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Quickology_An Introductory Course - November 2011


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Quickolology: An Introductory Course
November 2011

Published in: Education, Technology
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Quickology_An Introductory Course - November 2011

  1. 1. QUICKOLOGY:AN INTRODUCTORY COURSE November 2011 2011 © Ray L. Sun
  2. 2. Aims To discover the causes of quickism, quickdom and quickigenesis
  3. 3. Aegean Iris Books Presents A Ray L. SUN Production
  4. 4.  He is famous. Who knows? Maybe one day he will make all of them popular. Image copyright © International Rice Research Institute —Adapted from an American Author
  5. 5. In the beginning, there wasWilliam Paul Quick Webpage snapshot, copyright © the University of Sheffield, Accessed in 2009
  6. 6. The story begins, "I look forward to working with you, we have a very dynamic and international laboratory and some exciting research projects in progress."  —Email, Quick to Sun, 2005 "I too am very pleased to have you at Sheffield. … I look forward to meeting you in September."  —Email, Quick to Sun, 2005
  7. 7. In the start, " Its rubbish. " William Paul Quick in 2005 said to Z. -L. Sun in referring to Functional Z. -L. Suns PhD project, " Significance of Genetic Diversity in Plants", which was sponsored by a prestigious studentship from a well-known Research Council [Natural Environment Research Council] and a well-known company [Hutchison Whampoa], named after a well-known British scientist [Dorothy Hodgkin] and announced by a well-known British politician [Tony Blaire] in 2003
  8. 8. Quick told me to "letter to letter"repeat Simon Snowdens PhD work That was nothing but a " baby-comforter". Quick kept me busily engaged in repeating repeats. Quick kept telling me to repeat my own work. "Your PhD depends upon the standard curve (of Western blotting)." What was his purpose of keeping me and not letting me go when he said "you are not a qualified PhD student" as early as 2006? " A Horse Was Led and Manipulated by a Rat!"
  9. 9. Quick wrote in 2006,
  10. 10. And Quick said in 2006, Dont read " Nature or New Scientist! "
  11. 11. Then, the make of Quick the Shitologist SILLY "屎 痢" RUBBISH "拉 屁 屎 " CRAP "尻 拉 屁 " BULLSHIT "抱 屎 坨 " STUPID "屎堆屁积" ABSOLUTELY RUBBISH "暗步死路特来拉屁屎" PATHETIC "排尿大屙"Interestingly, when the selected quickspeaks were transliterated into anotherlanguage, It turned out that they contained either of the words as "shit", "piss"or "fart" or more than one in the transliterations. Because of WP Quicksfavourite pet words, it is worthwhile to get him a title as WP Quick the Shitter,or WP Quick the Shit Maker, or WP Quick the Farter. The performances of thequickies at the University of Sheffield indicated that WP Quick was not the onlyshitter. In order to make difference between WP Quick and other shitters, it hadbeen tentatively suggested that WP Quick be called William Paul Quick the
  12. 12. And, " Bullshit"!The word in this image was from a sheet (see later part of this doWilliam Paul Quick in a "supervisory" meeting held at Room C48 AlBuilding, the University of Sheffield. That was a serious "scientific"
  13. 13. more quickspeaks: A Swaggering Bully "You just dont have a brain for PhD!" "You reached your limit." "Bloody" "Bloody hell"
  14. 14. Non-Quick quickspeaks "Bullying is not against the law… there might be industrial tribunal, but you are not an employee." by Anthony John Ryan, said to Sun "Thats completely mad." by Andrew Fleming the Asshole Snitch "You are rude, unhelpful,… OUT!" by Andrew Fleming the Asshole Snitch
  15. 15. Quickspeak as anti-science Why is quickspeak anti- science? Quickspeak indicates that only "100%" signal is "true". That is against the second law of thermodynamics. Even if the signal is "1%", it is not "false", "×" and "Bullshit".
  16. 16. However, what Quick said of me inother occasions? Here is oneexample He came highly rated from his home University in China and from Professor ××××s laboratory in Australia and he has proved this with his work at Sheffield. He is highly motivated student who clearly has a successful science research career in front of him.  —Quick wrote of Sun
  17. 17. Quickism Anti-Science Anti-Fact and Anti-Common are among the essential Sense characteristics of quickism.
  18. 18. Implications in the overusingof swears in quickspeak Unprofessionalism and degenerate character Limited vocabulary and limited intelligence The University of Sheffield (or to be more specific, the Burnettick administration of the University of Sheffield) had been tolerate to professorial swearing, although they said different things on paper.......
  19. 19. Quickology: Founding Date 27 September 2010  Historical Document: is the Founding date of Quickology  "At the University of Sheffield, officially, no one has ever said anything against him and his behaviour, within the limit of my knowledge. But from my personal interviews within the laboratory and the Department, I had not heard any confirmative comment on WP Quicks bullying and harassing behaviours. According to the regulations of the human resources department, he should have been disciplinarily dismissed because of his "serious misconducts". Not only he had not been disciplinarily dismissed, he became a star employee at the University of Sheffield ( . These phenomena deserve a specific branch of study. A whole institution made concerted efforts in shielding a professorial bully and liar. This issue itself deserves a deep investigation. I have the time, resources, intention and necessity to do the job. Today will be the foundation day of the new branch of study: QUICKOLOGY."  —Email, Sun to the University of Sheffield, 2010
