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The aim of the collective is to collaborate with other artists in order to develop sustainable models for careers as independent artists in the music industry.

#MassivelyEpic is open to, and actively collaborating with different levels of partners interested in creating amazing and sustainable content.

The founders of the collective in addition to being independent artists, are also entertainment, marketing and music professionals with over 30 years of combined experience and talent.

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#MassivelyEpic - Independent Artist Platform & Collective

  1. 1. NYC-based Producer Collective of Independent DJs / Artists / Musicians 2013-2014 Ravin Dave, DJ Journey, Bella Saona, KB Jones & The Kontraband, Kelly Bruce, Luke Logic, DJ Abyde, Invisible Garden, Seth Gold, Julia Gunz
  2. 2. ABOUT | OVERVIEW #MassivelyEpic The aim of the collective is to collaborate with other artists in order to develop sustainable models for careers as independent artists in the music industry. #MassivelyEpic is open to, and actively collaborating with different levels of partners interested in creating amazing and sustainable content. The founders of the collective in addition to being independent artists, are also entertainment, marketing and music professionals with over 30 years of combined experience and talent.
  3. 3. INDEPENDENT ARTISTS Why Independent Artists? This carefully curated crew of collaborators have a unique passion for creating awesome, original creative content. We have independently been doing this for years, and now have the experience and track records to work as a collective, to harness our power and create an even greater impact for ourselves, our partners and those who experience our work. With or without sponsorship we continue to create quality content designed to create emotional connections through three primary channels - Digital Radio, Events and Education.
  4. 4. #MAssivelyEpic Radio "Bringing the Groove back to the Island, NYC-based Producer Collective hosts a new weekly show - Tuesdays at 9 PM. Est. on RAPstation.com. Each week, host Ravin Dave will feature four DJ sets from Artists, Musicians, Djs and Producers across the country and world. For each set, Guests will dig deep into their crates pulling out their own or others most inspirational Grooves rooted in some aspect of Hip Hop. “This show is a listening producer and DJ’s dream.. I wish it was this easy to hear amazing records and have the track listings… Discover, Create and Inspire the Groove!” - Ravin Dave Rapstation.com was started by Chuck D. of Public Enemy. Shows that aire on RAPstation.com also travel the airways of the Public Enemy dial on Itunes Radio and Tune-In mobile apps. For questions, specific information or to submit material, please contact massivelyepicradio@gmail.com.
  5. 5. #MassivelyEpic EVENTS #MassivelyEpic books, curates, and hosts weekly, monthly, private and public events. Artists also book their own events, or can be booked through the collective. #Undergroove | A weekly party in the LES of NYC featuring KB Jones and The Kontraband, Ravin Dave and DJ Journey Open Mic and Emcee Battle competition. http://undergroove.splashthat.com #Groovelust | A monthly party in the LES of NYC featuring #MassivelyEpic and guest DJs / Producers playing a mix of Groove and vibe. http://groovelust.splashthat.com Private: #MassivelyEpic artists are available to play for private and corporate events and functions.
  6. 6. EDUCATION #MassivelyEpic artists Ravin Dave and DJ Journey developed and currently co-host weekly discovery and educational workshops for independent artists, in partnership with the Music Building Rehearsal Studios. The aim of #ArtisEngage is to facilitate discussions uncover insights around what works and what doesn’t. The goal in 2014 is to expand these workshops outside of the core Music Building community to other boroughs creating a larger test market for discovery and education workshops. #ArtistEngage: http://soundgroove.info/content/education/artistengage
  7. 7. COLLABORATORS #MassivelyEpic collaborators are independent artists, musicians and content creators. Everyone has their own individual career and brand which they are developing, growing and managing. The #MassivelyEpic collective offers these individuals or groups of individuals a network they can tap into and work with to further develop their careers. From a former Ultra Records recording artist and actress, to a nationally known DJ, to underground Hip Hop rock band, to electronic duo.. Collaborators are all full time artists, each individually working on their own projects, in addition to group projects with the collective for events, the radio show or #MusicMonday.
