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Sap tables-list


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Sap tables-list

  1. 1. List of SAP tables (Customizing & Operational) – Sorted by Category Overview of Important SAP Tables ABAP / Data Dictionary Business Address Services DD01L DD02L/T/V DD03L/T Domains SAP Tables (se11) Table Fields (View: DD03VT) ADCP ADRP ADR2 Person / Address assignment Persons Telephone Number DD04L DD07L DD09L Data elements Values for the domains (View: DD07V) Technical settings of tables ADRC ADRCITY Addresses (Business Address Service) Postal cities DD12L TDEVC-T TFDIR,TFTIT ENLFDIR TADIR-T Secondary Indices Packages (Development class) Function Module (se37) / FM short text Add. Attributes: Function Modules Directory of Repository Objects BTCUEV/D Event ID for background process. BTCSEV/D BTCJSTAT CCCFLOW SDBAC System event ID for background processing Run-time statistics background processing Client Copy Control Flow Database Action Table TRDIR TMDIR D010TAB TAPLT Programs / Sources (REPOSRC / D010SINF) Methods in a class Use: Report<->Tables Program Application Long Texts VRSX CVERS PAT03 Central Table: Version Management Release Status of Software Components in System Hot packages SEOCLASS D020S/T TSE05 DM42S ABAP Objects Class Screen Short Description ABAP Editor insert commands Table relationship (sd11) TPROT DBTABLOG Tables to be logged Log Records of Table Changes T100 TSTC-T TSTCP FILEPATH Messages Transaction Codes (= TC) Parameter for transactions Logical file names TLOCK VARID/T TVARV Variant for Reports Variables in selection criteria PATH SYST Physical paths / file names ABAP System Fields (structure) VARI VARIS Variant storage (similar to INDX) Assignment of variant to selection screen VBMOD VBDATA Update function modules (Registered) Update data SAP Office / Workflow Text / Print / Spool / SAP Documentation STXFADM STXB STXH Smart Forms: Administration Texts in non-SAP script format SAP script text file header STXL SAP script text file lines TSP01 TSP02 TST01/03 TTXOB/T, Spool Requests Print Requests TemSe - header and data (= Temp. Sequential) Valid text objects, see TTXID for text IDs DOKIL DOKHL DOKTL Index for Documentation Table DOKH Documentation: Headers Documentation - text lines Number range intervals Number range objects ALV (ABAP List Viewer) layouts / Table Controls LTDX-T LTDXD/S TCVIEW Transports Copyright 2011 E070 /E71K Header of Requests / Tasks (View: E070V) E070C Source / Target Client of Requests / Tasks Lock Table Variants Source - SOFM Folder contents SOOS SWWWIHEAD PTREQ_STATUS_TRA Send process Header: All Work Item Types Status Transfers SAP Tables - Without Category CDHDR CDPOS JCDS / JEST JSTO Change document header Change document items Change Documents for System / User Status Status object information ARCH_OBJ SNAP TBTCO TBTCP Objects for archiving and reorganization Snapshot for Runtime Errors (Dumps) Job status overview Batch Input step overview DDSHPVAL5 Personal Help Values Number ranges NRIV TNRO SAP System Administration ALV display layouts Default display variants Table control views (user settings) User Administration / Authorization Currency TCURC/T TCURR Currency codes (Report RFTBFF00) Exchange Rates (View: V_CURC) TCURX/F/V Decimal places / Conversion Factors / Types Calendar functions T247 T015M Month name and short text Names of the months Factory calendar definition Time Zones / Summer time rules Public holiday calendar index USR01/3 USR02 USR04/5 USR10 User master / address data (View V_ADDR_USR) Logon data (including “Lock status”) Authorizations / Parameter ID Authorization profiles TFACD TTZZ/D THOCI UST12 USR12 USR21 USR41 Authorizations Authorization values Assign user address key [ADRP] User logon data (sm04) T012-T T012A / B T012C T012D House Banks Allocation pmnt methods -> Bank transfer Terms for bank transactions Parameter for DMEs and foreign PM UST04 User > Profile T012E T012K T012O EDI-compatible house banks / PM House Bank Accounts ORBIAN Detail: Bank Accounts, … BNKA TIBAN Bank Master IBAN (International Bank Account Number) DEVACCESS Table for development user / key USR40 Prohibited passwords USOBT TSTCA TOBJ Transaction > authorization object Transaction > authorizations Authorization objects / Class assignment House Bank Vendor, Customer, Banks, Taxes, Currency, SAP-CO, SAP-FI, Data Dictionary, Spool, User Authorizations – SAP Tables – Available from © 2013 Page 1 of 2
