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  1. 1. iOS Application Case Study
  2. 2. Our Service Offerings
  3. 3. Our Experience
  4. 4. Case Studies :iOS Application Development
  5. 5. Smiggle Chat Application – iPhoneApple Store : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/smiggle/id445304093?mt=8Description Advance Chat Client that facilitates finding and chatting to other web or Mobile users.Salient Feature Cool Graphics Instance Chat Create and Manage profile Create and Manage Chat List Make friends/Buddies Send Shootout View Picture Gallery Push Notification JSON Parsing Many more…
  6. 6. Smiggle Chat Application – iPhone(Cont…)
  7. 7. ABC Airline Description:  Application caters Airlines and travel industry. User can find flights and can see flight details. App have many useful features like finding hotel, cars, travel insurance information & metro train information. Highly configurable for any travel agencies & airline companies.Salient Feature Search flights of your interest and get list on screen Look detail of each flight Make booking for selected flight Look for Hotels and many other such related features
  8. 8. ABC Airline (Cont…)
  9. 9. Banking Application - iPhoneDescription Financial Application Solution for iPhone/iPad devicesSalient FeatureSimple and Professional UI.User can perform : Bill Payment View the Statement Fund Transfer Locate ATM JSON web service Integration Secure Transaction
  10. 10. ABC Banking Application - iPhoneDescription It’s a mobile banking app. This covers key features of banking. Highly configurable for any bank. Rich user interface and user experience. Support iPhone and Android devices.Salient Feature Secure Login Fund Transfer between accounts Statement inquiry Check exchange rate Utility Bill Payment Google Map Integration to look for Bank Branch and ATM Locations Contact Information for Bank
  11. 11. ABC Banking Application – iPhone(Cont…)
  12. 12. ABC Banking Application – iPhone(Cont…)
  13. 13. Taximeter Application for iPhoneDescription The application is for customers who uses taxi for their travel in Brazil. Customer can track his trip details like what distance he travel and in what time. On completion of each trip he can get summary of his trip charge.Salient Feature Select city and fare type. Start meter as soon as you start your trip Up-to-date distance, time and charge while you are in Taxi. User can change fare type during trip Display summary of trip with total charge, distance and time taken Best for Brazil.
  14. 14. Taximeter Application for iPhone(cont…)
  15. 15. Real Estate Search Application:Apple Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pbc-realty/id392401777?mt=8Description Real Estate Agent iPhone application will help all real estate agents and their customer across the worldSalient Feature best way to search for real estate in San Antonio and South Texas! Find properties near your location Ability to create custom searches and have a nightly push notification update Ability to mark a property as a favourite. Ability to view list of agents
  16. 16. Real Estate Search Application(Cont...)
  17. 17. The USA Constitution – iPhoneApple Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-us-constitution-docuapps/id402945001?mt=8Description Application for Constitution of the United States of AmericaSalient Feature Can use Wikipedia & popular search engine tools while reading. Easily highlight passages & email them to friends & colleagues. Broad range of ability to customize the look and feel of the text to your own liking. User can maximizes the page reading view with no ads or tools on the reading page. Bookmark page. Add Notes
  18. 18. The USA Constitution – iPhone (Cont…)Apple Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-us-constitution-docuapps/id402945001?mt=8
  19. 19. Easy K53 Application – iPhoneApple Store: http://itunes.apple.com/za/app/easy-k53/id454972946?mt=8Description Easy K53 helps you prepare for the K53 Learner’s License test and pass it, the first time! This app takes a results-based approach to learning, letting you identify where your weaknesses are so you can focus on becoming fully familiar with the material.Salient Feature Main menu with option Practice, Take a Test and Tips Display list of categories (Rules of the Road, Road Signs and all) Test simulation with questions and list of answers which contain image and text both. Score with Graph. Sound integration with animation
  20. 20. Easy K53 Application – iPhone(Cont…)Apple Store: http://itunes.apple.com/za/app/easy-k53/id454972946?mt=8
  21. 21. iPad – Magazine ApplicationDescription Application to read magazines in PDF format which are approximately 100MB and 90-100 pages.Salient Feature Application contains "Magazine rack” that will show purchased magazines front covers stored on the device on one page and available magazines front covers for purchase on another. Tapping a purchased magazine will take the user into the magazine. Tapping on available magazine will allow the user to purchase through the StoreKit.
