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Mr.xander and mr.matthew


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Mr.xander and mr.matthew

  1. 1. har• Poppy : a mouse who is not afraid.tersd• Mr. Ocax : an owl that Lies.
  2. 2. Poppy By AVIIllustrated by Brian Floca
  3. 3. confict• Poppy and her boy friend go to a place where their not suppose to go and when Mr. Ocax finds out. Then he kills her boy friend. Poppy and her family are running low on food. She goes to Mr. Ocax to ask but he said no because when Poppy left. She thinks that it was because there is some thing at new house. She goes but has to battle her biggest fear…
  4. 4. • The setting is at New House, Gray House, and The Forest. setting