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How To Succeed As An Engineer and Computing Major


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Ramon presents to New York Institute of Technology Students about careers in engineering and computing.

Published in: Technology, Business
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How To Succeed As An Engineer and Computing Major

  1. 1. Why Am I Here?
  2. 2. 1992 (or so) – AttendedProf. Meyers Programming Class.
  3. 3. 2012 – Ramon, by chance, saw Prof. Meyers On The Train
  4. 4. The Rest Is History
  5. 5. About Ramon RayRegional Development Manager, NY/NJ, InfusionsoftEditor & Technology Evangelist, Smallbiztechnology.comramon@smallbiztechnology.com917-685-3920 | @ramonray- Puppet shows in developing countries- Graduate FBI Citizen’s Academy- Chatted with President Obama in first Google Hangout (
  6. 6. At the UN met famous people like Gaddafi, Obama,Bush, Bush, Clinton, etc
  7. 7. Started with electrical engineering and ended withBS in Business Administration (Marketing)NYIT ALUMNI
  8. 8. About Ramon• Lover of tech and electronics (Hess Trucks (take’m apart), Radio Shack Kits, and more)• Love to read and learn• Family Computer Consulting Services• (speaker, author, journalist, free lance writer, event producer)
  9. 9. About You
  10. 10. • Sky is the limit for computingCurrent Opportunities and engineering students • Consumer products (toys, cars, telecommunications, electronics) • Government (military, law enforcement, local, national, state) • Large business, small business, non-profits • Research, applied sciences, management • Energy, environment, mechanics
  11. 11. Business Technology Opportunities• Network infrastructure• Computing infrastructure (servers – online computing, on premise server, operating system, etc)• Applications/software (social, mobile, commerce, security)• Devices
  12. 12. Opportunities…• Invent something new• Work with what’s already there
  13. 13. Be An ASSET• Can you provide the next % point edge for a company’s product? - iPhone• Can you provide a new way of production or efficiency? – One Click
  14. 14. Tips From Ramon’s Heart• Focus and be an expert• Have some diversity of knowledge but focus• Your network is critical• Be a good oral and written communicator (speed txting does not count)• LOVE what you do (eat it and sleep it)• Be nice, be personable• Be a connector• Give back to your community• Seek to change the world
  15. 15. Engineering Fun FactsFrank Gilbreth, a very famous Industrial Engineer, studied the body motionsof individuals performing work in order to develop the most effectivemotion paths. After the outbreak of World War I, he was able, as an Armyofficer, to tell which potential military personnel were faking body ailments,such as limps, to avoid service. He also used his expertise to producetraining films and procedures. One example was a procedure to disassembleand reassemble a machine gun while blindfolded.Have you ever watched a bricklayer work? They are perched on specialscaffolding where they can grab brick and mortar at the same time. Yearsago, bricklayers stooped over to pick up every brick and then stooped againto get mortar. This new way of bricklaying improved output 100percent. This change was one of Frank Gilbreths first motion studiesdesigned and patented. Mr. Gilbreth is one of the most famous IndustrialEngineers.
  16. 16. Engineering & Computing Makes The World A Better Place THANK YOU Professor Richard Meyers and New York Institute of TechnologyPlease do send me your comments on thispresentation –