencing – leveraging web technology to meet virtually anywhere BENEFIT Lower travel costs, and prevent time wasted in the air or at the station to spend more time being productive *Source: Frost & Sullivan-2011 7
    8. 8. HOW CAN YOU MAXIMIZE MARKETING COST-EFFICIENCY AND HITTHE RIGHT TARGET WITH THE RIGHT MESSAGE?74% of SMBs useCRM systems* SOLUTION Cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) applications BENEFIT Affordable access to hosted software, such as Salesforce, minimizes costs while allowing you to focus on delivering better marketing communications and leads *Source: IDIC survey, 2011 8
    9. 9. YOU GENERATE LOTS OF LEADS, BUT HAVEN’T FOUND A WAYTO STAY ON TOP OF THEM TO CLOSE THE BEST DEALS.59% of B2B salespeople saysales cycles are longer* SOLUTION Cloud-based contact and lead management applications BENEFIT Easy-to-use hosted software, such as Salesforce or Intuit’s QuickBase, lets everyone collaborate easily on monitoring leads and driving them to a successful close *Source: B2B Sales Pulse Survey, 2010 9
    10. 10. VOICEMAILS AREN’T ALWAYS THE FASTEST WAY TO REACHEMPLOYEES SINCE THEY ARE OFTEN OUT OF THE OFFICE.30% of voicemails lingerunheard for three daysor longer* SOLUTION Hosted voice – leverage the latest technology to route voicemail to email, and to manage voice services through online portal access BENEFIT Avoid investment in traditional systems and give employees the tools to respond to customer requests in the fastest way possible *Source: New York Times, 2009 10
    11. 11. E-COMMERCE IS HERE AND GROWING. YOU NEED A WEBSITE,BUT DON’T HAVE THE TIME OR BUDGET TO MAINTAIN ONE.46% of SMBs do not havea website* SOLUTION Web hosting services – using trusted partners to help you design, host and manage a professional web presence BENEFIT Provide a consistent and updated online presence to customers and prospects without any investment in web software, programming and server hardware. *Source: MarketTools survey, 2010 11