  2. 2. List of SAP tables (Customizing & Operational) – Sorted by Category Overview of Important SAP Tables Interests Orders (Cost Accounting) T056 T056G T056R Interest settlement Interest calculation rules Interest reference definition AUFK AFKO AFPO T056S T056Z T5DCX Interest scale interest terms Interest Rates Calculation for Contribution Reimbursement Customer / Creditor KNB1/5 Customer Master VAT registration numbers Company code / Dunning data T059A/B T059C/D T059E/G T059F Type of Recipient for Vendors … per Withholding Tax Type Income Types Formulas for Calc. Withholding Tax KNB4 KNBK KNC1/3 Customer payment history Bank details Transaction Posting figures / Special G/L T059K T059P/Z T007A/S T007B Withholding tax code; process. key Withholding tax types / tax code; enhanced Tax Keys Tax Processing in Accounting LFA1 LFAS LFB1/5 LFBK Vendor Master VAT registration numbers Company code / Dunning data Bank details LFC1/3 LFM1 T078K Transaction figures / Special G/L Record purchasing organization Transact.-depend. screen selection Taxes Payment (= pmnt) Method KNA1 KNAS Order master data Order header data PP orders Order item Vendor / Debtor T042 T042A T042B Parameters for payment transactions Bank selection for payment program Details on the company codes that pay T042C T042D T042E T042F / H Technical Settings: payment program Available amounts for payment program Company code-specific: payment methods Payment method supplements BKPF BSEG BSID BSIK Accounting documents Document line Accounting: Secondary index customers Accounting: Secondary index vendors T042G T042I T042J T042K Groups of company codes (payment program) Account determination for payment program Bank charges determination Accounts for bank charges BSIP BSIS BSAD BSAK Vendor validation of double doc. Accounting: Secondary index for G/L Customers (cleared items) Vendors (cleared items) T042N / L T042S T042V T042W Bank transaction codes Charges/expenses for automatic pmnt transactions Value date for automatic payments Permitted currency keys for payment method BSAS BSET BSEC G/L accounts (cleared items) Tax Data Document line One-Time Account Doc. Line / CpD T042Z T008 Payment method for automatic payment Blocking reasons for automatic pmnt transactions VBKPF F111G AGKO GLT0 REGUH Header for Document Parking Settings Payment Requests Cleared Accounts G/L account transaction figures Settlement data payment program Processed items payment program TemSe - Administration Data Tolerance Groups (TG) > Tolerance Groups SAP-FI: Accounting documents (postings) T043-T Assign Accounting Clerks T043G-T T043I T043K T043S-T TG of Customers / Vendors TG for persons proc. Inventory Differences Control of Payment Notices to C/V Tolerances for Groups of G/L Accounts REGUP REGUT CSKA Cost elements (chart of accounts) T043U Negative grace period Cost elements (controlling area) Cost element texts Activity master Cost center: Master SAP-CO: Controlling / Cost center T000/1 T880 Clients / Company Codes (= CC) Global Company Data CSKB CSKU CSLA/T CSKS/T T003-T T004 T077S T009 Document Types Directory of Charts of Accounts G/L account groups Fiscal Year Variants CSSK CSSL COSP COEP Cost center: Cost element Cost center: Activity CO Object: Cost Totals for External Postings CO Object: Line Items (by Period) T014 Credit control areas T010O/P T001B T002 Posting period variant Permitted Posting Periods Language Keys COBK COST CO Object: Document header CO Object: Price Totals TKA01/2 KEKO Controlling areas / assignment Product Costing - Header Data T005-T T006 TGSB-T Countries Units of Measurement Business Areas KEPH KALO KANZ CEPC-T Cost Components for Cost of Goods Mfd Costing Run: Costing Objects (KVMK) Sales order items - costing objects Profit Center Master Data Table CKPH-T Master Record: Cost Object ID Number Enterprise structure / FI Basis Customizing General ledger (=G/L) accounts SKA1 / T SKAS SKB1 SKM1 / T G/L accounts (chart of accounts) Chart of accounts: key word list G/L accounts (company code) Sample G/L accounts SKPF Inventory Sampling Own Tables (Y, Z namespace) Vendor, Customer, Banks, Taxes, Currency, SAP-CO, SAP-FI, Data Dictionary, Spool, User Authorizations – SAP Tables – Available from © 2013 Page 2 of 2