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Analytics alex chang - tour 2011 (2)


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Analytics alex chang - tour 2011 (2)

  1. 1. How Analytics Can Boost Your Salesand Get you New CustomersSeptember 2011
  2. 2. Agenda• Getting goals right…leads to the right strategies…leads to effective measurement• One way to frame it – “Conversion Funnel”• Analytics in the Social Media space – some learning
  3. 3. Your high level goals dictate the strategies…and how you measure them• Everyone’s goal is to “drive more business” – Close more sales – Generate more transactions – Book more reservations – Attract more donors – Generate more RSVPs
  4. 4. Identify & track to your goal “conversion event(s)” from online mktg• Same session transaction/event - Reservation booked - Product ordered - Appointment scheduled - Coupon/offer “clipped”• Increase your pipeline/drip-marketing DB - Email newsletter sign up - Social Media connection – “Liked” or “Followed”
  5. 5. Thinking about a Conversion Funnel can help How you generate traffic Traffic Sources to your site/blog What that traffic does Site Traffic (bounce, engage, conver t) Conversions Conversions and ROI
  6. 6. Goal is optimize each layer of the funnel Find most Traffic Sources effective/efficient sources (SEM, SEO, Social) Site Traffic Learn what’s working and what’s not on your site Conversions Track conversions back to actions and sources so you can do more!
  7. 7. Different analytics tools help at different stages Google Analytics & Adwords, Facebook Traffic Sources Insights, Twitter, Roost Google Site Traffic Analytics, LandingPage Testing, etc Conversions Your internal systems/CRM, etc
  8. 8. The metrics themselves differ by funnel phase - Impressions, Unique Visitors - CPM, CPC, CPA Traffic Sources - Bounce rate Site Traffic - Click thru - Conversion % Conversions - Conversions - ROI $/%
  9. 9. An example – SMB using social media to drive Coupons - Generate consistent stream of posts onto FB page about Facebook the Coupon offer to drive traffic to landing page Coupon Landing - Optmize the landing page Page on Site for Coupon “codes requested” Coupons - Track coupon codes Redeemed redeemed - Calculate ROI based on incremental margin $/cost of time
  10. 10. A few nuggets from our experience helping SMB’s with Social Media– Different post types have different levels of effectiveness in different networks • Photos generate the most impressions on Social Media • Questions generate engagement (2x the number of comments of other Post types) • Quotes generate the most ReTweets on Twitter– If you’re a local business, think hard about how to attract local fans! • Only 15% of the average local business’ fans are actually in the city where the business is located
  11. 11. Feel free to contact me•• @alexchangSF