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Into The Dream And People Arial


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powerpoint presentation proposal about my personal travel.

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Into The Dream And People Arial

  1. Into the Dream and People Journey project of a young man To cut across Eurasia continental
  2. Meet Jaehan
  3. Name: 배재한 ( 裵宰漢 ) Sex: Male Academic status: Korea University Business School, Junior Height: 180 cm, Weight: 70 kg Date of Birth: 1983.05.08 (25 yrs) Family: Dad, Mom and Old brother Hobbies: Mountain Trekking, Running, Bike Riding, Soccer, etc. Hometown: Daegu GPA: 3.33 TOEIC : 960 Military Service : Korean Augmentations to The United. States. Army in Yongsan Travel Experience : Diverse places in Korea only IQ: 121 Daegu, Korea **: ***
  4. This is NOT what really matters, <ul><li>… , which is linking these dots of present to his future. </li></ul>Korea University, Seoul, Korea When he has no vision or values of life,
  5. Know Jaehan NOW,
  6. <ul><li>What he lives for </li></ul>Xujiahui market, Shanghai, China Communication with People to Infinity by Sharing Positive Impacts on each other
  7. Halong Bay, Vietnam What he cares for S H A R E
  8. A Monk in a village near Luang Prabang , Laos So he wants to be… In 1 year In 5 years In 10 years In 20 years In 30 years
  9. What he needs NOW, He needs to be one with Global Mind and Insight . For ‘SHARE’ Wat Spires in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  10. What he means by ‘GLOBAL MINDS’,,,
  11. Kathmandu, Nepal No discrimination between Race, Sex, Political Ideologies, Wealth, or Religions Share of Cross-Cultural Diversities Philanthropic Spirit over the Globe
  12. NOT JUST…
  13. Taji Mahal in Agra, India Interest in world-wide conversion to capitalism or expansion of multinational companies Fluency in English Competitive spirit among countries
  14. Sunset on Ganges River, Varanasi, India For him to cultivate it, Traveling all over the world is PRIMARILY needed
  15. Why NOT? Academic Accomplishments Internships in Corporations Study abroad Exchange Students Programs Volunteer Activities Case Competitions Club Activities Working Holidays …
  16. Hunza Province, Pakistan For young ages in 2006, the most want-to-be are government officials, teachers, and professionals (e.g. doctors or lawyers),
  17. Tower of Silence, Yazd, Iran … , whose parents used to want them to be Professors, Artists or Workers big firms in early 1990s
  18. 2012 By the year of when another shift happens,
  19. Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey Financial asset managers, IT security engineers, Human resources experts are said to be promising.
  21. Gondolas in Venice, Italy Again, Traveling all over the world is TRULY needed
  22. 1. People Did you Know Facts about Outbound Tour in Korea
  23. Milan, Italy 1 out of 4 went overseas in 2006,
  24. The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France 16.5% of them are in their twenties, … , which means 967,490 young fellows go abroad every month,
  25. … while he has NEVER flown to anywhere before.
  26. Did you Know 2. Places Facts about Outbound Tour in Korea
  27. Traffic light in Brussels, Belgium 76.9% o f travelers go to As ian countries largely in cluding China and Japa n, and…
  28. European Parliament and Euro Statue in Brussels, Belgium 17 out of top 20 countries are of 50 richest nations by GDP, Japan China Thailand Philippines United States Hong Kong Australia Singapore United Kingdom Canada Germany Taiwan Indonesia France Vietnam Malaysia Italy India New Zealand Netherlands
  29. … while he is going this way.
  30. Did you Know 3. Money Facts about Outbound Tour in Korea
  31. 62% of trade surplus in 2006 was offset by spending on Tour and Study abroad, Canal in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  32. Towers of Mozes and Aaron church in Amsterdam, Netherlands Average Expenditure Per Capita is about $1,187 per month .
  33. … , which is TWO-month of daily spending during his journey. PIC B
  34. His Project…
  35. Eastside Gallery of the Berlin Wall, Germany What he plans to, Throughout 20 countries and more than 50 cities For 6 months from August, 2007 Come across Asian and European Continentals
  36. Departure on 15 th August, 2007 Arrival on the end of January, 2008
  37. Night view of Prague, Czech What he does have, Definite Reasons to go Passion and Willingness Steady Preparation Physical and Mental Strength
  38. Politechnika, the Warszawa University of Technology, Poland What he does NOT have, Available to use Necessary to use 3 million won 6 million won At maximum At minimum (including flight fees and overall preparation expenditure)
  39. So, he needs support from you. Kiev, Ukraine
  40. Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia You are impressed, and IF, interested in his project, E mail: [email_address] Cell phone: 011-9566-7456 Blog: Contact for further information
  41. Support and Be with his long journey!!! “ Boy, You’re almost there…” Data References Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Korea Tourism Organization, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, Korea Gallup, Job Korea, International Monetary Funds,