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Dec - Quick! collaborate! how the dec launched its fastest ever appeal

  1. QUICK! COLLABORATE! HOW THE DEC LAUNCHED ITS FASTEST EVER APPEAL Barney Guiton, Content Manager, DEC Thursday 13 June 2019
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  6. ff HOW? ➢ Long hours ➢ Agile, collaborative model ➢ Pop-up team - creative agencies, freelancers, seconded staff ➢ Cloud-based infrastructure (aka Google Drive)
  7. ff COLLABORATIVE MODEL ➢ All-staff kick-off meeting ➢ Daily content meeting ➢ Input from different teams ➢ Wired-in agencies = streamlined sign-off ➢ Thorough review process
  8. ff NEW WAYS OF USING CONTENT ➢Shorthand ➢StoryMap
  9. ff THANKS! @decappeal @barneyguiton