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Corporate Organisations Solutions


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Corporate Organisations Solutions

  1. 1. executive talent: insight from inside India’s 1st Recruitment Research firm focused on CXO Mapping, Research & Intelligence solutions.
  2. 2. “insiders” is India’s 1st Recruitment Research firm with a complete focus on CXO & Leadership Talent Mapping, Research & Intelligence service. Our innovative approach keeps us plugged with the current Talent pool by which we develop a strong Pipeline & Leader- ship Inventory for our prestigious clients. The best part is we not only get you across the best Leadership Talent but also reduce your Executive hiring cost by almost 70%.
  3. 3. BFSI INSURANCE FMCG & RETAIL RENEWABLE ENERGY EDUCATION SECTOR MANUFACTURING & ENGINEERING POWER AND INFRASTRUCTURE MINING IT / ITES Private Equity, Investment Banking, Venture Capitalist, Treasury, Corpo- rate Banking, Retail Banking, Equity Research, Economist, Wealth Advisory etc Insurance Broking, Life Insurance, General Insurance & Re Insurance FMCG Manufacturing, Merchandising, Multi Brand Retail, Clothing, Super- market, Cash & Carry and Consumer Electronics Thermal, Construction, Logistics, Plant Project, Government Projects, Infrastructure Joints, Real Estate and Engineering Consulting Metal, Non Metal, Operation, Geology, Consulting, Exploration ERP, CRM, Outsourcing, E Commerce, Government Projects and Business Research Solar, Wind & Renewable Consulting Foreign University, Deemed Universi- ties, Private Institutions, Higher Education, Placements, E learning and Coaching Institutes Automobiles, Auto Ancillary, Glass, Wire & Slings, Packaging, Pharmaceu- ticals and Electronics SECTORFOCUS
  4. 4. GEOGRAPHICAL REACH We're constantly expanding our reach, currently accepting new client projects in following region:
  5. 5. WHAT IS “insiders”?
  6. 6. Executive hiring is a not only a crucial process for any orga- nization but also a very time-consuming and costly affair for both Corporate Organization and reputed Executive Search firms. Hence we developed a specialized Head Hunting & Talent Mapping service which can be used as a strategic tool to not only have a ready Potential Talent pool but also drastically reduce the Turn Around Time (TAT) and cost for both Corporate Organization and Execu- tive Search firm. At “insiders” we continuously map Leadership talent in companies and sectors by identifying organizational struc- tures, reporting lines, names and job titles, key informa- tion about individuals’ experience, skills, education and contact details. With this information we advise busi- nesses on where the most relevant & interested talent lies in advance of recruitment activity. Our ongoing Head Hunting & Mapping process helps organization to have a fluent pipeline and Stock of Potential Leadership hire.
  7. 7. WHY “insiders”?
  8. 8. At “insiders” we strongly believe that Re- cruitment Research is the best tool for iden- tifying and attracting high quality talent to your business. Recruitment Research is the most Innovative and Highly Cost effective alternative since you do not pay high per- centage fees at increased salary levels. The Success of hiring especially Leadership Hiring lies in the Talent Mapping; if you have the right people on your Mapping list your Job is done. Our Talent Mapping service redefines the value curve of your search based recruit- ment.
  10. 10. Whether you are a Large Corporate, SME or a Fortune 500 Conglomerate Executive hiring is always a critical, time consuming and a very expensive process. “Insiders” is a true alternative to Recruitment Consultants charging high percentage fee for recruitment. We have a very flexible Re- search approach at multiple stages of Executive Hiring pro- cess. So whether your organization tends to hire now or in future our innovative product offering not only reduces your Executive Hiring cost by almost 70% but also keeps you plugged with the Fresh Talent pool to build your future Management Board. BENEFITS Maximize utilization and leverage of your in house Recruitment Team Reduce Executive hiring cost by almost 70% Target Passive Candidate Create an external Succession plan for your organization Market Intelligence
  11. 11. SOLUTIONS
  12. 12. TALENT MAPPING TALENT PIPELINE TALENT INTELLIGENCETALENT INVENTORY Re defines the sense of your hiring decision even before an Executive Search assignment or recruit- ment drive takes place. In the practical aspect of Executive Search process Mapping of Right Talent & Organization is the key to Successful hiring. Our real time Talent Mapping service gives you a realis- tic overview of Talent Pool available in a particular geography & sector in a very simplified Research Report. Take away the uncertainty & waiting out of your ongoing recruitment needs. Our specialized Talent Pipeline service is a monthly contract where we continuously map and track talent for you to main- tain a constant flow of talent so that as soon as the hiring need arises you have ready shortlist to choose from. Respond immediately to a Top Management exit with our real time Talent Inventory service. We know as an organization you have and internal succession plan but in this competitive market the internal succession plan falls flat most of the time. Our innovative Talent Inventory solution strengthen your succession plan by creating an external succession plan with a Talent Pool of interested candidates ready to join your organiza- tion with a defined interest level. Get a deeper insight into talent that is currently with your competitors through our Talent Intelli- gence service. Our Talent Intelligence projects are tailored to supply the information you are looking for. Our projects can involve full structure mapping of competitor teams or sector specific relating to a particular channel of business. Our project driven pragmatic and straight forward approach gets you closer to your competitors by peeling back the layers to unveil how they are structured and talents behind their success.
  13. 13. executive talent: insight from inside Level 11, Tower B, Peninsula Business Park,Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai–400051. India. Board: +91 22 6687 9793 | Fax: +91 22 6687 9898 Email: