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Language is never neutral


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Presentation on Language Ideology at Social Justice Panel at UW-Madison.

Published in: Education
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Language is never neutral

  1. 1. Language is Never Neutral Multicultural Learning Community Social Justice Panel University of Wisconsin-Madison Ruslana A. Westerlund, Ed.D. March 9, 2015 @ELLBillofRights
  2. 2. My Story a Ukrainian and marginalized for speaking Ukrainian in Ukraine @ELLBillofRights
  3. 3. A language ideology is a model for how social or cultural differences are to be linguistically expressed. It codifies language norms and contains notions on which social functions a language variety should have. Schieflin, B., Woolard, K., & Kroskrity, P., (1998) @ELLBillofRights
  4. 4. How does language ideology play out in the United States? @ELLBillofRights
  5. 5. Language Ideology in the United Sates @ELLBillofRights
  6. 6. @ELLBillofRights
  7. 7. Language ideologies are cultural representations of the intersection of language and human beings in a social world. It involves language-based border- making. @ELLBillofRights Schieflin, B., Woolard, K., & Kroskrity, P., (1998)
  8. 8. @ELLBillofRights
  9. 9. I wish I had an African American @ELLBillofRights
  10. 10. Reaction to Coke's Super Bowl ad "America the Beautiful" sung in seven languages @ELLBillofRights
  11. 11. Top Six Countries with Number of Languages Spoken (Ethnologue, 2011) Papua New Guinea 820 languages Indonesia 720 languages Nigeria 516 languages India 427 languages USA 422 languages (216 indigenous, 206 immigrant) Mexico 297 languages @ELLBillofRights
  12. 12. This is America. Speak American! @ELLBillofRights
  13. 13. How does language ideology play out in education? @ELLBillofRights
  14. 14. English-Only Ideology English-Only Testing Policies Subtractive Bilingualism Children don’t have access to education in their L1 School disengage- ment, loss of identity @ELLBillofRights How does language ideology play out in education?
  15. 15. Are All Bilingual Programs Created Equal? @ELLBillofRights
  16. 16. My Speech is Accentless, but My Skin Color is Not Poem by Ruslana Westerlund As featured on Protest Poems: Writing For Social Justice @ELLBillofRights