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The Idea Book Presentation


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The Idea Book Presentation

  1. 1. Information about The Idea Book: An effective best selling book that will help you develop your creativity.
  2. 2. A book on business creativity should not be like all other books …
  3. 3. how it is different 150 pages about ideas. 150 pages for your own ideas. One idea book.
  4. 4. the result It inspires creative people to be more creative It teaches uncreative people how to develop their creativity Proof of concept: The Idea Book will be included in an upcoming American book about ”The best 100 management books of all time”.
  5. 5. how it is sold As a training tool As a gift As a book As a note book As inspiration As educational material Even in hotels …
  6. 6. some references Hundreds of companies have bought The Idea Book, including: Iceland Air bought one copy for every employee. SEB, biggest bank in Lithuania, bought 3 000 copies for every employee. HP bought 400 copies as corporate gifts to clients Hyper Island (top multimedia school in Sweden) bought The Idea Book as training material for all students. Deutsche Bank in Germany bought 600 copies for internal creativity training.
  7. 7. a best seller Sold more than 150,000 copies in Sweden (3,000 copies considered a best selling management book in Sweden) Number five most highly sold management book on Amazon Japan in both (!) early 2005 and mid 2008 (Re-printed six times in Japan) Sold to 1% of the population in Iceland within one month of publication in 2008
  8. 8. the idea book An international concept (Launched in nine languages and sold to more than 40 countries)
  9. 9. about the author fredrik härén Speaker of the Year 2007 in Sweden, now living in Singapore. Done more than 1,000 speeches, Key Notes and training sessions. Spoken in more than 25 countries. Worked in virtually all industries with hundreds of different companies from IBM to China Mobile. From Volvo to the Swedish National Bank.
  10. 10.
  11. 11. the idea book works People read it: With short inspirational chapters people find the time to read it. People use it: By making it into a note book people carry it around and have it with them. People learn from it: Because they do not only read the book – they interact with it. People love it: Because it is a beautiful book that helps them become more creative.
  12. 12. why it is needed 98% 45% 2% (Do you think companies are doing (Is creativity important in your job?) (Are you creative?) enough to make its employees more creative?)
  13. 13. The Idea Book: The answer to the question ”What can we do to develop the creativity of our employees?”.
  14. 14. – inspiring ideas! For more information about The Idea Book, seminars on business creativity or other ways to develop the creativity of your organization please contact us. Singapore +65 811 704 22 Sweden + 46 705 86 18 18
  15. 15. the idea book an interesting book (More than 100 interviews in international press)