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Plm360 English


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Plm360 English

  1. 1. ™ PLM PLM360 is a scalable, fully integrated TM TM Product Lifecycle Management system Vault WHAT MAKES PLM360 UNIQUE? PLM360 offers seamlessly integrated document Workflow management, workflow Document and enterprise project Management management built on a scalable, multi-site architecture. PLM360’s semantic data structure allows it to represent complex data models while Multi-Site providing quick and easy access to information. Enterprise Project Management
  2. 2. DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT Vaulting, security and versioning At the core of PLM360 is a secure vault which provides both maximum encryption and compression. This protects your valuable intellectual property as well as facilitates regular backups. Role-based access controls (RBAC) are configured for privileges such as access, modification, printing and distribution. Concurrent access to files is coordinated via check-in /check-out privileges, with logged access and disciplined revision commenting. Non- destructive versioning of files means that revision history is never lost and any previous revision can be accessed at anytime with detailed modification history facilitating audits and traceability. Office/CAD integration Locally installed office and CAD applications are directly integrated into Document Management so that users may retrieve existing documents directly from the Document Management repository, make changes, and save the changed document back to the repository as a new version, all without leaving PLM360. Searching and viewing Users can quickly search the vault for document content, versions, history, user access and metadata. The embedded document viewer can display hundreds of 2D and 3D document formats with red-lining and annotations. CAD geometry can be accurately measured with the ability to show/hide parts and layers and navigate to related detailed information such as product requirements and assembly instructions. Collaboration, red-lining and notification All users access documents by reference to a single master document avoiding multiple copies of different versions. Files can be sent by reference to remote locations within e-mails and chat sessions avoiding large file attachments and unnecessary bandwidth usage along with not creating a duplicate copy of the file. Documents can then be red-lined and annotated for changes. Users can initiate a secure chat or apply a sticky note to the file. Users are then provided with instantaneous notification of document updates and changes, which keeps them informed of any activities occurring on that document. These notifications are provided though PLM360 or via email or portable device and a full history is maintained.
  3. 3. workflow PLM360's Workflow Manager provides a powerful business process automation system ensuring an easy implementation of best business and engineering practices across departments, the extended enterprise, and the entire supply chain. Processes can be improved by standardizing workflows to ensure that tasks are assigned on time and to the right people. The Workflow Manager is integrated with both Project Management and the Document Management to ensure resources are available and the assigned tasks are associated to the correct revisions of all documents. PLM360 is packaged with a library of Best-Practice workflow templates such as ECRs, ECOs, to get you started quickly. These can be modified and new workflows created with the drag-and-drop Workflow Template Designer. The easy to use and intuitive graphical user interface allows the creation of highly complex workflows incorporating resource swim lanes for enhanced process clarity. The workflow templates created can be saved and reused, ensuring that business and engineering knowledge can easily be captured and replicated in a consistent manner. Tasks can be assigned to individuals or by user type and those involved in a workflow receive notifications through PLM360’s Task List or through email. The Task List provides each user with a quick overview of their current responsibilities. Once activated, workflows can be modified, or tasks can be reassigned. A workflow can thus be modified “on-the-fly”, without having to halt a process in order to create a new one. PLM360 has Workflow Monitoring and Workflow Reporting components to ensure that task evolution is efficiently managed during its entire lifecycle, and that all activities are logged for traceability analysis and historical trending analysis. Managers can also see who is working on what task and receive automated notifications at every stage.
  4. 4. ENTERPRISE PROJECT MANAGEMENT PLM360's Enterprise Project Management (EPM) system enables concurrent access and real-time collaboration of complex multi-tier projects and portfolios across complex organizational boundaries. The technical foundation includes PLM360 software for managing product information and process knowledge. Multiple Portfolios Portfolios of large numbers of parallel projects are easily managed, as the user experience was designed from the start to be very intuitive, adaptive and responsive. Portfolios management of unlimited size with complex nested projects is simplified through advanced features such as load-on-demand providing rapid graphical navigation and drill-down to the level of detail required. Portfolios can be designed for long-term management of complex programs or rapidly created using templates derived from your best practices. PLM360 allows for portfolio analysis which provides a high level view of multiple projects. Resources Management The resources management component is critical to both project management and workflow, providing maintenance of detailed information for contacts, roles, competences, job titles with direct links to current and forecasted employee workload. PLM360 enables role-based knowledge capture of best-practices including cost and perfor- mance considerations. Time sheets As the lifecycle of project tasks are transitioned from planning to execution mode, any assigned resource will auto- matically receive all the relevant information related to those tasks. Additionally, as work is executed and reported in the timesheet system, it is reflected instantly within the project management system visible on the GANTT chart showing planned and actual effort, also available in all detailed analysis reports.
  5. 5. Dashboard The dashboard provides crystal clear visibility with full informa- tion disclosure of ongoing project, cost and resource status in a simple and concise layout. It involves all stakeholders from executive-level reporting to workshop-floor and timesheet tracking. Prompt decision-making prior to problem impact is enabled through a commonly used graphical user interface. This is enhanced with early warning indicators and real-time process monitoring at every level of the project structure and during its entire lifecycle. Reporting PLM360 provides automatic drilldown charts, dash- boards, and custom reports. As a project manager or a senior executive, there are typically six project health criteria that are of particular interest at any point in time: • Cost (Are we on budget?) • Resources (Are we properly staffed?) • Scope (Are we focused on the project mandate?) • Time (Are we on schedule?) • Quality (Are we tracking defects?) • Actions (Are we properly addressing outstanding issues?) Data collection within PLM 360 is an extension of what the project team normally does, rather than a separate exer- cise. No matter the complexity of the project metrics that your organization is using, PLM 360’s inherent flexibility allows you to use the variables you choose to measure your projects’ health. multi-site PLM 360 is designed from the ground up to be easily scalable form a single site to a multi-site implementation. There is no need for additional software installation or cumbersome database configurations. All one needs is two or more PLM360 servers that are connected to each other and the data will be synchronized and the united enterprise can share projects, tasks, notifications, resources and processes all in real-time. System Architecture Designed from the ground up as a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), PLM360 provides our customers with an adaptable, flexible and open architecture for a seamless coexistence within your current IT infrastructure. This enables greater collaboration within the extended enterprise by drawing upon a wider pool of resources thus allowing for improved innovation during the product development cycle. For more information contact us at: Montreal (QC), Canada Stamford (CT), USA T. (514) 340 1818 F. (514) 340 1891 T. (203) 325 2220 F. (203) 725 0855