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Shop Window Advertising


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Shop Window Advertising

  1. 1. Clear Channel Shop Windows<br />A proposal for Clear Channel<br />Attracting small businesses to advertise<br />Utilising “dead” space in prime locations<br />Building a cheap, high profile network<br />
  2. 2. Clear Channel Shop Windows<br />Summary<br />Use empty shop windows in prime locations<br />Extra income for shop leasee/ property owner<br />Image applied to inside of window<br />Keep prices affordable<br />Attract small, local businesses who would not usually advertise<br />Make a compelling reason for them to advertise:<br />Low cost <br />grow their business out of the recession / compete with more success<br />Premium products<br />Rear-projection advertising onto shop windows (Clear Channel Alive?)<br />Interactive shop window touchscreens (projected)<br />Upsell and offer different products to these new clients<br />
  3. 3. Clear Channel Shop Windows<br />Current High Profile Advertising<br />Media<br />Outdoor hoardings<br />Public transport vehicles and shelters<br />Digital advertising hoardings<br />Clients<br />Traditional brand advertisers (Large multinationals)<br />Medium/Large product producers<br />Almost no local businesses<br />Costs<br />£10,000 upwards for a small footprint over two weeks <br />
  4. 4. Clear Channel Shop Windows<br />Build a Network solely for SMEs<br />New sites and locations<br />Low cost<br />High profile high street locations<br />New advertisers<br />Local businesses wanting to increase their reach<br />SMEs not on the high street wanting better exposure<br />New revenue that would not otherwise be spent on advertising<br />Upgrading Britain's High Street, bringing small businesses to the front<br />
  5. 5. Clear Channel Shop Windows<br />How to build this network<br />Target Shops:<br />on the high street<br />plenty of clear window space<br />empty shops while they wait to be let<br />OR active shops with no clash to their business needs<br />Sales Team focusing on:<br />Landlords – extra revenue from empty shops<br />Shop leasees – revenue while shop is closed<br />Local businesses who we can show will benefit from advertising <br />located within 2 miles of our new window advertising sites<br />
  6. 6. Clear Channel Shop Windows<br />Rationale<br />Problem: Traditional advertisers are generally spending less on advertising<br />Solution: Find new money from companies who do not usually spend money on advertising<br />P: Many SMEs do not consider larger scale advertising, usually due to cost<br />S: Provide low cost outdoor advertising where their customers walk daily<br />P: Space is expensive<br />S: Target empty shop windows on high streets<br />P: A business will use its shop window, how will we advertise in it<br />S: For empty shops, an image will be applied on the inside of the window and lit from the outside; for shops with active businesses, use film technology which “activates” advert when shop closes<br />
  7. 7. Shop Windows - upgrading Britain's High Street, bringing small businesses to the front<br />Advertising in closed shop windows - target small local businesses to advertise (bringing in new advertising money)<br />Incentive to landlords, cheaper sites, without the long term binding contracts<br />We provide the advert (stuck on inside of window), lighting onto the window and cleaning after<br />Research what we can do to keep margin as large as possible, without stifling demand from the local business advertisers<br />Advertising in shop windows out of hours - utilising technology on the windows which does not show much of an image during daylight, and then brightens up after shop is closed and lights are shone from the outside.<br />call Damian to find out who to pitch ideas to at CBS Outdoor<br />Research who to pitch to at JCD and Clear Channel<br />Edit PMT presentation, tailored to these audiences<br />Clear Channel Shop Windows<br />
  8. 8. Advertisers set higher budgets as confidence returns<br />By Ben Fenton, Chief Media Correspondent<br />Published: January 17 2010 19:21 | Last updated: January 17 2010 19:21<br />Advertisers are setting higher budgets for 2010 than for the previous year, a welcome reversal of the previous two years, the industry’s most authoritative survey of spending intentions says.<br />The results of the quarterly Bellwether report will hearten media companies dependent on advertising expenditure in the UK, particularly the likes of ITV and Channel 4, which have seen quarter after quarter of plunging revenues since the beginning of 2008. The report’s author said it added to evidence that the economy has emerged from recession.<br />The report says about a quarter of companies with advertising budgets reduced their spending in the final three months of 2009 compared with 18 per cent that increased their allocation of marketing expenditure. The net decrease of -7 per cent was the ninth quarter in a row that the figure has been in negative territory, but a big improvement on the -15 per cent for the third quarter of 2009 and the best performance for the market since the first three months of 2008.<br />Media companies have seen advertising revenues fall in the past two years. The television advertising market in 2009 is estimated to have been down about 16 per cent on 2008. Newspapers saw drops of up to 60 per cent year-on-year in some sectors of classified advertising, such as property.<br />The Bellwether report, produced by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising and BDO, the accountancy group, indicated that most of the two-thirds of the surveyed companies that answered were preparing to increase their budgets this year, although the amounts involved were said to be “relatively lacklustre by the historical standards of the Bellwether survey”.<br />Rory Sutherland, the president of the IPA and vice-chairman of Ogilvy Group UK, the advertising agency, said: “These findings are welcome in that they show the picture painted by the last Bellwether report was not a false dawn.<br />“This latest report also seems to bring particularly good news for direct and digital marketing activities, which seem to be leading the recovery.”<br />A more detailed analysis of figures for the third quarter showed that internet advertising and direct marketing rose, while the traditional media of television, radio and newspapers suffered the worst falls, of 6.9 per cent, dragging down the overall figures because they still account for most advertising spending.<br />Search advertising, a sub-sector dominated by Google, recorded an increase of 11.4 per cent<br />Chris Williamson, author of the Bellwether, said more marketing executives were feeling positive about the future prospects of their companies than were feeling negative.<br />But he added: “Companies clearly remain cautious about increasing spending in an uncertain economic environment however, as the setting of marketing budgets remains far less buoyant than prior to the financial crisis.”<br />Clear Channel Shop Windows<br />