  22. 22. Blood Test Monitor - iPhone & iPadApple Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/blood-test-monitor-for-ipad/id396343482?mt=8Description Track & improve your blood lab results & other health data with graphics to achieve longevity.Salient Feature Application will gather data of the blood work results and will show if the range is a healthy one or there is the need of improvement. It will store the blood work of many tests including the date, and will do a graphic of those results each individually. If there is a need for improvement it will give advice on how to improve it
  23. 23. Blood Test Monitor - iPhone & iPad (Cont…)Apple Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/blood-test-monitor-for-ipad/id396343482?mt=8
  24. 24. iPhone PDF Invoice Builder ApplicationDescription Generating Bills and produce final invoice in PDF formatSalient Feature It is basically an application where user can choose generate the invoice. Various Invoice Formats are available where user can choose from . Final invoice will be generate din PDF formats
  25. 25. Kuwait Constitution AppApple Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/constitution-of-kuwait/id385759363?mt=8Description Application to refer Constitutions of KuwaitSalient Feature Browse through different level of content. Support both the views of iPhone. Search for specific constitution. Set font size and color as per users choice. Arabic font support. XML based content parsing to make application smoother and faster for users. In-App Purchase Urban Airship Integration
  26. 26. Kuwait Law AppApple Store: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id459697650?mt=8Description Upgrade of Kuwait Constitution AppSalient Feature In – App purchase Improved performance Portrait view Urban Airship Integration
  27. 27. STV Twitter App – iPhone(Cont…)Description Social networking application to communicate on Japan TV ChannelsSalient Feature Browse different channels and comment. Invite friends to share your thoughts for a channel. Support both the views of iPhone. Twitter Integration Japanese Language Support Become best of your group by becoming active on app. Set your favorite channel and personal details. Push Notification for score updates JSON Data Parsing
  28. 28. STV Twitter App – iPhone (Cont…)
  29. 29. iRestaurant Finder App - iPhoneSalient Feature User does Registration with App Can Put his request with kind of restaurant he is looking for. Request goes to restaurant owner Application returns back restaurant detail matching of his criteria. User directly call to the restaurant to book his seats. Japanese Language Support Push Notification for score updates JSON Data Parsing
  30. 30. iRestaurant App – iPhone (cont…)
  31. 31. iRestaurant App – iPhoneSalient Feature Browse menu and sub-menu. Mark item as favourite Prepare your order and send to restaurant via email Get offer notification Order Payment via credit card or Paypal.
  32. 32. iRestaurant App – iPhone(cont…)
  33. 33. John’s Pizza- iPhone ApplicationApple Store: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id459697650?mt=8Description Product of John’s Pizza, restaurant in USA. User can browse menu, create his order and place his order to the restaurant. User gests notification for new offers.Salient Feature Browse menu and sub- menu. Mark item as favourite Prepare your order and send to restaurant via email Get offer notification
  34. 34. John’s Pizza- iPhone Application(Cont…)Apple Store: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id459697650?mt=8
  35. 35. Location Based System(iPhone)Description The app is mainly works on GPS feature of the device. On startup it locates user’s current location. User can browse for different location near to him, can get route on google map. On map he will be able to see locations where he can tap on any and get more detail of that location. Best app for the visitors and travellers.Salient Feature Plays introductory video. Displays user’s current location on map. Display route between current user location and destination location. Step by step route information from source to destination. Displays near by places pin on map and on selection can get more information about selected place.
  36. 36. Royal Appointment for iPhoneSalient Feature Appointment System Various users and role wise functioning Notification of new appointment Manage appointment Support of Dropbox
  37. 37. Sports Picker App - iPhoneDescription Virtual sports bating application. Users will compete daily and be ranked on leader boards in socialSalient Feature competition. User select and create pick on sport. Invite friends to application. Create challenge between friends. View Statistics of picks. Advertised and Free version Apple in-app purchase feature.
  38. 38. Sports Picker App – iPhone(Cont…)
  39. 39. FlickKey Keyboard Notes– iPhoneApp Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flickkey-keyboard-notes/id406292075?mt=8Description FlickKey is a notepad application featuring a new and superior keyboardSalient Feature Six super large ‘hard to miss’ flick-able keys on the screen at a time. Popup flick-able keys so you can type common words uncommonly fast. More common punctuation characters on the main keyboard screen Only two screens for all the alphanumeric and numeric characters. Email, SMS text, and search the Web directly from FlickKey. Standard copy and paste functions. Choose your font and font size.
  40. 40. FlickKey Keyboard Notes– iPhone(Cont…)App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flickkey-keyboard-notes/id406292075?mt=8
  41. 41. iSnapped Application – iPhone & iPad:Apple Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id474741486?ls=1&?mt=8Description iSnapped is quick and easy way to detect the human face in photo.Salient Feature Choose photo from photo library and camera Detect human face in photo List of attractive frames to set on photo Text comment on photo Save photo Share photo [Facebook, Email] Photo Gallery
  42. 42. iFish Application for iPadApple Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ifish-it-go-fish/id491320114?mt=8Description iFish iT is an interesting, interactive fishing game for the iPad user. Users experience virtual fishing as in a boat. The realistic color, the graphics, the different stages of the game and sound makes the players feel the joy of fishing.Salient Feature New fishing environment with each level Background Sound Best user interaction and animation Play, Pause, Direct and shoot fishing hook Sound ON/OFF Instructions
  43. 43. iFish Application for iPad(Cont…)Apple Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ifish-it-go-fish/id491320114?mt=8
  44. 44. GuestLife Application – iPhone & iPadApple Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ifish-it-go-fish/id491320114?mt=8 Description Bay Area Business Directory and Offer search application
  45. 45. THANK YOULooking Forward To Have A Mutually Beneficial Association. Assuring You Of Our Best Services Always. SPEC INDIA