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Our work for some of the world’s best known Financial Service brands.

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Ray+Keshavan | The Brand Union – Financial Services

  1. 1. Ray+Keshavan The Brand Union Adding Value to Financial Services
  2. 2. Why clients seek us • To develop powerful strategies to create new brands or rejuvenate existing ones • To bring modern, world-class design solutions to Indian brands • To create compelling and memorable brand visual identities to enable employees and stakeholders to understand and live their brands • To rationalise brand portfolios and create robust, enduring architecture systems • To provide companies with tools to manage their brands Who we are Ray+Keshavan has been voted as India’s No 1 Brand Design Consultancy by The Economic Times four years in a row from 2008 to 2011 (every single year since the survey began). We are part of WPP’s global brand agency, The Brand Union. Together, we offer more than 35 years of brand building experience with about 500 strategists, designers and researchers across 21 offices serving every major market This means that our clients benefit from the best of both worlds: a global network and knowledge pool combined with deep experience and understanding of the Indian context. The Brand Union Abu Dhabi India Beijing Cairo Dubai Dublin Hamburg Hong Kong Jakarta Johannesburg London Madrid Miami New York Paris San Francisco Shanghai Singapore Stockholm Tokyo
  3. 3. Brands we have helped to build in India
  4. 4. Brands we have helped to build worldwide
  5. 5. How can a long-standing brand stay relevant for fast-evolving consumers? How can a new entrant carve a position for itself in the fiercely competitive financial services market? How can brand- experience act as a differentiator? How can brand serve as a rallying point for employees? If those are some of your questions, we can help you find answers. We’ve done it for several financial services organizations – helping them align business and brand strategy for market success. Read their stories inside and get in touch with us so that we can help you tell yours. Gaining a competitive edge in financial servicesRESEARCH Brand audit Competitive analysis Insight research STRATEGY Brand naming Brand positioning Brand model Brand architecture DESIGN Corporate design Packaging design Information design Brand language Brand environments Interactive design Brand communications and collaterals Brand guidelines ENGAGEMENT Employee insight and diagnostics Internal communications Employee engagement EVALUATION Measurement, assessment and evaluation
  6. 6. Ray+Keshavan proved to be the right choice for our brand. A few things that make the R&K team stand out are: their experience across categories, their professional approach, their open-mindedness towards feedback and their passion for work which is visible in every member of the team. Praveen Kadle, MD, Tata Capital Case Study
  7. 7. Doing what’s right for you In financial services markets across the world, the ‘offerer brand’ is always more important than the ‘product offering’ – customers must first trust and believe in the brand before it even enters their consideration set. Given the numerous scams that have shaken the sector in the last couple of years, this factor has gained even greater significance. When Tata Capital approached us to ready their brand for re-entry into the Indian financial services market, we knew that the positioning needed to be based on the trust and respect the Tata brand evokes. For customers who were tired of the poor service they got from public sector banks, and were distrustful of private players, this was a compelling value proposition. They were seeking an ‘efficient partner with a conscience’ - the central idea on which the Tata Capital brand was built. This was translated to the tagline ‘We do what’s right for you’. The fresh look and feel we developed for the brand uses a prominent ‘right angle’; an appropriate and memorable visual metaphor. An unusual lime and blue palette was chosen to enable their signage to stand out in a crowded retail landscape. Launched January 2009* Case Study
  8. 8. Ray+Keshavan has helped us get a positive ‘first impression’ from our customers as well as other stakeholders. Their knowledge and passion is reflected in the work they do. Rajiv Jamkhedkar, CEO, Aegon Religare Life Insurance Case Study
  9. 9. Creating a refreshingly different brand Aegon Religare is a joint venture between Aegon, UK, one of the world’s largest providers of life insurance and Religare, a leading Indian financial services group. The new brand needed to draw on the source credibility of its joint venture partners to build trust. At the same time, it needed to attract attention and gain mindshare in an extremely cluttered and competitive market. Aegon Religare was positioned as ‘refreshingly different’ – an insurance brand that urges you to think and question. A distinctive brand look and feel was created to knit together all brand touchpoints. Brand language was an important part of the identity and the brand’s confident, reassuring and down-to-earth tone of voice has played a big part in its successful launch. Case Study