  20. 20. Quickology: Lingustic Basics Quickism  (1) Quickist, Quickie, and Quickizen are all refer to people who take side with WP Quick and sympathize with him. The Quickismize differences between them could be tentatively explained as: Quickist supports WP Quick strongly and forcibly, and usually Quickist (pl. Quickists) in higher bureaucratic positions, e.g., the pro vice chancellors Quickist (adj.) and heads of departments; Quickie is more passive in supporting Quick than the Quickist; Quickizen is a collective Quickie (pl. Quickies) term for the members of Quickdom. Quickizen  (2) Quickisma is a combined word by "Quick" + "Charisma" Quickiphilia (adj. & n. Quickiphile)  (3) Quickspeak refer to the insulting and nasty words and phrases ("bullshit", "silly", "stupid", "rubbish", "crap", etc.) Quickiphobia (adj. & n. Quickiphobic) used by WP Quick and the manners through which he used Quickdom those words. This term was coined as a tribute to an English author ("newspeak"). Quickology  (4) The meaning of Quickigenesis could be multifold. It could Quickisma (adj. Quickismatic, adv. refer to the emergence, development and mature of Quickismatically) Quickism in WP Quick himself, or it could refer to the influential development of Quickism in an institution or Quickspeak different levels of an institution. Quickish  Other rules of word-construction applies to Quickology, for example, such words could be formed by combining the root Quickize and prefix or suffix, such as anti-Quickism, neo-Quickism, de- Quickize, Quickizability, Quickishness. Quickization Quickigenesis etc.
  21. 21. "But, he has nothing on!" "But they have nothing at all on!" at last cried out all the people. The quickists, quickies and WP Quicks other allies were vexed, for they knew that the people were right; but they thought the oppression, banning, bulling, harassment, blacklisting, cheating, excluding, lying, shirking, conspiring, bluffing, ..., all must go on now! And the lords of the bullychamber took greater pains than ever, to appear run a C4 race, although, in reality, there was no C4, even C1 race, even C0 race, to run.  —Adapted from an European Author
  22. 22. Quickology: A Long Way to Go  From lab rumour, I got to know that WP Quick said that his contract with the International Rice (Oryza sativa L) Research Institute was renewable. The renewability of his contract will enable him to reach the age of retirement from there after the contract is renewed several times.  Also, according to WP Quick that "it will likely take a minimum of 15 years of coordinated research carried out in the laboratories of the C4 Rice Consortium to deliver C4 rice to plant breeders in the developing world." And therefore the development periods of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation C4 rice (Oryza sativa L.) project and quickology would overlap each other for a considerable amount of time. Image copyright © International Rice Research Institute
  23. 23. What was the good for Quick and hisallies when they drove me into a corner?! Anthony John Ryan said to me about the quickist matter.  "You have been cornered." Why did Quick drive me into a corner Why did the University of Sheffield drive me into a corner?
  24. 24. Anti-quickism: "Outracing Rats in Their OwnTurf" It is this, let me tell you— that the strongest man in the world is he who stands most alone.  —An European Author
  25. 25. Plan: Journals  Quickological Reveiw Editor-in-Chief:  Ray L. Sun Publisher:  Aegean Iris Books
  26. 26. Plan: Courses  Introductory Quickology  Quick and Quickology  Quickism and Quickies Chief Lecturer:  Ray L. Sun
  27. 27. Quickology Consortium Coordinator of Quickological Consortium  Ray L. Sun This is a special consortium. Some of the consortium members try to detach themselves or escape from the Consortium. But Quick keeps them and keeps dragging them back through his ruling of the quickdoms by doing nothing and silent powering and overpowering.
  28. 28. Call for supports The implementation of those plans depends on supports from various sources. All those who are interested in the plans are invited to provide supports in various ways, for example, strategic, financial, academic, non-academic developmental supports.
  29. 29. The Timeline for Quickology  It will likely take a maximum of 15 years of self-coordinated research carried out in the quickdoms of the quickies to deliver quickology to the general public in the developed world.3 YearsFact 3 Years Institutionsdiscovery 5 Yearsand Transform Booksquickologic quickies to 4 Years Booklets Quickoloal express gical Seminarstoolbox quickism in Document quickdom analysis quickism, Quickology:developmen of the Coursest and quickies quickist Websites the and fundtionsCharacteriz quickologi quickdom Journals ine cal quickdom s into Lecturesquickimistic quickspeak local scontrols s varieties
  30. 30. Conclusions WP Quick has assembled or attracted or influenced or manipulated or managed a global network of quickies of diverse backgrounds to attack a complex interdisciplinary enterprise of quickism with significant implications and impacts on Ray L. Sun in his life and career. Quickism and quickism characterizations are progressing and have already revealed many quickie candidates for Ray L. Sun to work on. Much more characterization is in progress. Some highly energized quickies are in place of directors, heads, or managers in different quickdoms. WP Quick has already identified himself as a Swaggering BLOSH (bully, blackguards, bluffer, liar, opportunist, shirker, hypocrite, harasser) and the meanings of BLOSH are expanding.
  31. 31. Authors NotesThe format of this presentation had been partially inspired by a presentation made by William Paul Quick the BLOSH on a project he is coordinating in the International Rice (Oryza sativa L.)Research Institute. His contributions is duly acknowledged.Comments, advise, and suggestions are welcome. Please contact the author via email.
  32. 32. Acknowledgements for support This work has been historically and preliminarily supported by a Natural Environment Research Council - Hutchison Whampoa Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Award held at the University of Sheffield, EnglandI welcome collaborations and my plan is to expand the quickological research as far as possible: to enhance my current efforts to work on more quickies to introduce additional sources of ideas
  33. 33. Epilogue William Paul Quicks blackholic egotism and swiftly internationalized and elevated "prestige" will probably drag each and every of those who tried and are trying to shield him and cover up the case into the row. —Email, Sun to University of Sheffield and Quick, quoted in email to Farrell and Zeigler, 2010
  34. 34. All the quickies or pre-quickies shouldUse their to about Quick and quickism