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Dubai calls to experience a rocking holiday dubai


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The energetic ambience, exotic locals, a shopping heaven and some lip smacking food is what combines the real story of Dubai. Book the flights to Dubai and enjoy all these in a single holiday destination. Wish you a happy journey!

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Dubai calls to experience a rocking holiday dubai

  1. 1. Dubai Calls to Experience a Rocking Holiday
  2. 2. Take the Dubai Flights and Experience the Opulence of the Middle EastUndoubtedly, with numerous different cheap flights toDubai on offer getting to experience the opulence of theland is much easier to achieve. Out of the seven emirates ofthe UAE, Dubai is undoubtedly the most hip and happeningwhen it comes to the question of as prospective touristdestination. Geographically the conurbation is locatedalong the Persian Gulf which gives it an edge over the nearcompetitors of the Arab world to excel in wowing themaximum of the foreign tourists in search of idealdestination to unwind and let their hair down. Apart fromall these there are lot more in terms of grand opulencewhich truly boasts of living life king size to the magnificentarchitectural marvels which are the perfect icing on thecake is sure to leave any visitor awe struck.
  3. 3. Climate of the place and the best time to visitBefore booking the discounted flight tickets to Dubai it’s bestthat you have noted the climate of the place quite well. Theclimatic conditions of the conurbation are predominantly hotand arid. Speaking of the best time of visit is betweenNovember and April as the sun is comparatively milder thanother times the temperature too a bit manageable.
  4. 4. Places of prime tourist interest• Flights to Dubai land you among a plentiful of recreational and leisurely activities with ample opportunities to reside in the splendid luxury hotels. The hub of economic, political, social and cultural activities always teems with visitors enjoying the cities the architectural splendid, souks, mosques, historical landmarks, museum to the exquisite blue watered sun kissed beaches and the amazing dunes of sand.• Beaches and Water Parks: who doesn’t want to have a splash in the water during the hot summers? So just head off to the various theme based water parks like the Atlantis Water Park, Al Mamzar Park and the Jumiera Beach and Park which are the most famous ones. Go have a splash and enjoy with your near ones in these fun filled water parks.• Burj Al Arab (Tower of Arab): it’s the one which has been in the news making for a long time courtesy to its unique concept and innovative design. So while visiting this conurbation visiting this gigantic and beautiful architecture is a must. It’s simply a lifetime experience to catch hold of this.• Palm islands: bought the cheap air tickets to Dubai but haven’t made your mind whether to visit the Palm islands? It’s just a modern engineering and architectural marvel conjuring the best of the two fields and resulting into something scintillating which is sure to take your breath away.
  5. 5. Cuisine and shopping• When it’s the question of shopping nothing can beat Dubai. The presence of scintillating snazzy shopping districts with their awesome collection can give the established names like New York and Paris a good run for their money. While the cuisine here is predominantly a blend of Middle Eastern and Arabian foods and finding Iranian, Lebanese and Moroccan delicacies is pretty easy.
  6. 6. SummaryThe energetic ambience, exotic locals, a shopping heaven andsome lip smacking food is what combines the real story ofDubai. Book the flights to Dubai and enjoy all these in a singleholiday destination. Wish you a happy journey!