  10. 10. Before As a public sector bank, we serve a large, highly diverse pool of stakeholders. To carry out a brand initiative for such an organisation is indeed a challenge. One that Ray+Keshavan has addressed most successfully. You have made valuable recommendations that are being implemented by the bank as part of the rebranding programme. Ray+Keshavan’s entire team is extremely passionate and committed and has worked as one with the bank. You combine a deep understanding of fast evolving Indian consumers and market with global knowledge and best practices. Canara Bank has received many accolades as a result of the rebranding. M B N Rao, Chairman & MD, Canara Bank (2008) Case Study
  11. 11. R A Y + K E S H A V A N T H E B R A N D U N I O N 4 5 Helping a centenarian appeal to younger customers The second largest public sector bank in India, Canara Bank was approaching a century of operations in 2008. Despite its rich heritage, the bank, like many of its counterparts, was struggling to attract younger customers. To address this, it embarked on a journey of organisational restructuring, HR training and branch uplifts. We were commissioned to guide the bank towards a more youthful, contemporary persona that could be the ‘face’ of this change. Working with a brand like Canara Bank requires great sensitivity towards its diverse group of stakeholders. Our teams met people across the organisation, hearing them out and helping them understand the need for change. The bank’s new identity is based on the idea of partnering with stakeholders to co-create value. The new logo, a set of simple graphic links, gives expression to this central idea. From passbooks to application forms, every piece of customer- facing collateral was analyzed and redesigned – not just to raise aesthetic standards but also to make it easier to use. The new identity was rolled out across the bank’s 3000+ branches in record time. Case Study
  12. 12. Only a global Indian firm like Ray+Keshavan could have created a global Indian brand for Kotak. Uday Kotak, Chairman, Kotak Mahindra Before Kotak Mahindra Bank Case Study
  13. 13. Kotak Mahindra Bank 133rd and successful! Kotak was a financial services group with multiple standalone businesses that ranged from mutual funds and investment banking, to auto finance and insurance. In 2002, they received permission to set up a private bank – the 133rd in a fiercely competitive Indian market. The strategy for Kotak focussed on creating a bank for the emerging breed of ‘global Indians’ – an affluent, largely urban audience that was experiencing a resurgence of pride in their Indian roots. We carried out a comprehensive brand architecture exercise that united the group’s multiple brands under the Kotak umbrella. The design route adopted for the new face of Kotak reflected its core philosophy. The new logo was based on the Devanagari letterform ‘ka’ (which corresponds to K). It is combined with the universal symbol for infinity, to communicate Kotak’s deep commitment to its clients. In a very short time this branding exercise helped Kotak establish a strong, differentiated position and gain wide acceptance from the audience it had set out to target. Case Study
  14. 14. Rebranding J&K Bank is part of a larger initiative undertaken by the bank to catapult it from an old-generation bank to a new-generation private sector financial services company and at the same time catalyse the revitalisation of the economy of Jammu and Kashmir. Ray+Keshavan has been a critical partner to the bank in this initiative. They have displayed a deep sensitivity to the existing emotional heritage of the brand, as well as an appreciation of the complexity of the state and society of J&K which has a great diversity of faiths, landscapes and cultural traditions. Their ability to re-interpret the cultural idiom in a refreshingly contemporary language has allowed us to get closer to our heritage and build appeal across generations of customers and clients. They have been uncompromising in their commitment and displayed a passion for their work which is rare. It has been a labour of love. Haseeb A Drabu, Chairman, J&K Bank Before Case Study
  15. 15. Communicating hope and optimism The beautiful state of Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) has been torn by strife for several decades. The rebranding exercise for J&K Bank aimed to send a message of hope and optimism to the people of the state. J&K Bank is the cornerstone of the state’s economy and the single largest employer after the Government. We were commissioned to give the bank a complete brand makeover. Our teams undertook a comprehensive research exercise, meeting people from different regions in an attempt to find a common idea that would resonate across the state. The central idea for the bank’s brand is ‘Serving to Empower’. The inspiration for the new identity came from a couplet by the Sufi poet Iqbal about a falcon that soars to new horizons. This embodies the aspirations of a weary people who are anxious to break from their past and share in India’s progress. Case Study
