ColdFusion 10


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An introduction to ColdFusion 10, currently in beta.

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ColdFusion 10

  1. 1. ColdFusion 10Raymond Camden
  2. 2. This Guy Developer Evangelist for Adobe Blog: Email: Twitter: cfjedimaster
  3. 3. ZEUS!So what’s next in Zeus? aka: ColdFusion 10
  4. 4. ColdFusion 10 Currently in public beta Along with an update to ColdFusion Builder NOT TALKING ABOUT:  Release Dates (spoiler: not today)  Prices  Editions  All of the above is way over my pay grade.
  5. 5. ALL FEATURES NOT FINAL! (but darn close…)
  6. 6. Getting the bits + providingfeedback Download  Discuss   dfusionbuilder201/ Denounce! (ok, not really…) 
  7. 7. ColdFusion 10 Features/Changes Server level Admin Improvements Security out the Ying Yang Language Improvements Solr Improvements Java Integration REST HTML5 Web Sockets Charting Scheduling Web Service Microsoft Exchange 2010 Caching Updates
  8. 8. Saying goodbye… No more JRun No more Verity
  9. 9. Server level Tomcat replaces JRun Various internal libraries updated (Hibernate, Axis, Solr, etc) Security improved Lazy loading for ORM and Flex
  10. 10. Admin Improvements Hot Fix Installer Template Cache – By Folder Clear Query Cache File Browser IP Addresses for Admin Multiple new pages/fields related to other features
  11. 11. Demos
  12. 12. Security Enhancements XSS/CSRF Protection Session Improvements Hash HMAC (Hash-based Message Authentication Code) File Type Mime Checks And more…  Mail CRLF protection, cflogin strengthened, other services improved
  13. 13. XSS Protection Cross-site Scripting Open Web Application Security Projects (OWASP) Enterprise Security API New functions:  encodeForHTML  encodeForHTMLAttribute  encodeForJavaScript  encodeForCSS  encodeForURL  canonicalize
  14. 14. Demos /demos/security/xss
  15. 15. CSRF Protection Cross-Site Request Forgery New functions:  CSRFGenerateToken  CSRFVerifyToken
  16. 16. Demos /demos/security/csrf/csrftoken.cfm
  17. 17. Session Improvements httpOnly on by default Secure (default is false) Domain Timeout (days, -1 for killing session when browser closes) sessionInvalidate and sessionRotate
  18. 18. Examplethis.sessioncookie.httponly="true";"true";this.sessioncookie.domain="value";this.sessioncookie.timeout="value";
  19. 19. Hash Hash can now be told to iterate N times: hash(input, "sha", 4)
  20. 20. Demo /demos/security/hash.cfm
  21. 21. Mime Type Checking cffile upload getFileMimeType
  22. 22. Demos /demos/security/fileupload.cfm and filemimetype.cfm
  23. 23. Language Improvements
  24. 24. In no particular order… Cookie via Script For-in for Queries Append to file with content Call Stack Application Metadata Disk Space/CPU App-specific VFS CFC implicit constructors, method chaining, implicit notation XPath2 VFS supports app-specific, Zip, HTTP, FTP dateTimeFormat cfinclude runonce Application.cfc - onAbort cfloop/group cfpop/secure JSON support for implicit CFML variables queryAddRow/queryNew easier! Oh, and….
  25. 25. CLOSURES!
  26. 26. Demos /demos/lang
  27. 27. CFC Syntax Sugar… Implicit constructor Method chaining Implicit notation (setting)  this.invokeImplicitAccessor = true;
  28. 28. Demo /demos/cfcs
  29. 29. Solr Dynamic custom fields (as many as you want, even up to 11!) ORM based search Data Import Handler (no more cfquery) Other misc things… (more languages for example)
  30. 30. Demos Custom Fields demo ORM Search demo
  31. 31. Java Integration Ability to load Java libraries  JavaLoader RIP Java access to CFC files:  CFCProxy myCFC = new CFCProxy(cfcPath, true);
  32. 32. Demo /demos/java
  33. 33. REST RESTful web services are built to work best on the Web. Representational State Transfer (REST) is an architectural style that specifies constraints, such as the uniform interface, that if applied to a web service induce desirable properties, such as performance, scalability, and modifiability, that enable services to work best on the Web. In the REST architectural style, data and functionality are considered resources and are accessed using Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs), typically links on the Web. The resources are acted upon by using a set of simple, well-defined operations. The REST architectural style constrains an architecture to a client/server architecture and is designed to use a stateless communication protocol, typically HTTP. In the REST architecture style, clients and servers exchange representations of resources by using a standardized interface and protocol.From:
  34. 34. REST Who cares what it is – we make it easy!  (Btw – Im kidding. Mostly.) Extensions to component, function, argument, application.cfc, and the Admin
  35. 35. Demos /demos/rest
  36. 36. HTML5 CFMAP CFMEDIAPLAYER cfinput wont barf on new items (like type=range)
  37. 37. Demos /demos/cfmap /demos/testinput.cfm Oh and the video one too…
  38. 38. Web Sockets Bidirectional communication  One client to all the rest  Server to all clients Front end support via <cfwebsocket> Back end support for defining listeners
  39. 39. Demo
  40. 40. Charting All new charting engine Styles are JSON objects Deeper configuration via JSON Lots of new features
  41. 41. Demo
  42. 42. And more…
  43. 43. What next? You downloaded it already, right? I mean, its a virtual presentation, you don’t have to pretend to pay attention, so I know you downloaded the bits while I spoke along with doing some mining in World of Warcraft and a bit of client work. Get to it! Lots of blog entries:
  44. 44. Questions?