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Marketing columnist with Melbourne Herald Sun, Marketing, Advertising campaigns, TV commercials, brochures, consultant.

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Ray Beattys Ads

  1. 1. Now you can have your ad created by one of the best. Ray Beatty 0409 174 565
  2. 2. Ray Beatty For twenty-five years the only ads Ray wrote were for his own clients. Now he has parted with them, and his staff, and is enjoying the luxury of just writing ads. His talents are just as sharp as when he won Clios and countless awards. But now they are available to you. Brumby’s: Helped build the chain from twenty bakeries to one hundred and twenty in six years.
  3. 3. The Promise   Ray will take your product and make it into a brand . Give it personality. Individuality. Appeal. And increase its sales.   NEC : An example of vertical marketing. PBX sales were increased by appealing to Call Centre managers.
  4. 4. What do I do?   From supermarket products to services, to business-to-business and IT, I have produced award-winning creative ads.   But more than that, I know how to solve problems. Marketing problems. POWERWARE : The product benefit as a visual metaphor . This campaign won them market leadership.
  5. 5. How I Work You understand your market, the product. So I work closely to your brief. Or I can write my own, working with you to develop a strategy. Then to create a stunning campaign for TV, Press, Direct. DRYTRON: Aggressive positioning against much larger carpet steam cleaners With late-night and daytime TV we won market leadership
  6. 6. The Creative   A selling campaign needs a Big Idea. This can be a visual. A slogan. A position. A TV commercial. It’s the hook which makes people see the product as special and unique. I’ll find you that Big Idea. INFONET How do you summarise one of the world’s great data networks? Sometimes you find an idea so big, it’s magic.
  7. 7. <ul><li>Telstra </li></ul>The Inside Story For two decades Telstra used me for internal communications with their huge nationwide staff. Telememo won a Penguin Award for Best Corporate Video.
  8. 8. The Marketing How much do you want me to do? I can develop a marketing plan, strategies, whatever you need. In fact, I’m the Marketing Columnist for the Melbourne Herald-Sun.
  9. 9. The Services   I have the experience to produce whatever you need. A full campaign or just a brochure. Press, TV commercials, point of sale, on-line, packaging, direct marketing. Sit back and I’ll sort it. EANWORKS: The world's first full-size Supply Chain Exhibition was created by Ray Beatty.
  10. 10. Yes I do brochures And to satisfy me they have to be stunning!
  11. 11. A CV always needs a history. The story so far….   SUMMARY OF PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Beatty Marketing Solutions (Ray Beatty Advertising Pty Ltd) • Managing Director • Creative Director • 1984-2007 Ogilvy & Mather Creative Group Head Leo Burnett Senior Writer Masius Wynn Williams Copywriter Orchard: Need to create a cookbook? I can do that too.
  12. 12. A few of the accounts I’ve worked on <ul><li>. A.V. Jennings . ATV-10 . Australian Airlines . Australian Eagle . Brumby’s . C.E.S. . Cerebos . Coffee Mate . Dairy Board . Datacraft . Delta Car Rentals . Dimplex . Dri Tot . Drytron </li></ul><ul><li>. Dunlop . Food Plus (BP Express) . Gas & Fuel . General Motors . Go Cat . GTV 9 . Hewlett-Packard . Kambrook . Merchant Builders . Mistral . Mobil . Myer Miss Melbourne . Nabisco . Ovaltine </li></ul>. Philips . Repco . Rowntree . Schweppes . Shell . Siemens . Statewide PBS . Tattslotto . Telstra . Toyota . Tracker . Uncle Ben's . WC Penfold .Wool Corporation
  13. 13. Pen for hire Give me a call, let’s talk about your new ad, TV commercial, web site or brochure, let me show you what I can do. Ray Beatty +613 (0) 409 174 565 [email_address]