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Ray Fleming at the CAUL Conference, Melbourne, April 2017


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My keynote on the theme of Leading during Digital Disruption, for the CAUL Conference in Melbourne in April 2017. CAUL is the Council of Australian University Librarians. Librarians are the perfect case study for leading during digital disruption, as they have rapidly moved their business model to digital resources - over 95% of library resource budgets in universities are now spent on digital resources, rather than physical books and journals etc

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Ray Fleming at the CAUL Conference, Melbourne, April 2017

  1. 1. • Jobs of the future • Business transformation • Microsoft’s change journey • Personal reflection
  2. 2. Jobs keep growing
  3. 3. • Students who multitask on a laptop during a lecture score lower on a test compared to those who do not multitask • Students spend most of their laptop time in class on diversionary activities • Students who were in direct view of a multitasking peer scored lower on a test compared to those who were not • Students who use laptops to take notes in class learn less than students who used pen • Traditional lecture methods are 30% less effective than active learning methods
  4. 4. The workplace of today… …for us
  5. 5. The workplace of today… for some of our customers
  6. 6. The technology lifecycle is accelerating
  7. 7. …and costs more than the product being bought. The procurement process is now longer than the product lifecycle…
  8. 8. There’s not enough skilled talent
  9. 9. We have to change the model Education are competing against the best of the best for the talent that is most in demand The big banks worldwide will compete for the best data scientists. We’ll be left to fight for the rest We have to make things easier
  10. 10. Advanced Analytics
  11. 11. Advanced Analytics
  12. 12. Advanced Analytics
  13. 13. Advanced Analytics
  14. 14. Attrition Numbers Attrition Factors ‘At risk’ analysis Which interventions work? Student Experience & Advanced Analytics
  15. 15. Hidden Gold
  16. 16. Education has a Gold Nugget It is our data
  17. 17. Agility is everything
  18. 18. It’s now quicker to do it, than to discuss how to do it, or to write “it” down
  19. 19. Example ▪ Improving student experience with hand holding throughout campus life
  20. 20. Products are becoming services, and are being unbundled
  21. 21. The Lifelong Education Customer Example
  22. 22. Research priorities have changed
  23. 23. The plural of anecdote is not anecdata