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SXSW14 | bGiv Social Good Space | Come Pat A Bull | Sponsorship


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The ability to communicate internal thoughts from one brain to another is both a deeply complex phenomenon and one that we all experience on a daily basis:
we ‘click’ with some people, and with others we don’t. What determines such ‘clicking’?

Compatibility Racer is a competitive, interactive brain-robotics installation. The installation explores synchronized brain activity between people:
what does it mean scientifically to be ‘on the same wavelength’?

Two Bull Riders Make Up One Team
Step 1 - Users take a seat facing the center of the car
Step 2 - Users put EEG Cowboy Hat on as instructed
Step 3 - Users addressing each other, take turns saying name and city of origin
Step 4 - Users dive into a conversation of their choosing
Step 5 - Users engage with each other, the bull will move relative to their brain synchronicity, faster as your brain waves align, and slower as they diverge
Step 6 - Users dismount
Step 7 - Their (CPAB) score is a measure of distance travelled over time.

Come Pat A Bull - Compatibility Social Heat Map
When users log-in, they can activate their CBAP score through FB or 4sq API to provide geolocating of other potentially compatible companions. Aggregate CBAP scores and general analytics will be available to all users on on screen at the bGiv Space.

Currently Seeking…
A sponsor to cover the cost for transportation and two-days of activation at SXSW 2014, from 3/8 - 3/10 at the bGiv Social Good Space. Included are lodging and transportation for a small team (3 or so..) of scientists to run the Bull, in exchange for sponsor rights and strategic content / production.


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