Crack The Brand Code With This Simple Example


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A deck we created for a client so THEY could connect with their own brand...see what it looks like and what it FEELS like and make sure it really was they believed in and could stand behind. Simple for you to use for your brand or your client's.

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Crack The Brand Code With This Simple Example

  1. 1. The SmarterFaster's Core Brand Four C’s © 2008-2009 SmarterFaster, Inc. - Confidential.
  2. 2. 1. Collaboration Your network is your net worth.
  3. 3. 2. Contribution Excellent experiences in a world where excellence is rare.
  4. 4. 3. Credibility Creating relevance out of chaos.
  5. 5. 4. Context Transforming information into knowledge, sharing into learning, and dreaming into accomplishments.
  6. 6. Branding Attributes/ We are: 1. A knowledge networking community 2. Personalized filter for the information stream 3. Credible platform for information evolution 4. Results-oriented environment 5. For infovores and lifelong learners
  7. 7. Branding Attributes/ We are not: 1. “Teenage drivel” 2. Just another bookmarking site 3. Facebook for adults 4. “Google killer” 5. Everything to everybody
  8. 8. Functional Benefits/ We give users: A dashboard for exploring the semantic web
  9. 9. Branding Functional Benefits/ We give users: • A dashboard for exploring the semantic web • Semantic search and bookmarking • Wikipedia-anchored topics with people-added meaning • Objective ratings of both content and creators • Visual pathways and connections • Access to premium content by recognized thought leaders
  10. 10. Emotional Benefits/ We elicit feelings of: Empowerment
  11. 11. Branding Emotional Benefits/ We elicit feelings of: • Empowerment • Connection • Significance • Growth • Contribution
  12. 12. Brand Personality • The right blend of self-improvement, learning, education, entertainment, and altruism • Discover world-class thought leaders and ideas and then bring them back to millions of people • Creates content and provides information for improving lives • Raises the standards of thought leaders, organizations and everyday people • Believable and credible…facilitate personal and societal transformation • The right demographic… people who invest in personal and professional development
  13. 13. Brand Essence: (internal) Not just better information. A better life.
  14. 14. Brand Promise: (external) The edge in knowledge.
  15. 15. Key messages: The visual format is engaging, unique, and intuitive
  16. 16. Key messages: Express your Point of View
  17. 17. Key messages: Transform your connections into power
  18. 18. Defining User Experience First Step: Identify the primary activity What is the user doing? Seeking personal or professional development by connecting with others, finding information, and sharing expertise.
  19. 19. Defining User Experience Second Step: Identify the Social Objects What is the user interacting with? Knowledge
  20. 20. Defining User Experience Third Step: Choose the Core Features Search, News and Bookmarking POV’s & Interest Networking Goal creation and sharing Rating algorithm for content and creators Follow a visual trail connecting knowledge Semantically-driven recommendations
  21. 21. Defining User Experience Fourth Step: Who is it For? For people who are already online using search engines, bookmarking tools, and social networks. For people who want to be more productive and find better information faster. For infovores and lifelong learners intent on improving their lives and the lives of others. For trailing Baby Boomers and early GenXers who want to simplify online choices.
  22. 22. Defining User Experience Fifth Step: How will they use it? As a personal and professional development tool. As a “Delphi Method” for converging on better answers for big issues. To obtain more powerful and meaningful results through content and contributor “ratings.” To access trusted advisors to achieve better results and live better lives. To share and to be recognized for personal expertise and intelligence.
  23. 23. Defining the Category Knowledge Network
  24. 24. Focus the Brand The Deep Ocean Strategy
  25. 25. Focus the Brand The Deep Ocean Strategy • Finding more profound meaning on the web– through more credible information and personal improvement. • Going deeper into search instead of wider. • Illustrates collective intelligence as symbolized by schools of fish. • Ultimately about joining with like-minded individuals to move toward better solutions for our planet. • Graphically similar to a nautilus shell which helps users navigate better and puts semantic search in visual context.