Link between sap sd, mm & fi abap tutorials sap techies


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Link between sap sd, mm & fi abap tutorials sap techies

  1. 1. 20/11/2013 Link Between SAP SD, MM & FI | ABAP Tutorials | SAP Techies Like Search e.g. SAP ABAP All Home Tutorials SAP ABAP Answers Books Interview Questions 3.9k 148 Transaction Codes Courses & Institutes Write Jobs New User? Resigter Classifieds Home » Tutorials » ABAP Tutorials ABAP News Login Announcements List Your Institute & Course SWK Tech - Sage ERP X3 Forums ABAP Books ABAP Considering a new ERP solution? Time to Look at Sage ERPX3 Post your Article Interview Questions ABAP 0 0 Tw eet 0 Share By: saketpratap| 28 May 2007 6:23 am | 3190 times viewed | 0 Comments SAP ABAP Training Institute SAP ABAP Jobs Samsung Mobility Solution SAP R/3 ABAP BASIS FICO (Financial Accounting & Controling) Business One Enhanced Data Encryption, VPN & Secure Work Environment EC (Enterprise Controlling) TR (Treasury) IM (Investment Management) HR (Human Resource) 1. In SAP you will always get integration with other modules. SD will interact with FI, MM will interact with SD :1a. Looking at MM and SD interaction first, take the scenario of a third party order process. This process uses a purchase order (which is sent to your vendor). Also invoice verification is used further along the process to check that the invoice you send to your customer is the same material and quantity as that which the vendor sends to you (but obviously shipped directly to your customer). 1b. Billing is an SD function. But SAP needs to know, when processing a customer's payment, to which GL account the payment has to be processed. For instance payment of a UK based material would be placed in a different GL account to that of a non-UK based material. Furthermore, a UK based customer may have a different GL account to that of an Export customer. This is configured in Account Determination. 2. ABAPers are there to essential do some bespoke development. Your integration, or interaction, with them would be when specifying the tables, fields, input fields, a simple process explanation, data mapping (if doing an SD (Sales and Distribution) ALSO MM (Materials Management) Like Link Between SAP SD, MM & FI Transaction Codes ABAP Logistics Information System 119 interface from one system to another) etc. The READ link between SDa Question! Ask and MM :- 1. When you create sales order in SD, all the details of the items are copied from Material master of MM. PM (Plant Maintenance) ABAP TRAINER 2. MRP PP (Production Planning) ABAP Workflow and availibility check related data is also taken from MM although you control this data in SD also. QM (Quality Management) and Advanced ABAP training in delivery with reference to a sales order,the shipping point determination takes place with the help of SAP ABAP 3. While you create inbound/outbound PUNE BW (Business ABAP ALV the loading group, plant data, shipping conditions etc. This also refers to Material Master. Warehousing) Authority Check Program SAP ABAP 4. The material which you are entering in a sales order must be extended to the sales area of your sales order/customer otherwise you IS (Industry Solutions) ABAP Documentation and examples cannot transact with this material. CS (Customer Service) Whats meant By ABAP DESIGNING? There are many such links between SD and MM. PS (Project Systems) How to compare two ABAP porgrams? SEM (Strategic Enterprise Now the link between explain me the abap project SD and FI :Management Software) SAP ABAP BI learning Help CRM (Customer 1. Whenever you create a delivery with reference to a sales order, goods movement takes place in the bacgground. eg. In case of standard Relationship Management) sales order, you create an outbound goods delivery to the customer. docs for ABAP+Java dual system copy. Here Editor in Modulepool SAP ABAP SCM (SAP Supply Chain use Textmovement 601 takes place. This movement is configured in MM. Also, this movement hits some G/L account in FI. Every such How to movement of good s hits some G/L account. Management) Is BASIS has good job market of ABAP? 2. The accounts posting in FI is done with reference to the billing documents (invoice, debit note, credit note etc) created in SD. Thus this is a What are advantages of using ABAP objects? SRM (Supplier What is the link between SD and FI ABAP objects in advantage of using Relationship Management) Reports ? 3. Tax determination: In case of a tax determination also, there is a direct link between SD and MM Netweaver About SAP SAP-ABAP Question Exchange Infrastructure SD Integration applications Documentation in abap points with other modules SAP XI Best Institute in Hyderabad for SAP-ABAP other modules in SAP. SD module is highly integrated with the Advanced Planner and Optimizer (SAP APO) ABAP program from function Calling Sales Order – Unix What is SAPIntegration Points Module NW AS ABAP. Oracle •Availability Check - MM •Credit Check - FI Oracle SQL •Costing - CO/ MM Third Party •Tax Determination - FI Java •Transfer of Requirements - PP/ MM SAP GUI HCM Human Capital Delivery & Goods Issue – Integration Points Module 1/3
