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STORYBOARD 03 :                                                                                       RAY MANCINI / MONDAY...
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Storyboard03 Revised


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Storyboard03 Revised

  1. 1. STORYBOARD 03 : RAY MANCINI / MONDAY 3 PM “ROBOT FACE/HEAD MODIFIER” 1 : Shot of generic-looking robot, looking 2 : Slowly, the “Head Modifier” begins to 3 : The Head Modifier completely straight ahead. lower down over the robots head. lowers down over the robot’s head, and begins “computations”. 4 : The Modifier raises up, revealing that 5 : The Head Modifier lowers down 6 : The Modifier raises again, showing a the robot’s face has been transformed again over the robot, and a new set new human female face. into a perfect human male face. of computations happen.