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The risk of not taking risk


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Bob Cope
Senior Content Manager
Macmillan Cancer Support

Published in: Marketing
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The risk of not taking risk

  1. 1. The risk of not taking risks Bob Cope Senior Content Manager Macmillan Cancer Support 7 March 2019
  2. 2. The risk of not taking risks Bob Cope - Senior Content Manager
  3. 3. Risk
 • A situation involving exposure to danger.
 • The possibility that something unpleasant or unwelcome will happen.
 • A person or thing regarded as a threat or likely source of danger. 
 • The possibility of financial loss.

  4. 4. Risk aversion
  5. 5. 
 “We really want to try something new and bolder!” Risk aversion
  6. 6. Risk aversion
  7. 7. • Risk aversion
  8. 8. What’s stopping us? 
 Repetition - easier for clients to manage, predictable product, predictable outcome (?) Worried about bottom line - taking the least chances to not make target ROI Staying in brand centre - looking for precedent, avoiding the fuzzy edges Offence or alienation - turning off existing and committed audiences Confidence or vision - not having a strong conceptual basis Permission to fail (and learn) 
 Financial prudence - responsibility to donors / scrutiny of third sector
  9. 9. • UGC lead series of 9 videos and a Facebook Q&A • 350k organic Facebook views, most socially engaged video • Personal responses • Charity Film Award - collected by Tyler • Thanks from Charlie’s family

  10. 10. • Handing over editorial control to Charlie - final say • Committing to a series without knowing the outcome - posting real time • Putting Charlie and her family centre stage on social - moderation • The affect on audiences of Charlie’s particular journey - faq’s
 • Consent of participants - family, health professionals
 • Letting Macmillan feature naturally
  11. 11. The risk of not taking risks
 Law of diminishing returns - challenging FR climate Preaching to the converted - GDPR, less warm contacts in the short term Lack of distinctiveness in a crowded market - rise of video content (without branding?) Lack of relevance - nothing new to say (message and delivery) Not responsive to changing attitudes and habits, popular culture Cut through - cluttered and Brexit obsessed news cycle
  12. 12. How to remove the risk from trying new things
 Choose the right area of content - utility vs hero / targeted vs mass 
 Incremental low level test - to establish new style, format, tone of voice Insight - user involvement from start, user testing a key points, multi-variate See the value - look through all data to see where performance was strong Admit failure and socialise the learning Create the space - un branded, partially branded, partnership