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Bibblio - Content is king, but discovery is queen


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Content is king, 
but discovery is queen -
Thursday 21 March 2019

Mads Holmen

Published in: Marketing
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Bibblio - Content is king, but discovery is queen

  1. 1. Content is king, 
 but discovery is queen Mads Holmen Bibblio Thursday 21 March 2019 #CXCharityComms
  2. 2. ● Part of video startup, acquired by Aol for 96.7m 
 ● Generated 1.5bn video views for brands and charities in my previous life. ● Head of content planning for AOL for 3 years ● Now CEO and Founder of Bibblio, an AI technology for content recommendation and discovery!
 Let’s get to know each other
  3. 3. Bibblio in numbers
  5. 5. A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention
 Herbert Simon, 1971
  6. 6. You interact with recommenders every day! +15,000,000,000 hours a week
  7. 7. Content marketing… or everyone is a publisher now
  8. 8. Consider the digital stack – make hard choices! Presentation Layer Data layer CMS
  9. 9. Why worry about the tech layer?
  10. 10. 80% of all traffic to websites now come from search and social media
  11. 11. 70% Of those people bounce on the first page they land on! “If you can hold a visitor’s attention for 3 minutes, they are twice as likely to return than if you only hold them for one”
  12. 12. Revisiting the content funnel Page views, bounce rate, dwell time, pages per session Returning visitors % / Frequency Conversion assets Data capture Donation/Purchase
  13. 13. At heart it is about moving from static to dynamic Manual metadata (tags) Natural language processing No dynamic re-indexing Continuous AI/ML will optimize Identical results for all Personalization of each page Static Dynamic Content Results Users Hardcoded Easily customizable journeysUX
  14. 14. What are the ingredients of a good recommendation? Metadata creation Semantic insights Topic modeling Session patterns Successful paths Content popularity Goals Context Segments Interests Content Behaviour User
  15. 15. Investing in the product layer works
  16. 16. What can a recommender system do for you? Let users discover other content across multiple platforms or sites Increasing dwell time and engagement Promotion widgets highlight potential conversion assets Highlight relevant products or options for direct revenue
  17. 17. Challenge: Lots of public information content across 23 different web domains Solution: Use Bibblio to make all content discoverable across the domains
  18. 18. Challenge: Increase engagement of Google Traffic Convert users to registration/real courses Solutions: Internal content recommendation Drive visitors to courses and promote conversion
  19. 19. Best practice? Where to start?
  20. 20. Increasing visibility and ubiquity Content feeds New mobile experiences In-text links We recommend this next
  21. 21. Expand touch points in a a relevant way Email new content to a highly relevant section of your users Personalize newsletters + notifications to individual users
  22. 22. The next generation user data / recommenders Purpose User Context Temporality Source Device Time Entry page OS Day SeasonLocationPreferences
  23. 23. Ignore SEO at your peril
  24. 24. Social definitely drives revenue, but thread carefully
  25. 25. It is also a huge potential trap!
  26. 26. Direct conversations will be key for last mile
  27. 27. Content 
 Insight + Strategy + Execution Data
 Users + Content + Actionability Distribution
 Reach + Cost + Impact
  28. 28. Thank you @Bibblio