  16. 16. Before I think the real trigger that followed many changes, was the launch of new logo. Believe me, it has totally changed the perception amongst customers as well as our employees and has set the stage for many more initiatives. The re-branding exercise has given tremendous boost to our efforts in reaching out to existing and new customers with a new promise. I take this opportunity to thank you for doing such wonderful work and the re-branding strategy. Anil Khandelwal, CMD, Bank of Baroda (2007) Case Study
  17. 17. Creating India’s International Bank Bank of Baroda was the first public sector bank in India to undertake a comphensive branding initiative. The bank had embarked on an initiative to reorganise and transform its operations. As part of this exercise it also wanted to re- examine all its customer-facing interfaces to create a seamless brand experience. The programme started with extensive stakeholder research across customers, employees, investors and the media. In terms of perception, customers did not see any significant difference among the big public sector banks. They were all seen as trustworthy, but also bureaucratic and slow. Interestingly, we found that Bank of Baroda did have a difference that could be built into a powerful value proposition – it had an extensive and long-standing overseas network. This was communicated through its tagline ‘India’s International Bank’ to bring to fore its pioneering spirit and global experience. A new identity was created for the bank, and its logo – the Baroda Sun – has since become one of the most recognized marks in India. Case Study
  18. 18. Ray+Keshavan has worked with Max to build a truly world-class brand. Everything they do meets the highest international standards: be it their skills in design, strategy or communication Analjit Singh, Chairman, The Max Group Building a new brand with New York Life The Max Group undertook a consolidation exercise in 2000, exiting old businesses and entering knowledge-based industries like healthcare and insurance. We worked with them on a multi-dimensional branding exercise, first creating an umbrella brand for the group and then creating brands for individual businesses like Max New York Life. Case Study
  19. 19. Case Study Before From South India to Pan India The Murugappa group is very reputed in South India. How do you manifest their flagship financial services business in an industry that is both hyper-competitive and highly regulated? The Chola positioning, ‘Trust, Transparency and Technology’ was built around the balance of group values and sector relevance. We shortened the name from ‘Cholamandalam’ to ‘Chola’ to give the brand a pan-India feel. We refreshed their identity to create a master brand that was a memorable creative expression and a supporting brand language helping them stand out in a hypercompetitive and cluttered world.
  20. 20. Case Study A strong icon style that sets apart Chola MS product offerings. BRAND ICONS �������� �������� ����� ��������� ��������� � ��������� ���� ���������� ����� ��� ������ ����� ��� ����������� ������� � ��� ������� ���������� ��������������� ��������� ���������� ���� �����������������
  21. 21. Before Case Study HDFC is a household name in India. Bearing such a strong heritage and a unique positioning, it was time for HDFC to look younger, distinct and communicate sharper. To enhance brand equity and build clarity we changed the name from ‘HDFC Standard Life’ to a simpler ‘HDFC Life’. We created an extremely memorable yet simple identity which was drawn from the mother-brand and was inspired by moments of life that are well lived- which is the core emotional connect with life insurance. To support the selling of profitable products, we developed one of a kind product icons that are easy to implement, yet speak a distinctive visual language. All in all, an assignment that echoed the pride in ‘Sar utha ke jiyo.’ M a l a y a l a m K a n n a d a Ta m i l M a r a t h i G u r m u k h i / P u n j a b i G u j a r a t i B e n g a l i A s s a m e s e H i n d i M a l a y a l a m K a n n a d a Ta m i l Te l u g u M a r a t h i O r i y a G u r m u k h i / P u n j a b i G u j a r a t i B e n g a l i A s s a m e s e H i n d i
  22. 22. Case Study Celebrating a new generation of achievers and enhancing their self pride HDFC Critical Care Plan provides you with timely support in case of a critical illness and helps your family and you remain financially independent in difficult times. sms HEALTH to 5676727 www.hdfclife.com
  23. 23. Case Study What happens when two of India’s most credible public sector banks join hands with a world leader in financial services? The genesis of the IndiaFirst name lies in this partnership- that recognized the new spirit of India and the hypercompetitive life insurance landscape. We developed a name that articulated this commitment along with a vision balancing all stakeholders’ aspirations. Think New Be Helpful Be Honest Do More CULTURE AND VALUES To ensure that the bancassurance channels work, the brand architecture and endorsement unit were specially designed. A memorable brand identity inspired by both the name ‘IndiaFirst’, their leadership stance and colour palette indicating three partners was designed. Along with it, an easy to execute brand language, brand system and values.
