Infusing EPM in people and process


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Lecture delivered at SP Jain Institute of Management, Singapore

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Infusing EPM in people and process

  1. 1. “At first, every great achievement is impossible” Day 3: - Infusing EPM in People and Process Ravi Tirumalai
  2. 2. Agenda  Need for an in-house “EPM Competency Center”  Build and Manage – Competency Center  Logical Framework  Envisaged Roles 2
  3. 3. Enterprise Performance Management System EPM Workspace Performance Management BI Applications Applications Business Intelligence Foundation Middleware OLTP & ODS Oracle Data OLAP SAP, Oracle, Siebel, Excel Business Systems Warehouse PeopleSoft, Custom XML Process Data Mart
  4. 4. In Summary : Alignment and Accountability are Key to Driving Enterprise Performance… • Develop strategies and goals • Define key initiatives and KPIs • Model scenarios • Revisit Goals Set • Update Models Goals • Update Plans • Reallocate Resources Align Plan Insight • Allocate strategic Performance targets • Financial & Statutory Action • Financial budgeting • Management Reporting • Operational planning • Compliance Report • Rolling forecasts Monitor • SDR – GRI Metrics Analyze • Financial and operational • Revenue, profits, KPIs • Efficiency and Utilization • Variances to budget • Benchmarking and metrics • Key trends across LOBs • Profitability • Effectiveness
  5. 5. CONVERGENCE People Communication PAYOFF Computing Information
  6. 6. Idenfity Information Gap 8
  7. 7. Need for Comptency Center ITis Technology ERP is about business Operations and EPM is about Management Process After the completion of ERP /EPM projects implementation teams break up after go-live business-side employees hand over all ERP responsibilities to IT Objectives don't evolve over the software's life Outcome : Unable to optimize business processes that drive business benefit continually Unable to drive process and user user competency in synchronized manner Unable to make sense of data This can be avoided by building a COE Oversee continuous Process improvement, drive fact based decisions, align Overcome execution to strategy .  an example: one company was losing thousands of dollars because a e manager was approving sales orders only at day's end, leaving some orders sitting in the queue for more than 10 hours. Trying to setup COE after go-live is often costlier and logistically tougher than building a CoE into an implementation plan. 9
  8. 8. Competency Center Functions Business Prepare the company for transformational change To Be (all the time) Continuous business improvement Optimization of current system usage As Is Maintenance and support of Operational and Management Data IT 10
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  16. 16. Enabling Vision via the Competency Center People Process • Awareness • Best Practices • Procure new skills • Adhere to Corp Govern Technology • Open Standards • Secure & Scalable • Adaptive Architecture Global Value Advisors: Our Mission 19
  17. 17. How do we enable? 20
  18. 18. Competency Framework - Navigation Value IT Governance Events Information Structure & Processes •Effective •Business objectives Strategic Alignment Value •Efficient •Business opportunities Delivery •Reliable •External requirements IT Governance IT Governance •Regulations •Available •Risks Input Performance Risk Output •Compliant Management Management •Low Cost Resource Management 21
  19. 19. Enabling the Competency Framework? 22
  20. 20. Competency Framework Strategic Structure & Alignment IT GOVERNANCE processes Role based Information Process Improvement Functional process Process Pilot phase support Deploy Leading Training People Center Process Practices of Excellence Change Shared Services Management Technology Technology Information outsourcing Architecture Standards Technical based Support Performance Value Management Delivery Resource Risk Management Management 23
  21. 21. Enabling the framework through process & Roles 24
  22. 22. Competency Center Processes People Process Technology  Communication management and  Manage Data Flow  Defining IT strategic plan direction  Manage Process Flow  Define Information  Identify KPI’s to Architecture  Manage changes measure  Determine technology  Educate and train direction  Monitor the processes users Define IT organization  Deploy leading practices   Assist and advise the and relationships  Manage performance functional and and capacity  Identify automated process teams solutions  Ensure compliance with  Role change process external requirements  Manage IT investment  Training process  Assess risks  Acquire and maintain Revisit KPI’s and refine application software  Deployment strategy  process the measures  Acquire and maintain  Drive fact based technology infrastructure decisions  Manage data  Compete with data  Manage facilities  Manage operations  Manage the configuration  Manage problems and incidents  Ensure system security  Ensure continuous service  Define and Manage service levels  Install systems 25
  23. 23. Support Structure and Roles to enable COE process 26
  24. 24. Competency Center- Structure Framework Enterprise Program Management Remote Process Owners Process Oversight Users Users Users Users Users Users Users Users Help Desk Continuous Education Continuous Education Functional Oversight Finance HR Logistics Operations Software Configuration & Support Custom Applications Custom Applications Integration Management (Functional, Cross-Application) Integration Management (Technical) Production Control/Change Management 27
  25. 25. Competency center-Organization Structure Center Director Change Specialist Process Specialist` Technology Specialist Operations Manager Business Comms Mgr Business Analyst Data center ops support Knowledge base co-or Methodology Support Information Planner Information Architect IS Planner Change Mgmt Analyst Master data management Information planner Strategic Analyst Trainer Key Users IS management Process Quality Adv Program Manager Research Analyst Project Manager Research Analyst Technical Specialist Tester 28
  26. 26. Q U E S T I O N S A N S W E R S 29
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