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StrideMill Data Sheet


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Our skating treadmills, motion analysis systems, shooting extensions and rink boards are the premier training devices in the hockey industry and are used by more NHL and international hockey players than all others combined.

Since 2003 our engineers have installed in locations world-wide; including Canada, the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Russia, and the United States.

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StrideMill Data Sheet

  1. 1. 888 SKATE GREATSkating — For The Science Of It StrideMill Skating Treadmill Key Benefits This product is aptly named today. We are also the Owner Benefits to reflect the concept of a most researched, most  Sales — Convert unused space skating treadmill, and is tested & most effective. into revenue the industry leader — world-  Differen a on — The Key to hav- wide! That’s why we have sold ing a compe ve advantage more machines than all  ROI — Excep onal, as hockey is It changes the way skate others combined. on the increase for all ages training is taught. And because we make eve- Team Benefits In fact — it changes, well... rything in our own factory,  Ice me — Unlimited as this is Hockey • Figure • Speed EVERYTHING! we control all aspects of dryland ska ng quality, value and service!  Compe veness — No skater With StrideMill models for wants to be the teams weakest beginners to professionals, That’s why we have the  Savings — Dryland ska ng costs to those with side panels highest customer satisfac- and shooting lanes — you tion rating. less than ice rink rental will be amazed at what can, and, in fact, should be Being the best priced Player Benefits done, to improve skaters doesn’t hurt either!  Focus — Be er mechanics abilities. through immediate feedback It doesnt get any  Strength — Achieving anaerobic We are the fasted calibrat- better than that! burn state quicker than on ice ed machine on the market  Accomplishment — Seeing stride mechanic improvements less than 3 weeks Applica ons  Hockey, Figure & Speed Skaters  Fitness & Power Training  Dryland & Cross-Training  Resistance Training  High Schools & Universi es  All year round Authorized Agent www.Ska