Library orientation 2012 aug 29 2012 final


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  • Diana, how about we both introduce ourselves, then you present slide 2. RR & DB- to present title slide (introduce ourselves- names, affiliated program site (IMP/SMP), where we’re from…UVic- Victoria, BC; UBCO; Kelowna, BC).Image source:
  • DB- to go over objectives
  • RR- Do you ever feel like this?
  • RR- OR like this with info overload?
  • RR- Here’s one way to cope!
  • RR- And here’s another way to deal with info overload & searching frustration and save you time, too! Your program librarian can help…We can also help with your research. I’ve been working with 2 VFMP students for the past 2 years on projects related to social media use in medical education. We’ve created and presented a poster togethe at the Canadian Conference on Medical Education; we’re writing a paper about our findings; and we hope to present a workshop at CCME 2013.
  • DB- This is the easiest place to start searching. Even for Google, Google Scholar & PubMed. You may notice that the UBC library site recently went through a re-design. This is still your one-stop shop for all of your information needs from journals, e-books and more!
  • DB- Access these via the library tab on Medicol or bookmark these sites in your favourite internet browser! Although the clerkship guide is geared for your 3rd year, you can still access the different guides including our recently created mobile apps and devices page!
  • DB- Thanks to a partnership with the e-HLBC (Electronic Health Library of British Columbia) consortium, UBC Library recently acquired two new interactive 3D anatomy resources: 1) Anatomy.TV and 2) Anatomy & Physiology Online. (do a quick demo). You may want to bookmark these sites for easy access.
  • RR- Social media is increasingly being used in medicine and librarians can help point you to curated medical social media and networking tools. Take a look at our mobile apps guide on Medicol for recommended apps and tools.
  • RR- To keep up to date on current issues in medicine follow me on Twitter@raworthr
  • RR- But it is important to realize that now that you are medical students everything you do on social media must be done using a medical professionalism lens. Various professional bodies in medicine have developed guidelines to help you. Here’s an example of one from the College of physicians and surgeons of bc.
  • RR- In the end, finding, using and keeping up to date with the literature is done for one overall reason: to help your patient.
  • DB- Let students know who their affiliated program site librarians are and their contact info (which is in their orientation module in Medicol for their reference). Emphasize- medical librarians are their ultimate search engine and can help them save time!RR- to add “Remember, we are all here for YOU!” (maybe we could give out the freebies and candies at this point). - How about during the trivia game? As a finale? Also, I’m thinking of leaving the candies on a table in the LSC lecture theatre that way students can help themselves.
  • DB- Trivia game time! (An informal post-assessment to see if students learned our content in a fun way) RR- to name the winner and award prize! (DB- just in case, I’ll bring a free usb key that I got at a conference to giveaway, however we can use what you bring.) www.library.ubc.caAnatomy.TVAnatomy & Physiology Online Kristina Mcdavid Rebecca raworth Trina fyfe Diana bang
  • Library orientation 2012 aug 29 2012 final

    1. 1. LIBRARY RIENTATION2012Rebecca Raworth, IMPLibrarianraworthr@uvic.caDiana Bang, SMP
    2. 2. OBJECTIVESBy the end of this session, you will…1. Find the easiest place to start searching for info2. Discover new e-anatomy resources and mobile apps3. Learn how a librarian can help you4. Have fun!
    3. 3.
    4. 4.
    5. 5.
    6. 6. YOUR PROGRAM LIBRARIANS CANHELP We can help with your research Discuss your search strategies with you Teach you how to use electronic databases and resources Recommend other databases to search beyond PubMed Help you get familiar with social media use in medicine Meet with you regarding your scholarly projects To develop your research topic To use citation management software To select which journal to submit to To help with getting a case report published
    7. 7. START YOUR RESEARCH HEREWWW.LIBRARY.UBC.CAWhy? Citations you find will link directly to the articles you want.
    8. 8. UBC MD LIBGUIDES UBC MD LibGuides: Mobile apps & devices:
    9. 9. *NEW TO UBC LIBRARY*ANATOMY.TV & ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY ONLINE Anatomy.TV: Anatomy & Physiology Online:
    11. 11. Need library assistance? Contact us!
    12. 12. QUICK...LIBRARY TRIVIA GAME!Volunteer a rep from each distributed site: IMP, NMP, SMP, VFMP The rep who answers the following 3 questions correctlywins a mystery prize!1. Where is the best place to start my research?2. Identify two new anatomy resources @ UBC.3. Name your affiliated program site librarian! (Bonus points for their full name).