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Dubai – kingdom of dunes where too much is not enough


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Dubai – kingdom of dunes where too much is not enough

  1. 1. Dubai – Kingdom of Dunes where too much is not enough Let’s say you imagine Dubai as the expanse of a dusty desert located beside a glassy and greasy sea, sweating under the merciless sun. Now add six-lane highways, noodle-layout junctions and flyovers filling in with the most hi-tech buildings and architectural structures. With all the glitter, glamour and glitches, yet, Dubai is the third most long-haul destination and a fantastic crowd puller, tempting and inviting half of the world each year with cheap flights to Dubai.
  2. 2. Experience ‘Venice of Arabia’ in Dubai with cheap flight deals from UK• Al Qasr is the new 5-star hotel situated on the Jumeirah Beach which is described as ‘the Venice of Arabia’ because of its canals running through the gardens. Everything in and around seems to be the eighth wonder of the world. As you drive around the hotel, you would notice gold plastic horses on the lurid lawns and in no time you are surrounded by the hotel staff, bestowing a warm welcome and jovial smile.• The greet is so enthusiastic that one can overlook the stunning chandeliers, awe-inspiring carpets spread out in the lobby. Going into your room will certainly make you forget your stress and lethargy.• The other hotels in Dubai are equally breathtaking as if you have entered a fairyland oozing with the exotic aroma of vivid perfumes and fresheners’.
  3. 3. Don’t look out of a rain dance in Dubai• The brochures may describe Dubai with guaranteed winter and no rain. You can safely forget your umbrella while packing for a ravishing cheap Dubai holidays. The sun is your only friend with different temperaments – boiling and implacable that can fry you down if you visit the beach at midday. Dubai can really be intolerable during July and August.• Despite being famed as a desert country, Dubai somehow manages to pose as humid as well.
  4. 4. Dynamic Attractions among the Layers of Dunes• The main and maddening attraction of Dubai has to be nothing else, but shopping. With cheapest flight tickets to Dubai from UK squeeze out some time to visit the gigantic malls such as Ikea, Brent Cross, Gap, Next and Debenhams. The bargain area in Karama is much more stimulating if you fancy fake Prada, Gucci, Burberry handbags at dirt cheap prices.• So what’s there in Dubai apart from shopping?• Burj Al Arab• The Leaning Tower of Pisa• Dubai Museum• Sheikh Saeed’s House• Persian Wind Tower• Hard Rock Café• What is so stunning about Dubai is the speed at which it is growing and shaping up to be more and more invigorating and beguiling. You may come back again after a week to find a 20-storey skyscraper outside your hotel window.• Dubai can either be loved or hated! Log on to for a dream vacation among the desert dunes and valley’s as well as to know more about cheap Dubai flights, last minute flight deals, direct flights to Dubai from UK and Dubai holidays.