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Checklist for drupal site development (Dev Tools)


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Most third-party tools are more to use for monitoring performance, query load time, profiling, no. of function calls, JS load time, HTML best practices and mobile usability. Below are the third party tools which I would like to prefer for auditing Drupal website.

New Relic
New Relic provides deep insight for drupal website, includes Database performance, Modules Monitoring, Apdex, Function performance and front-end performance, it also provide the Real User Monitoring (RUM) which actual gather the time information and show you which hotspot in DOM rendering time may be causing your page to take several seconds to load.

XHProfiling measures the relative performance of your application at the code-level. it captures things like CPU usage, memory usage, time and number of calls per function, as well as capturing a call graph. The act of profiling impacts performance

YSlow analyzes the webpage and suggest ways to improve page performance based on rules (Minimize HTTP Requests, Use a Content Delivery Network, Cache-Control Header, Gzip Components, Put Stylesheets at the Top, Put Scripts at the Bottom, Avoid CSS Expressions, Make JavaScript and CSS External, Minify JavaScript and CSS, Avoid Redirects and Remove Duplicate Scripts etc). It also supports and JSLint. YSlow can be configured in the system directly and is available for Firefox, Chrome, Mobile/Bookmarklet, Opera, Safari, Command Line (HAR), PhantomJS, Node.js Server, Source Code. Other Third party websites which monitor your site based on specified URLs and report what part of the sites can be improved. These can be JS, third party URLs, services URLs, HTML markup for desktop users and mobile usability.

Contrib Modules
Being a Open source of Drupal, there are many modules available which also help us in auditing Drupal site. These modules can either be independent or may use third party services. For example coder, xhprof, security_review, Dcq, Hacked, Security_review and Drupalgeddon

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Checklist for drupal site development (Dev Tools)

  1. 1. Checklist for Drupal Site Use the checklist during development Friday TechX Ravindra Singh @ravindrasingh01
  2. 2. Why is checklist required?
  3. 3. Where checklist can help?
  4. 4. Drupal site can be checked with... 1. Third Party Tools 2. Contrib Modules 3. Following Best Practices 4. Manual Review
  5. 5. New Relic:Third Party Tools ➢ Application Monitoring ➢ Database Monitoring ➢ Error Monitoring ➢ Reports ➢ Team Collaboration ➢ Security
  6. 6. XHProf:Third Party Tools ➢ Inclusive and Exclusive wall time ➢ Call count ➢ Memory usage ➢ CPU times ➢ Diff reports ➢ Aggregated reports
  7. 7. YSlow:Third Party Tools ➢ Grades web page based on predefined ruleset or a user- defined ruleset; ➢ It offers suggestions for improving the page's performance; ➢ Summarizes the page's components; ➢ Displays statistics about the page; ➢ Provides tools for performance analysis, including™ and JSLint.
  8. 8. More Third Party Tools ➢ PageSpeed Insight by Google ➢ Pingdom Website Speed Test ➢ GT Matrix
  9. 9. Contrib Modules Coder Hacked Security Review Drupal Code Quality Drupalgeddon Site Audit XHProf
  10. 10. Best Practices ➢ Never Hack Core
  11. 11. Best Practices ➢ Disable development modules on production ➢ Dblog OFF on production and syslog ON ➢ JS/CSS should not in database ➢ Avoid HTML markup in .module file, create tpl ➢ Use Good IDE and configure your IDE with Drupal coding standards. ➢ Do the proper commenting and get your code review done by others. ➢ Avoid too many modules ➢ Consistently use Drush in development Read more
  12. 12. Manual Review
  13. 13. Conclusion “Use the checklist during development.”
  14. 14. @ravindrasingh01 Thank You! Ravindra Singh