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The london eye mystery abby and merrill


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The london eye mystery abby and merrill

  1. 1. By Siobhan DowdCreated by Merrill and Abby.
  2. 2.  Ted and Kat’s cousins, Salim and ant Gloria were coming to town when they got there they were going to ride on the London eye. A strange man gave them a free ticket so salim went bye himself at 11:32 at 12:02 he should of came down but ted and Kat didn’t see him. Where is salim?
  3. 3.  Ted has a special syndrome that makes him think harder than everyone and he can’t read emotions. Kat is a teenager who lies a lot to gets things. She doesn’t get along with Ted. Salim is the “cool” guy at school and now he has to move to New York with his mom. He isn’t that happy to move. Mom: Mom is the one who listens to ted, not any one else. Dad: Dad’s company is about to destroy the barracks. He decides if things should stay or not. Rashid: Rashid and aunt Gloria just divorced. He thinks Salim shouldn’t live with him. Aunt Gloria: Aunt Gloria worries a lot and she and Rashid don’t get along.
  4. 4.  The setting is in London:On a train,On the London eye,And in their house.
  5. 5.  Salim went missing on the London eye. Kat and Ted are thinking of theories, but they don’t know if any are right. Aunt Gloria talks to the press about salim They have an idea where he is but is it right?
  6. 6. Find outanswers to allthesequestions, inthe LondonEye Mystery.