  8. 8. From working with Grammy award winning producer Sandy Vee (Katy Perry, Rihanna, Britney Spears), to winning LOGO TV’s New Now Next Awards Brink Of Fame Music Artist, to being featured in NEW YORK MAGAZINE’s winter Look Book, and the New York Post’s Page 6 (when Jude Law was almost caught in a “model mosh-pit” at one of her shows). Bella Saona has found herself landing on ELIE TAHARI’s NY Fashion Week front page, while penning the theme song for MTV’s HOUSE OF JAZMIN. Signing to ULTRA RECORDS in 2011 as a solo artist she has had the opportunity to work with the top producers, and remixers the EDM world has to offer. For her it’s all about the Music. The fashion fun and flare, is just icing on the cake.Bella will also be adding leading lady to that multi-layered cake when she starts filming her first acting role in 2013 which she will be executive producer on, written and directed by Robert LA Force (Pop Star 2010) and tentatively titled “Little Wicked” (After one of Bella’s songs). http://soundgroove.info/content/massivelyepic2/collaborators/bella-saona/
  9. 9. KB Jones & The Kontraband’s musical style is versatile, spotlighting each band member’s background. Blanketing the realms of funk, hip hop, pop, and classic rock; The Kontraband strives to create an atmosphere of party-filled fun sprinkled with consciousness. KB Jones and The Kontraband currently hold a bi-weekly residency at The National Underground two Thursday’s each month, hosting #Undergroove, live hip hop open mic featuring a guest band each week with DJ Julia Gunz keeping beat on the wheels of steel. Taking an unbiased, non-genre specific, fusion of musical forms, their releases reflect on the ever evolving pop music scene. Daniel “KB Jones” Munoz : PRODUCTION / VOCALS Mike Deconzo : PERCUSSION Steve Gornic : GUITAR / MAKER OF LOVE Andrew “Smooth Action” Dematteo : BASS This past sumer KB Jones and The Kontraband released their third album “Hot Soup! Vol. 1” which features a hot single – “The What” http://soundgroove.info/content/massivelyepic2/collaborators/kb-jones-the-kontraband/
  10. 10. Invisible Garden’s list of influences is uncomfortably wide. It could be 50’s sitcoms, haunted mermaids, or postmodern architecture; they always seem to find inspiration in strange places. The result— a refreshing take on electronic-pop music. They often aim for the pleasure center, but there is plenty to unpack in these songs; subtleties that promise a rewarding experience for the listener who cares to dive deeper. http://soundgroove.info/content/massivelyepic2/collaborators/invisible-garden/ Invisible Garden has intentionally made their live set a completely different experience. They’ve tailored their songs into a seamless ‘DJ-like’ set, and brought in visuals to mix an immersive array of ‘stream –of-consciousness’ of visuals. Their stated goal; “put on a show that’s equal parts artexhibition, and fucking bangin’ dance party.” Well, if that’s the case, count us in. #letsgo! Aaron Gaita : PRODUCTION / VOCALS / KEYS Mark Colangelo : GUITAR / VOCALS Ryan McDaid : VISUALS
  11. 11. DJS / PRODUCERS RAVIN DAVE - Professional Emcee, 18 years DJing corporate, private and nightlife events experience. A true crowd motivator on the mic and can get any crowd moving. DJ JOURNEY - Known on the high profile event circuit, Journey has DJ’ed for ESPN’s ESPY Awards, The International Emmys, and MTV. He currently holds a two year residency on Thurs. at PH-d and Sat. at the Dream Hotel Downtown Lobby. JULIA GUNZ - Newest and youngest rising star, is quick with her cuts and tight with her live remix style of nuvo-disco-house. LUKELOGIC - An Abelton guru, Luke mixes live original and remixed samples to slip in and out of deep house and acid groove. DJ MC SLUT BAG - Two years experience on the wheels, her Indie-pop style of picking crowd pleasers keep feet moving and bodies grooving. DJ ABYDE - Veteran with over 15 years of tunrtablism and production expertise, Abyde has a knack for slicing and dicing between beats and genres.
