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Wearable technology in education - Trident Australia conference 2016


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A keynote from the annual Trident Technology Conference for schools in 2016, when I was asked to cover the Internet of Things and wearables. As it's still an emerging market for schools, I chose to set the audience some challenges about applications for these technologies in education, and what were good\bad ideas (ie didn't cross the 'creepy line' for wearables).
And the last few slides (for those who weren't there) was a quiz - spot the one that wasn't real!

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Wearable technology in education - Trident Australia conference 2016

  1. 1. HOUSE
  2. 2. Elapsed timeSource:
  3. 3. Curved Display Stainless Steel Casing Gorilla® Glass Sliding Clasp
  4. 4. Activity Monitoring Pulse Oximeters ECG Recorders Weight scalesHeart Rate Monitors HEALTH AND FITNESS DEVICE CATEGORIES Blood Glucose Monitors Blood Pressure MonitorsPeak Flow Meters
  5. 5. Intelligent Connectivity Microsoft IoT portfolio Intelligent Devices
  6. 6. IoT, wearables and sensors are reaching an inflection point Hardware is cheap Connectivity is pervasive The state of the art is maturing Analysis enables new businesses Potential savings fuel investment
  7. 7. Innovation at work – real IoT use cases Internet of Smart Meters Internet of Cars Internet of Buildings Internet of Generators Internet of Aircrafts Internet of Mining Equipment Internet of Oil Equipment Internet of Cows Internet of Elevators Internet of Fryers Internet of Vending Machines Internet of Factory Floor Internet of Smart Infrastructure Internet of Smart Grids Internet of Power Tools Internet of Medical Devices Internet of Vacuums Internet of Electric Charging Stations Internet of Vaccine Dispensers Internet of Postboxes Internet of Street Sweepers Internet of VisiCoolers
  8. 8. Laing O’Rourke