  24. 24. IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company Ltd Second Floor, South Wing, UTI Tower, G-N Block Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai 400 051 T +91 22 6529 1095 / 6515 7254 F +91 22 6789 2967 www.indiafirstlife.com First name Second name Designation Company name Floor, Wing, Building name, Road name, City - Pin code. M Mobile number F Fax number E Email ID www.indiafirstlife.com Branch Code To, IndiaLife First Insurance Co. Ltd., UTI Tower, 2nd Floor Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai 400 051 Ref: Authorization to pay insurance premium through electronic direct debit clearing service Dear Sir, madam, I / We hereby authorize IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company Limited / their authorized service provider to debit my / our bank account through ECS / direct debit towards payment of my / our life insurance premium, as per the details provided below ECS Direct Debit (Applicable for Bank of Baroda account holders only) Application / Policy number Amount Frequency Start Date End Date Name of Account Holder (As appearing in the Bank records) Bank Name & Branch Address Account No. MICR Code (Is the 9 digit code on the cheque book issued by the bank. You are requested to attach a cancelled cheque for verification of the MICR Code ) Account Type Savings Current Cash Credit (Affixing of your proprietary firm / company stamp is mandatory, in case of a current account) IFSC Code: (If appearing on the Cheque book) Mobile No. I / We, wish to avail of the ECS / Direct debit facility for payment of my / our insurance premium in accordance with the details provided above, which are correct and complete. If the transaction is delayed or not effected at all for reasons of incomplete or incorrect information, I / we shall not hold the user institution (company) responsible. In addition, I / we understand and agree that the premium amount to be debited from my / our account may vary due to taxes and other statutory levies as may be applicable from time to time. I / We also accept that the transaction will be effected on the policy on the due date (provided it is a working day). In case of an ECS / direct debit dishonor, I/ we authorize IndiaFirst Life Insurance to re-debit my/ our bank account for two months premiums on the following premium due date (applicable for policies on monthly payments only). Lastly, I / we promise to fulfill all my / our responsibilities as a participant under the scheme Yes, I / we have attached a blank cancelled cheque. Certificate of the Bank Named in the Mandate It is certified that as per our records, the bank account particulars of the mandate above are correct and the signature of the bank account holder is true. Bank Stamp Signature of Authorized Bank official Date ECS is an automated facility which debits your premium from the bank account specified by you, on your premium due date, except in case of a holiday or for ECS locations under the non-rolling settlement category. This is applicable for all active (in force) policies. Primary Account holder’s signature (If Primary Account holder differs from policy holder) Policy holder’s signature Joint Account holder’s 1 Signature Joint Account holder’s Signature 2 • Premium is subject to change with change in service tax rates / reinstatement charges and as per your request(s). • IndiaFirst Life Insurance shall debit your bank account if your policy and the ECS mandate are ‘In Force’. It will continue to do so until you provide a written request for cancellation of ECS / direct debit. • Request for cancellation is required to be submitted 15 days prior to the due date or the same would be effective from the next premium due date. • Requests for payment mode change to ECS / direct debit has to be provided 30 days prior to the due date or the same would be effective from the next due date. • Data provided by you in the cancelled cheque and the proposal form may be used by us to complete the ECS Mandate in case the required information has not been filled. ELECTRONIC CLEARING SERVICE (ECS) / DIRECT DEBIT APPLICATION FORM For any queries or more information, call 18002098700Toll Free or mail us at customer.first@indiafirstlife.com Dear Customer, We, at IndiaFirst Life Insurance value your association. We hope to better this relationship in the days to come. Listed below are the details of our various Contact Points which will help you to get in touch with us swiftly. 1. E-Service If you are a person most comfortable with the internet, your Policy Information is now just a click away. You can learn about our new products, branch details or give us your valuable feedback online. Just log onto www.indiafirstlife.com Step 1 – (To be defined) Step 2 ‘’ Step 3 ‘’ For any queries or suggestions about our services, products or our website, do feel free to write to us, Our Communication address is: IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company Limited xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx Malad (East) Mumbai 400 000 Email customer.first@indiafirstlife.com 2. Call Us We are also just a phone call away. Our dedicated Customer Care Toll free number is 1800-0000–0000. You can also call us on xxxxx xxxxx anytime between Monday and Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm Thank you for considering us for your life insurance needs. We look forward to more opportunities to serve you better. Assuring you of our best services at all times. Yours sincerely, IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company. CUSTOMER PROPOSITION