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Motivations To Collaborate


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One of my first lectures at gathering of Air Works, India; Air Livery, UK; Empire Aviation, UAE; Aero Technique Espace, France; Scandanavian Avionics Denmark; Euravia, UK

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Motivations To Collaborate

  1. 1. Motivations To Collaborate Thinking and content are intellectual property of Ravinder Pal Singh and should not be used without prior permission and without categorical mention of author
  2. 2. Many Hands & One Purpose Photo By Ravi
  3. 3. Learning and Teaching Photo By Ravi
  4. 4. Enthusiasm & Effort Photo By Ravi
  5. 5. Strength & Grace Photo By Ravi
  6. 6. Fruits and Labour Photo By Ravi
  7. 7. Down To Earth & Soaring High Photo By Ravi
  8. 8. Responsibility & Dependability Photo By Ravi
  9. 9. Free and Fearless Photo By Ravi
  10. 10. Blind Spots Unknown to us Known to Others Unknowable Unknown to us Unknown to Others Public Knowledge Known to us Known to Others Private Knowledge Known to us Unknown to Others