Mobile Application Development - Areas of Focus


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Six areas of focus for Android and iPhone application development.

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Mobile Application Development - Areas of Focus

  1. 1. Areas of Focus Mobile apps can vary in complexity and can serve your organization in a variety of ways. Whether you need an app to increase sales and customer retention or to offer location based services, we can help.. Request for a Proposal If you’re looking for an expert mobile application development company to produce and deploy your company’s mobile app across multiple devices then contact us to set up a preliminary consultation.
  2. 2. Measure and monitoring data in real-time, anywhere, anytime is increasingly becoming the standard in today’s business environment. Whether you’re looking for a mobile transaction driven solution for banking, brokerage and e-commerce, or an inventory management tool, today’s wireless devices are sure to help address your business needs.
  3. 3. Providing users with the right information through the convenience of a mobile device is what consumers come to expect of your site. Formatting your website and determining what content a mobile user needs such as a store locator, is the first step in getting your organization connected to the wireless world.
  4. 4. Through location-specific search, user generated reviews, geo-tags and points of interests, smart mobile applications are reaching unprecedented levels of intelligence and assistance in our connected landscape. Discover how we can help your audience benefit from this experience.
  5. 5. As devices become more sophisticated the end user experience becomes richer through gaming, multi-touch and advanced graphics. Smart applications that incorporate these technologies can be used to raise your company’s brand awareness among some of today’s most desirable audiences.
  6. 6. As social media services continue to grow, so too is the growing number of mobile applications designed to help individuals stay connected. Going mobile offers organizations and marketers the ability to be a part of those relationships through targeted applications.
  7. 7. Smart phones offer an exciting rich media platform for learning and education. Whether it’s an institution looking to develop a corporate handbook an educator interested in flash cards or toddlers diving into early education, mobile devices offer learning opportunities for individuals on the move.
  8. 8. The RawAppvice development process is based on time and materials. If you would like to receive an estimate for your project, we can arrange a preliminary consultation by phone. At RawAppvice we respect the sensitive nature of these discussions and are happy to provide a non-disclosure agreement related to your project. To learn more contact us today at: Phone: 800-418-6214 or 305-662-9280 Websites - Consulting: App Directory:
  9. 9. Our Team In The News Clients & Case Studies Panels & Presentations More info at: More info at: More info at:
  10. 10. The Android Trend August 4 th , 2010, “Google CEO Eric Schmidt told reporters at the Techonomy Conference tonight that Android had passed the 200,000 unit/day milestone.  That's incredibly up from 160,000 at last month's earnings call and 100,000 at Google I/O in May.  Google (GOOG) has doubled the Android run rate in 4 months.” August 4 th , 2010, Android Phones Outsell iPhone, BlackBerry In Q2, NPD Reports “ Smart phones based on the Google Android OS took 33% of the U.S. smart phone market in the second quarter, research firm NPD said today. Android wrested the top spot away from Research In Motion, which had 28% of the market, and Apple which had 22% of the market in Q2.”