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#MassivelyEpic Sponsor Opportunities | Spring 2014


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This is the first published round of our #MassivelyEpic Sponsor Opportunity Deck for Spring 2014.

Included are three great opportunities and event spaces for NYC Champions Weekend, NYFW, and SXSW.

#MassivelyEpic is a producer collective of artists, musicians, DJs and performers, with the aim of working collaboratively in order to develop a sustainable model for an independent creative career.

Sound Groove Entertainment is a content strategy, packaging and partnership consultancy.

Trip Digital Inc. is a sound design, production, licensing, and distribution company.

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#MassivelyEpic Sponsor Opportunities | Spring 2014

  1. 1. TX NYC Spring | 2014 contact - Sponsor Opportunities
  2. 2. performance, engagement & Management Formed in 2013 as a producer collective of artists, musicians, DJs and performers, with the aim of working collaboratively in order to develop a sustainable model for an independent creative career. Since July we have been partnering with community organizations, businesses and artists to produce educational workshops (#ArtistEngage) and distribution outlets (#ArtistTransform, #MassivelyEpic Radio, #Undergroove, and #Groovelust), along with original productions, live performances, weekly radio broadcasts, private and public showcases and parties. Our vision is to build the world’s leading independent creative content resource platform by 2020, by artist and entrepreneurs from the ground up. SOUND GROOVE ENTERTAINMENT CONTENT STRATEGY, PACKAGING & PARTNERSHIPS Over 18+ years of entertainment, 10+ years of digital and social, 7+ years of corporate brand marketing experience. David Iannone has worked on some of the top brands Heineken, Dos Equis, Captain Morgan, Ketel One, Guinness, Prince, Trojan Brand Condoms, Skoal, Copenhagen creating integrated, digital and social marketing campaigns. TRIP DIGITAL SOUND DESIGN PRODUCTION, LICENSING & DISTRIBUTION Over 18+ years of entertainment and production experience. DJ Journey is the resident DJ for Strategic and Tao Groups Dream Hotel, PHD and Marquee. Seated on the Grammy’s Board, Journey has built a deep reputation and network from LA to Chicago and New York City as one of the industry’s most respected DJs and Producer. contact - PRODUCTIONS | 2014
  3. 3. NY FASHION WEEK | 2014 LAUNCH NYC, an 8 day fashion week debuting from February 5th 12th, will feature an innovative, state of the art runway experience combined with luxurious retail and wholesale opportunities. Fashion labels will show their latest collection to press, buyers, customers, VIPs and a ticketed public audience. SPONSOR OPPORTUNITIES: Categories: Food, Beverage, Audio, Tech, Lighting Brand marketers interested in Mens & Womens Fashion Week, Startups and emerging designers. Packages starting at $8000. MNY is a hybrid fashion incubator and factory dedicated to providing independent fashion designers with the resources and skills to streamline their process, from concept to customer. contact - Feb 5-12 | MANUFACTURE NY (MNY)
  4. 4. JAN 23-FEB 4 | venue & entertainment CHAMPION WEEK NEW YORK | 2014 Perfect to host your private or corporate Championship Weekend Party W 17th & 6th. ENTERTAINMENT: - Top NYC live, musician, DJ and Producer talent. - Sound production / curation TOP NYC Artistic Talent DJs, Producers, Bands, Artists, Performers, Acrobats - Creative direction available - Last Minute availability VENUE: Floor-to-ceiling windows Packages include Entertainment, Venue, Sound, Audio, Visuals. 6 hour Blocks of time Streaming natural light Adjustable gallery style lights Authentic tin ceilings Kitchen & prep area January 15 - January 16 January 23 - February 15 Additional 2nd floor available Contact for rates and packages. Automated freight elevator Hardwood floors Corinthian columns Heating and cooling contact - 5,000 sqft. Event Space
  5. 5. SXSW 2014 | MAR 6-14 | interactive x music x social good An 8 day SXSW 2014 week debuting from March 6th-14th, featuring a collaborative workspace, respite, lounge and pop-up recording studio for use by socially good and locally impactful projects, programs, panels and workshops. SPONSOR OPPORTUNITIES: Categories: Technology, Food, Beverage, Audio, Visual, Information, Organizations Content marketers, press and enthusiasts interested in Tech, Music & Social Good collaboration. Packages starting at $5000. PRODUCTION OPPORTUNITIES: ● Educational Panels and Workshops ● ● ● ● ● ● Brainstorms, Hacks, and group participation events Live Streaming, video and audio capture* Moderation, facilitation and concept development Live recording sessions and showcases by performing artists Local day-trip, value added group experiences for participating sponsors Social good and impact on local causes raising money through the FundingDream crowd sourcing campaign contact - SOCIAL GOOD SPACE | 2014 Located at 610 I-35 & 6th Street, Austin TX, the venue is at the foot of the downtown action and has hosted a number events that have included Founder’s Weekend, Hootsuite, Economist, Dos Equis, Pepsi Co, and
  6. 6. SOUND GROOVE ENTERTAINMENT CONTENT STRATEGY, PACKAGING & PARTNERSHIPS Whether writing a song or building a content marketing plan, the strategic steps are very similar. We help creators and sponsors alike take abstract concepts to create the right products with the right execution and measurement plan. Projects include content strategy, development, engagement, brand development and planning, ideation, concepting. TRIP DIGITAL SOUND DESIGN PRODUCTION, LICENSING & DISTRIBUTION Throughout every step of the production, registration and distribution process, we work with creators and sponsors to ensure top quality crafting of their products, as well as adherence to the proper distribution strategy and release. Projects include composition, development, recording, instrumentation, production, registering, copyright, licensing. contact - PRODUCTIONS | 2014