  2. 2. 20/11/2013 Management SAP Office Mobile HANA MySAP Organisational Management Integration Server EHS Environment, Health, and Safety Management Link Between SAP SD, MM & FI | ABAP Tutorials | SAP Techies •Availability Check - MM •Credit Check - FI •Reduces stock - MM •Reduces Inventory $ - FI/ CO •Requirement Eliminated - PP/ MM Billing Integration Points Module •Debit A/R - FI/ CO •Credit Revenue - FI/ CO •Updates G/ L - FI/ CO (Tax, discounts, surcharges, etc.) •Milestone Billing - PS Telecommunications Financial Supply Chain Management (FIN-FSCM) Master Data Management Business Intelligence BI Business Planning and Consolidation BPC Return Delivery & Credit Memo Integration Points Module •Increases Inventory - MM •Updates G/ L - FI •Credit Memo - FI •Adjustment to A/R - FI •Reduces Revenue - FI Extended Warehouse Management EWM Warehouse Management System WMS ► Sap MM Courses ► Reports Sap ABAP ► Sap Consultants ► Fi Co Sap Comments No Comments Posted for this Article. Bank Analyzer Webdynpro Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Leave a comment Sign up for SAPTechies Business Objects Business Objects Data Services BODS POS DM Point-of-Sale Data Management Product Lifecycle Management PLM Enterprise Portal (EP) Warranty Management Product Enhancement Event Management Business ByDesign Submit Comment SAP FS-CD (Collections and Disbursements) ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) ► Fi Co Sap Related SAP ME (SAP Manufacturing Execution) Tutorials SAP Fiori ► Sap ERP ► Jobs Sap ► Sap Business One what is the intergation between SD/FI/MM. Forum Books Interview Questions Jobs Hi can any one tell me what is the intergation between SD/FI/M M . Sridhar.Emani Steps of FI-MM Integration FI-M M Integration Process Flow in M M Step 1 Generating purchase requisition( PP-M M involved) Step 2 M aking inquiries (M M ) Step 3 Raising purchase order (M M ) Step 4 Release of purchase order (... Differences between Implementation, Support, Upgrade and Roll out projects Implementation Customer wants to install SAP/Include different modules of SAP viz. M M /SD/FI/CO/PP etc. This is implementation project. Here one needs to integrate several modules, migrate data from... SAP FIGL Configuration SAP R/3 ENTERPRISE 4.7 SAP FIGL Configuration SAP R/3 ENTERPRISE 4.7 A) COM PANY CODE CONFIGURATION 1. Creating company code in SAP – “OX02” SAP M enu - Tools- Customizing- IM G- SPRO - Edit Project- ... Explain the difference between INVOICE and BILLING in SAP Both are same in SD point of view. - In SD terminology we call as Billing Document and - In FI terminology we call as INVOICE. - In M M again only INVOICE will be there for Vendors. Invoice is... SAP R/3 Tips & Tricks Logging on without being authorized Client 066 usually exists in a SAP system because of EarlyWatch services. Often this client does not have master users. If it is true, anyone can log into the... FI/CO configuration Enough FI/CO configuration to get going... FI the Financials module can be thought as the 'core' of any integrated SAP System because... What is "Real Time" Integration? What is "real time integration" advantage of SAP? What is the Config for Integration entry? How these entries get formulated in backend? Real time integration is nothing but the data posting... 2/3
  3. 3. 20/11/2013 Link Between SAP SD, MM & FI | ABAP Tutorials | SAP Techies What is the team size? Duration of the project. SAP for CA Professionals Hardly the team of the sd will be 4 to 5 and entire team of the project will be around 20-24 (all modules like fi/co, sd, mm, pp, hr,… Before SAP we ran on a legacy system. Now we have moved to SAP 4.6C. We have FI, CO, cash management, M M , discreet production, project systems, profit center accounting, and SD including quotes... SAP Certification from the global powerhouse in SAP, Enquire now! qm, pm). If its big project, it will be around 40. Team size... Advantages of CRM over SAP 4.6C Important Tips for Interview for SAP SD Let me share some important tips for interview for SAP SD: 1. Please be through with the projects you have mentioned in your resume. 2. Remember all the versions you have worked upon. 3. If... SAP Glossary A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Here are a few Terms used in SAP. The detailed list can be had in on-line help of SAP. - A - AAA M aterials M anagement... Integration of FICO with Other Modules Sap Excel Download What are the steps for integration of FICO with other modules SD, M M etc. ? Some basic information : FI-M M : The integration between FI-M M happens in T-code OBYC. 1. When PO is created... What is the SAP FI Module ? Introduction The SAP FI M odule has the capability of meeting all the accounting and financial needs of an organization. It is within this module that Financial M anagers as well as other M anagers... SAP Courses & Colleges Data Center Services Ethical Hacking Training ► Sap Fico Training ► Sap SD Modules ► Sap Integration ► Sap Accounting About | C ontact Us | Terms Of Use | Terms & C onditions | RSS/Syndication | Site Map | XML Site Map | We are Hiring Tutorials | Forum | Books | Interview Questions | Transaction C odes | Institutes | Jobs | C lassifieds | News | Announcements | SAP Notes ABAP | BASIS | FI C O (Financial Accounting & C ontroling) | MySAP | SD (Sales and Distribution) | MM (Materials Management) | HR (Human Resource) | PP (Production Planning) | Netweaver | C RM (C ustomer Relationship Management) | BW (Business Warehousing) | PM (Plant Maintenance) | QM (Quality Management) | PS (Project Systems) | APO (Advanced Planner & Optimizer) | XI (Exchange Infrastructure) | SC M | (Supply C hain Management) | IS (Industry Solutions) | HC M (Human C apital Management) | C S (C ustomer Service) | LIS (Logistics Information System) | SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) | IM (Investment Management) | EC (Enterprise C ontrolling) | SEM (Strategic Enterprise Management Software) TR (Treasury) | SAP GUI | SAP Office | About SAP | Business One | HANA Oracle | Oracle SQL | Third Party | Unix | Java ©2005-2013 SAPTechies. All rights reserved. 3/3