  12. 12. g undin Fo s rtner pa Sound Groove TRip Digital Entertainment Sound Design SGe is a strategic content development, packaging and partnership company. By content we mean audio, visual and experiential, combined with technology, that when packaged together provide a form of entertainment. David Iannone relaunched SGe this past spring after spending seven prior years building national brand consumer and trade marketing campaigns for Heineken USA, Diageo, Church & Dwight and Altria brands. The new company model is focused on a strategic and collaborative approach to developing and distributing content. In March 2013, #MassiveyEpic formed as a collective of DJs/Producers that will grow and develop as an independent brand/group, testing the models and methods developed through SGe and partners. Trip Digital is the evolutional movement of sound and the process of music’s technologic rebirth. We have been on the cutting edge of music supervision since 2009 when we set out to score the world’s ever-progressive psyche one wave file at a time. As the architects, we have fashioned the perfect platform of productivity for the true to art musician. Our expert composers provide full service consultation and accommodations for media projects including film, television, commercials, sound effects, video games, advertising, and branded services. The Trip Digital Mission is to inspire talented musicians who desire to be aligned with music’s new wave of epic creativity and innovation. Trip Digital aims to serve as creative advisors for companies seeking to score media projects using our library of signature 4D sound treatments and compositions. HustleBomb PR, SOCIAL, MARKETING Founded by Kelly Bruce in 2012, HustleBomb a content marketing and social pr company. Kelly is currently Director of Marketing at the Lure group and co-founder of the original MassivelyEpic concept. “Throughout my career, I've made it a point to constantly learn every step of the way. This has led me along a very roundabout, wobbly, but genuinely thrilling career path in which I've done everything from photography and graphic design to magazine advertising sales and marketing, with quite a fair share of event production and social media experience all mixed in at the same time. And I haven't regretted one moment of it.” Her previous experience includes working at Nylon Magazine, Adweek Magazine, Blackbook Magazine and the Access Network. SGe was originally founded in 2001 as a mobile entertainment company, which later co-founded WJ Productions Inc., and grew for three years before selling in 2007 to a competitor. http://soundgroove.info http://tripdigitalinc.com http://hustlebomb.com
  13. 13. CTION U PROD rs artne p MUSIC Building A 12-story building, providing music rehearsal space in NYC since 1979 . 69 studios of NYC history, live music discovery, and hundreds of music biz whiz-kids rehearsing daily. Noted for being home to Madonna in the early 80’s and the birthplace of Billy Idol’s song, “White Wedding.” The Strokes, In Living Colour and Anthrax all had studios here as well. http://www.musicbuilding.com http://www.twitter.com/musicbuilding http://www.myspace. com/musicbuilding RAPSTATION.COM GEmini SOUND Gemini Sound Products Corporation is a family owned, worldwide manufacturer of professional audio and mobile DJ equipment, including CD players, turntables, mixers, professional amplifiers, loudspeakers, wireless microphones & DJ audio effects. Gemini has proudly supported DJ Journey as a sponsored artist for over 8 years, and currently helps support the #MassivelyEpic collective with equipment for production and performance. http://geminisound.com/client/djjourney Rapstation is The Worlds Loudest Rap Radio Video Internetwork. Started by Chuck D. of Public Enemy, this station features the best of Hip Hop across the globe with over 7 Million audience. #MassivelyEpic Radio airs every Tuesday Night, 9PM Est. on Rapstation.com/massivelyepic http://www.rapstation.com http://www.publicenemy.com http://www.hiphopgods.com http://www.SLAMjamz.com http://www.SHEmovement.com http://www.SPITdigital.com