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McCammon Estates HOA 2012 Annual Meeting


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McCammon Estates HOA 2012 Annual Meeting

  1. 1. April 30, 2012
  2. 2.  April 14th 2011 HOA Turnover Meeting Landscaping 2011 Annual Meeting Minutes Capital Reserves Collection Resolution Current Projects Board Status / Elections
  3. 3.  Annual Contract $17,597.70 Ground Care $7,227.84 Floral $1250.00 Water & Sewer $3,838.00 Arbor Care $2,415 Irrigation $120.002011 Year to date actual figures – Total above $32,448.54
  4. 4.  Responsible for 2 private roads $1390 expenses for 2011 $0 for 2012
  5. 5.  $12,338 budget Lift Station
  6. 6. Terminated collection agency contract whichwas sent to accounts over 60 days past dueSend a demand letter to any Lot Owner who ismore than $375.00 delinquent.Record an affidavit of lien against any LotOwner that is more than $500.00 delinquentLot Owner who has a delinquent accountbalance of $1,000.00 or greater, foreclosureaction against that Lot Owner.
  7. 7.  2012 Plans$2k budget for various events:Garage Sale -6/15 & 6-16Community Party
  8. 8.  Develop and maintain several communication vehicles for the HOA Website Facebook Homeowner Phone & Email Directory Quarterly Newsletter Welcome Packages
  9. 9.  Blacktop Walking Path –complaints regarding the condition of the entry way blacktop walking path. township no longer has plans to extend the walking path as originally designed. It was recommended by M/I that the path be removed. The Board asked Jeff to get three proposals to remove the walking path.
  10. 10.  Radar Speed Control Signs-complaints regarding the driver’s speed on Walker Wood Blvd.Township trustees requested the Association start a petition to install the signs and also get a recommendation from the township engineers.
  11. 11.  Main Entrance lighting & landscaping Rear Entrance lighting
  12. 12.  Replace post burned out lamp bulbs Stop mail & newspaper service Lawn care Clear snow on driveway during winter
  13. 13.  We Want You! –Residents needed for Committees Flower Club, Social functions, Communications One meeting per month, or less Sign up today!
  14. 14.  Bishop Unlimited replaces Abbruzzese Brothers New Contract: 28 mows Pruning 4X Mulching, Edging, & Areation Over $4k+ savings