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This doc have seo, sem, web analyst, seo analyst related question and answer.

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Seo,Sem, Web Analyst, Seo Analyst

  1. 1. What is a Landing Page?<br />A landing page is any page on a website where traffic is sent specifically to prompt a certain action or result. Think of a golf course…<br />Here are a few examples of ways that landing pages are used with various traffic sources:<br />Traffic is sent from a pay per click (PPC) search marketing campaign (such as Google AdWords) to multiple landing pages optimized to correspond with the keywords the searcher used.<br />Traffic is sent from a banner ad or sponsorship graphic to a landing page specifically designed to address that target audience.<br />Traffic is sent from a link in an email to a landing page designed to prompt a purchase.<br />Traffic is sent from a blog post or sidebar link to a landing page that pre-sells affiliate products or encourages an opt-in to a sub-list.<br />The page you’re currently reading is a content landing page designed to organize many related pages around an overall theme.<br />New trend in link building<br />With constant changes in Google algorithm in search of perfection , Google encouraged use of 'nofollow' tags to avoid comment spam.But webmasters have evolved too to beat the heat.There have been several new trends going on in link building SEO world.One such newly evolved link building way is explained below.<br />Since Google have hit hard on comment spammers people are losing interest in commenting.Since most people used to comment in order to get some link benefit from the comment section.They now don't find it interesting to comment on others blogs and websites and this is hampering the content writers as people look to improve through the comments they get through comments section.So now webmasters have come out with special technique to attract commentators.They have started this thing called " Top Commentators" .In this technique people comment on a blog or a website with 'nofollow' tag.So they don't get any profit from there but still the top commentator with most comments on the blog or website is rewarded with one dofollow link to their website and that too from the homepage of the website or blog.This has again help drawing people comments on their blog or website.<br />But still it will be interesting to see how Google reacts to this and how much value those links carry on the Pagerank.<br />What is a Link bait?<br />Linkbaiting is a carefully planned marketing scheme designed to increase link popularity of a website.Though there is no clear cut sub divisions but linkbaiting is generally divided into two types in order to understand it clearly.<br />Positive Linkbaiting : This is generally done by captivating your visitors with something interesting.Positive link baiting can be further classified into sub categories listed below.<br />Great website design:Your website design may alone be a strong powerful linkbaiting tool which can earn you good number of backlinks.An artistic attractive intro page which is different from others monotonous homepages will last long in the visitors memory.If the visitor finds the homepage interesting you are sure to get a second thought from your visitors and may be he will discuss about it on some forum and it will result in organic exponential link building.<br />Humour hooks : Humour is another powerful linkbaiting technique.Writing about a funny incident or a funny story,telling a joke or sharing a funny picture or even a funny animation can lead people to link to your website.It is very simple yet powerful link building technique because it won't cost you money or much of your time in order to create something funny or humorous.<br />Information hooks:Providing your visitors with some rare and valuable information,it might be some tips and tricks or some latest discovered bugs in a widely popular software or some recently released much hyped about software can get you enormous links.<br />Scoops:Providing some spicy information about a celebrity (sometimes even rumours and scandals work very well) is a good linkbaiting technique.As you all know people as well as media are hungry for juicy information regarding celebs.Such news spread like wildfire and possesses very high linkbaiting potential.<br />Widgets:Providing your visitors with some free valuable widgets with link embedded with them is a popular and most commonly used linkbaiting technique.It is better to design a widget which will be very useful in the near future and is not available in abundance.<br />Tools:If you are a techie with good command over programming languages then design a useful tool which people will link to.<br />Negative Linkbaiting: <br />If you are looking for quick exposure with a little care for your reputation then you can employ some negative linkbaiting techniques though there aren't many.<br />Open abuse:Abusing a popular website blog or even individual will quickly bring you into limelight.Though it is unethical but still widely practiced linkbaiting technique.<br />Using objectionable content:Putting some content which is objectionable and yet of high interest value for visitors is another black hat link baiting technique.Putting open source code of some virus or Remote administration Tools will be of great interest to hackers and they may link it to their fellow hackers thus creating a great linkbaiting chain.<br />