SHEET For any queries or more information, call 18002098700Toll Free or mail us at customer.first@indiafirstlife.com Pramod Kumar Sardesai #54, Padmashree Enclave, 2nd Stage, 5th Main Anche Palya, Prashant Nagar Bangalore 560 098 Karnataka T +91 80 23476587 E pksdesai@hotmail.com Brand look applied WELCOME NOTE Pramod Kumar Sardesai #54, Padmashree Enclave, 2nd Stage, 5th Main Anche Palya, Prashant Nagar Bangalore 560 098 Karnataka T +91 80 23476587 E pksdesai@hotmail.com Dear Mr Pramod Kumar Sardesai, Welcome to the IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company. We thank you for choosing us as your partner in securing your financial and insurance requirements. All our plans have been designed to help you fulfill your dreams by growing systematic savings and developing a body of wealth through market linked investments. It has been our endeavor to provide all the relevant information about your plan in this policy document. We have taken care to ensure that the document is simple to understand and comprehend. We request you to read it carefully and make sure that all the reasons why you chose this plan are being fulfilled. The document also carries important hints on best utilizing the plan. If you are not happy with the terms and conditions mentioned in this policy document, you can change your plan or return it to us within 15 days from the date of receiving it. However, in case of the latter, we would request you to mention your reasons for cancellation, so as to help us improve our products/ services further. Our customers are our most valuable assets and we are always available for you. Please feel free to contact for any further information or clarification about your plan or any of our other products. Looking forward to further opportunities for serving you, Yours truly, For any queries or more information, call 18002098700Toll Free or mail us at customer.first@indiafirstlife.com Policy No.: 0123456789 Barcode BENGALI Filename: IF_Bengali Logo.ai HINDI & MARATHI Filename: IF_Hindi & Marathi Logo.ai TELUGU Filename: IF_Telugu Logo.ai KANNADA Filename: IF_Kannada Logo.ai GUJARATI Filename: IF_Gujarati Logo.ai TAMIL Filename: IF_Tamil Logo.ai
  25. 25. One bank. One brand. To become a true global brand, Credit Suisse launched a one bank/one brand strategy in 2005. Against the consensus of the day, we discovered the name Credit Suisse had a strong unifying effect internally and a high degree of relevance externally. The bank’s fragmented culture was further aligned through the brand idea that reconciled the bank’s heritage with its pioneering spirit. The dual nature of the idea inspired a new visual identity, including a new brandmark, combining an elegant typographic style with a more expressive sail-like symbol. Case Study
  26. 26. Charting a new course We first partnered Standard Chartered Bank in 1995 to build a global banking brand for the future. The success of our work on their brand identity, look & feel and brand documentation led to many more engagements. We have since advised the bank on its overall branding approach, values and the translation of strategy into identity, including the development of its well-recognized mark. Case Study
  27. 27. Thinking in-the-box American Express was getting to be increasingly vulnerable to competitors who were targeting and appealing to the needs of a customer segment whose lifestyle was structured more around credit than charge purchases. Our research showed that whilst American Express was one of the most respected brands in the world, it had a very singular positioning in “privileged membership”. Making it happen Inspired by the idea ‘cut to the chase’, the visual identity for RBS Global Banking & Markets, is straightforward and direct. It has a fresh and human character, in line with the RBS Group philosophy ‘Make it happen’. We developed the entire visual identity system, including guidelines and templates. Working closely with the client team, the new identity was smoothly rolled out across their many international markets. This positioning did not resonate with the target segment or with the breadth and diversity of American Express’ new product offerings. Based on these insights, our recommendation was to use the blue box to express a unified brand that could represent the company as well as its products. It became the foundation upon which the American Express megabrand was built. Case Study
  28. 28. Bank of America Chairman & CEO Building a powerful brand NationsBank’s acquisition of Bank of America resulted in the creation of a new industry giant. It needed a name and an identity that reflected both the status of the new brand and its unrivalled range of offerings. Our research pointed to ‘Bank of America’ as the best name to act as a foundation for the transformation. The powerful new logo we designed gave visual expression to the brand. While the banner expresses the arrival of a new force, the colourful landscape symbolises the rich possibilities the brand offers to its audiences. Thousands of signs, printed materials, ads and electronic communications were revealed in a single day – a gutsy approach which has stood the test of time. We have recently been commissioned by Bank of America to take their brand to the next level. Contact us arvind.hegde@rayandkeshavan.com +91 98450 64414 M tasneem.ali@rayandkeshavan.com +91 99204 03968 M Case Study
  29. 29. Ray+Keshavan The Brand Union 22 Brunton Road Bangalore 560 025 India +91 (0)80 2555 0486 T +91 (0)80 2555 0487 T +91 (0)80 2558 1465 F rayandkeshavan.com thebrandunion.com