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Introduction to Live Wallpapers


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See how the new personalization category from Android can offer brands, marketers and ad agencies new ways to increase mobile impressions through live wallpapers, customizable widgets and themes.

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Introduction to Live Wallpapers

  1. 1. What is it? Customizing, Personalizing and Branding home screen elements on mobile devices. Live Wallpapers, Widgets, Themes etc… Opportunity Offers Brands, Advertisers and Marketers a new to increase their brand awareness and increase mobile impressions. Just Because You Can… … Doesn’t mean you should. Understand the space before jumping in. Learn More When it comes to bringing your application to life, who you partner with can make all the difference. How to Increase Mobile Impressions Through Personalization on Android, Blackberry & Nokia
  2. 2. = Your Brand / App on a Home Screen Maximize Impressions on a Mobile Device Branding becomes a part of the home screen. Impressions are cast on almost every action i.e. when a phone is activated from sleep mode in the case of an incoming or outgoing call and/or scrolling through the home screens to launch an application.
  3. 3. Industry Case Study: Coca Cola Holiday LWP produced by AdMob “Beautiful Live Wallpaper. Go Coke!” Dustin, 5 Stars, (Comment from the Android Market) What’s a Live Wallpaper? It’s like an app and wallpaper combined into one and it’s on your home screen. Live wallpapers go beyond traditional wallpapers because they are richer and more interactive. They can run services, apps and display imagery on the mobile home screen.
  4. 4. Industry Case Study: Official NFL Clock Widgets By SmartPhone Inc. Displays up to the minute NFL data on the home screen for each team. What’s a Widget? Similar to a live wallpaper, the widget also resides on your home screen but takes up fewer real estate. Widgets can perform a variety of functions such as display data from web services i.e. weather widgets or display locally stored info such as your current mp3 playlist.
  5. 5. Industry Case Study: UnOfficial Hello Kitty Theme by Android Themes Customizing Themes & Icons Themes allow users to customize the GUI on their mobile device. Examples of themes can range from favorite sports teams, to entertainment, to gaming or art in general.
  6. 6. Determining the Right Approach For Your Brand Personalizing mobile phones has opened a whole new set of possibilities for brands to reach a mobile audience. As is the case with all new technologies, understand your audience and the medium before you jump in. … Does not mean you should. Ideas are only as good as their execution.
  7. 7. Partner with a Recognized Leader
  8. 8. General Market 75 LWP’s Our Library Focuses on 4 Key Demographics: Christian Market 10 LWP’s Latino Market 10 LWP’s Men’s Market 25 LWP’s To View Demos Visit:
  9. 9. The data below shows current number of live wallpapers produced and owned by Raw Apps, LLC which are being distributed and sold through the Android Marketplace. Date Range: 10/10 – 01/11 Raw Apps Android LWP Stats: Total Raw Apps LWP’s: 120 Across multiple demographics Total Raw Apps Downloads & Installations: 2 Million Total Ratings & Comments: 16,309 Average Rating: 4 out of 5 Website Traffic: 300K Monthly Visitors
  10. 10. Our services are based on time and materials. If you would like to receive an estimate for your project, we can arrange a preliminary consultation by phone. To learn more contact us today at: Phone: 305-815-5772 Request for a proposal
  11. 11. Our Team In The News Clients & Case Studies Panels & Presentations More info at: More info at: More info at:
  12. 12. RAW APPS TOPS 2 MILLION ANDROID LIVE WALLPAPER DOWNLOADS – RANKS AMONG TOP FREE & TOP PAID   Miami, FL, Jan 18 2011 – Miami based Raw Apps, a certified minority mobile technology firm, reached a significant milestone today when their apps surpassed the two million downloads mark in their first three months of distribution among Android users.   The 2 million mark becomes even more significant when you consider the dates and time span in which it occurred. As the number of apps and developers who participate in the Android Market continue to rise (a 544% increase in 2010 according to the Distimo report) so to does the competition to increase the number downloads for developers. Relying solely on the quality of their applications and no outside funding or outbound marketing, Raw Apps has been able to outperform many of it’s competitors with much deeper pockets.   Raw Apps has gained popularity among Android users by focusing on helping them personalize their mobiles. Instead of focusing on one set of users with specific interests, Raw Apps focused on offering mobile apps for a wide set of specific interests through personalization apps (themes, live wallpapers, widgets). To date Raw Apps has over 120 apps for personalization distributed through the Android Market & GetJar with several of those ranked among Android’s Top Free and Top Paid apps for personalization.   “ 2 million in three months is a great starting point…” says Antonio Otalvaro, Chief Creative Officer for Raw Apps, “…and in addition to increasing that number to 10 million our next focus is to leverage our distribution and convert those users into double opt in subscribers for location based ad servicing.” The company is now speaking with potential partners who share the same vision and are looking to align themselves with an organization like Raw Apps who already has traction and a head start on the competition. About Raw Apps Raw Apps, LLC is a certified South Florida Minority supplier specializing in mobile technology and location based market data. The company currently has over 120 live wallpapers for Android in production and runs an app recommendation and discovery community on its web presence which caters to 300K monthly visitors. Contact: Noah Otalvaro [email_address] Phone: 305-815-5772 ### For Immediate Release