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Bhopal BRT on the edgeDedicated BRT in BhopalThe BMC (Bhopal Municipal Corporation) is constructing the BRTS worth Rs 237....
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Towards sustainable bhopal


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Bhopal BRT

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Towards sustainable bhopal

  1. 1. Bhopal BRT on the edgeDedicated BRT in BhopalThe BMC (Bhopal Municipal Corporation) is constructing the BRTS worth Rs 237.76 crore under theJawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) from Misrod to Bairagarh. And this would be aclosed system operating under BCLL (Bhopal City Link Limited), which is formed by the BMC to operateBRT.In all the Indian BRT corridors, Bhopal BRT is the longest one with 24 km. the best part of this BRT is thatit is passing through CBD (Central Business District) of the city while in all the others, BRT is constructedoutside the city. The operational system would be a combination of trunk feeder and direct services. Thewhole city (City Map) has been divided into Trunk, Standard, Complimentary and Intermediate ParaTransit (IPT) routes. Mostly they are going to use the existing mini vans to complimentary and IPTroutes. The Political Pressure (Minivans Drivers Association) is very much high for allowing minivans tostandard routes.Initially it was planned fully dedicated BRT for the total length with a Railway Over Bridge which iscoming in between the corridor. Later it is decided to take Short and selected points (such as lesscongestion points in the city) of mixed traffic operations in between without undermining thefunctionality of the entire system. And also to save the existing landscaping, Environment FriendlyPedestrian Space such as Footpath and Street Furniture, mixed traffic condition with kerb side dedicatedmarkings for busses is decided. Overall, this mixed traffic operation has a negligible impact on BRTsystem performance. In future, when the traffic is considerably increased this section can be convertedto dedicated BRT corridor.The project was delayed due to the ROB construction which is in between the corridor. Surmountinginitial delays and hiccups, now the construction work of BRTS, Bhopal is moving to end.