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  1. 1. By Raymond C. Velazquez
  2. 2. Clough Article “Merger…” 1. With New yorks purchase of the worlds leading internet company it hopes to overpower its East coast competition with its control as the leading media entertainment company and now including the internet community. 2. The Key to New York being the power house of the East coast are the politicians who were able to envision future advantages that New York would need such as the Erie Canal. 3. The Birth place of todays modern innovations such as the telephone motion pictures ect. Kept it ahead of the game against its neighbors. 4. This with the nearly total control of cross trading unless something drastic happens New York will continue to be the power house it is today.
  3. 3. Kotkin “Rome vs. Gotham” 1. New Romanism, In which all power and decisions devolve down to the imperial core. 2. Washington’s, minimal lose to the job sector and gain in technological field jobs through the recession unlike the rest of the country allows it to stay ahead of the game in revenue. 3. With wall Streets crash in the depression Washington has gained in picking up the slack and gaining control over the financial power in the Fed. Treasury. 4. With the unprecedented grow and the vigor of a new president since 2008. The Fed. Gov. has been determined to gain ground on the top spot of financial power that new York has over the East coast.
  4. 4. Gridded Lives 1. The urbanization from half a world away are relative to each other. 2. The similarities of post soviet Russia and the American mid- West towns have uncanny similarities. 3. Industrial institutions such as the railroads design the lives and towns of both peoples to fit their needs. 4. The land continued to be divided up and distributed according to the whims of the industries that came to develop up and around the towns that were started there by the early pioneers.
  5. 5. The great transatlantic migrations 1. People that migrate from one geographical location do so with the changing of seasons or with the possibility of short term jobs when available. 2. Migrations from third world countries into industrial countries such as America were not uncommon and these immigrants were used to build the industry. 3. Immigrants from Europe were the majority in concerns to the shear amount of people coming into the country. 4. People searching to earn land were migrating to the west from the east coast in record numbers from places such as south America and the like.
  6. 6. The City in the land of the dollar 1. Chicago, the center of industry and technological innovations in the 19 century . 2. The high contrast between the upper and lower classes can be seen clearly from Chicago, getting a clear view of the connections from the upper to the lower classes. 3. The Cities of America are unlike any in the rest of the world for the most part, since in relation to most everywhere else America is still very young.
  7. 7. Foreign policy Issues 1.Already the rest of the world is growing at a rapid rate unheard of in the last century. 2. With the worlds top ten cities growing and changing only three American cites make it in. 3. With New York, Chicago and Los Angeles being our only three cities to make it in. 4. While Europe has only been able to take in two spots with London and France. While Asia and the pacific have the other five leading with Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Seol. Though most of the global cities are still young in their respective fields there are still some that clearly stand out from the rest.
  8. 8. The true Global Cities 1. New York Tokyo and Paris Lead in what most matters in being called a major city. 2. Starting in New York each city has its own specialization for being a Global City. 3. With New Yorks Control over Capitalization, Tokyo’s Fortune 500 companies and London’s tourist industry they stand on top. 4. Since the Decision of what a Makes a major city is not decided by their size It is because of their ability to influence the world outside their borders that in most important here.
  9. 9. Qualifications For a global city and Bases for Future Cities 1. The information was taken from over 60 cities from around the world totals over a million people. 2. They were judged on Business, Human captain and info exchange, Political Exp. and political engagement. 3. Ranging from how many fortune 500 companies are stationed in each city around the world factoring in the flow of goods in and out of each city. 4. Along with the public sectors activity and facilities to nurture its people with knowledge and understanding of the world around them.