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Nimbuzz advanced vs novice testers


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Nimbuzz advanced vs novice testers

  1. 1. Advanced Test Engineer Vs Novice Test Engineer Ravindran Antonysamy Nimbuzz QA Team 1
  2. 2. 2 Advanced Test Engineer Novice Test Engineer Executes the tests with as an User and provide additional coverage with the product and domain knowledge before product hits the market. Completes the test execution of assigned tests Connected with Users of the Product & Clients (Support / Social Media / Market Place) Not Connected with the Real Users at all Work with little Compassion to the product & keep track of the issues raised by him / her Tries to Complete the tasks assigned Tests in different environment conditions (Office, Travel, Home) Only tests in the office environment Observes the market conditions, happenings around the product / ECO System NA Knows the history of the product being tested NA Tries to utilize tools (Automation, Cloud, Usability) NA
  3. 3. 3 Advanced Test Engineer Novice Test Engineer Have a positive and fruitful relationship with the Developers Never interacts to the Developer, Only uses JIRA Responds Quickly to a Clarification (from the Development) Consumes time for responding Add almost all possible data when creating a Defect in Defect management system Add minimal data Verify the conformance of the Product in various methods / environments Executes the test cases & writes Pass or Fail Reads and knows the Industry Technical Specifications (Ex: XMPP Standards) or 3GPP or VOIP / SIP Standards Least bothered about this Checks the fellow testers are doing the right thing Only cares about own work Aware of the Initiatives / plans of the Team and always willing to take part NA Reads techcrunch, mashable, thenextweb along with Facebook / Twitter and participate online testing forums (Ex: NA
  4. 4. 4 Advanced Test Engineer Novice Test Engineer Writes and executes a lot of negative test cases, during the testing, innovates more negative scenarios. Follows the test plan / test cases Organizes builds, files, logs, screenshots, emails in the PC in different folders, easily accessible Clumsy desktop, un-organized email system with a tad lot of searching to find things out Enjoys working in execution & try to find innovative ways for FAST execution.. Consumes the same time of execution even after many test cycles Knows / well aware of what feature is implemented and what is not Checks the documents or with other testers to gain feature specific information during test execution Loves to contribute in automation & learning new tools Reluctant of learning and using automation (rather scared that It requires coding knowledge) Knows bit of coding or willing to learn It, so that It can be used in the white box testing / understanding the code when Its required NA
  5. 5. 5 Advanced Test Engineer Novice Test Engineer In case of a defect leakages, Advanced tester tried to find the root cause of the leakages go upset. Adds the scenarios into the test suite / test cases in the case of a defect leakage to avoid the same in the future Do nothing Along with bugs, also writes a lot of usability / product suggestions to the product / project management Never writes Improvements in the product. Only job is to verify & validate.
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