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Arthur (lancelot) bonner plunkett

  1. 1. 12/19/13 Arthur (Lancelot) Bonner Plunkett James Thomas Irvine Plunkett Captain (-1870) Angelina O'leary (-) Arthur James O'leary Plunkett (1860-1935) Alice Ellen Bonner (1867-1948) Arthur (Lancelot) Bonner Plunkett (1890-1937) Family Links Arthur (Lancelot) Bonner Plunkett Born: 18 Mar 1890, Guntur, Madras Province, India Marriage: Margaret Stewart Robertson in 1912 Died: 13 Aug 1937, London Ent Hospital at age 47 Spouses/Children: Margaret Stewart Robertson Desmond Lancelot Plunkett+ Havelock Robertson Plunkett+ Nigel Stewart Plunkett+ Mervyn William Plunkett+ Gillian Patrick Plunkett+ Laurian Marion Plunkett+ Deidre Stewart Plunkett+ General Notes: Curriculum Vitae of Arthur Lancelot Bonner Plunkett. Transcribed and combined from the originals dating from 1933 to 7th May 1935. (the words, spelling and punctuation are as close as possible to the original) A.L.B. Plunkett. M.I.C.E., M.I.W.E. Age 45 years. Education: Seafield Park College and King's College, London. Institutions: Member of the Institute of Civil Engineers Member of the Institute of Water Engineers. Qualifications: During a varied experience have acquired a very sound general knowledge of control and administration. A thorough knowledge of engineering. Used to showing initiative, tact, and skill in handling staff, including Europeans, Arabs, Negroes, and Indians of numerous castes and creeds. Experience: 1911-13. Assistant Engineer on the Metropolitan Railway, London, on works of major capital construction. 1/5
  2. 2. 12/19/13 Arthur (Lancelot) Bonner Plunkett Cost £500,000. Prepared detail programmes of work over a period of two years. Had control of over 150 men. 1913-21.Assistant Engineer in the Madras & Southern Mahratta Railway, India. Assistant Engineer Bezwada (M.G) Sub-Division till January 1916 - In charge of all Open Line Maintenance and Construction on an important Metre Gauge Sub-Division over 300 miles long. This Sub-Division included the Port of Masulipatam. Assistant Engineer Waltair (B.G) Sub-Division till October 1917 - In charge of all Open line Maintenance and Construction on one of the most difficult and important Broad Gauge Sub-Divisions in the System and nearly 300 miles in length. This Sub-Division included the Ports of Coconada and Vizagapatam. Organising and carrying out all the new Capital Works, administering a district covering several hundred miles of railway. Later was specially selected, at a very early age owing to the exceptional administrative and organising abilities I had shewn, for the post of Personal Assistant (D.O) to the Chief Engineer, Madras till July 1920. During the last two years of this appointment was responsible for the amalgamation of the Broad and Metre Gauge Systems which until then had operated as two separate Railways. The amalgamation entailed the establishment of a system of administration common to both gauges and the centralisation of control resulted in enhanced efficiency and reduction of expenditure. The change was brought about without any disorganisation and proved a complete success. On leave (urgent private affairs) in England till May 1921, when I resigned owing to private business affairs in connection with the death of my brother (the late Lt. H.A.T.Plunkett, 2Bn. The Black Watch) not being settled. 1921-23. Resident Engineer for the Trinidad Lands Reclamation Ltd., on the Oropouche Lagoon Drainage and Reclamation Scheme, Trinidad, B.W.I., Cost of project £150,000. The work consisted of the digging of about 15 miles of channels ( 40' x 10' section ) and the formation of embankments by means of a Floating Dipper Dredger of 1½ c.yd. capacity. The building of two sets of Sluices and Navigation Gates of reinforced concrete as well as two pumping stations with a capacity of 60,000 and 50,000 gallons per min. respectively. Half way through the work the contractor went bankrupt and the work had to be completed by direct labour. In spite of the set back received to the work it was completed in time and within the estimate. 1924-26. Engineer in charge of the office as Assistant to Ralph Freemen and had general charge of the staff engaged in the designs and erection schemes for the Sydney Harbour Bridge and other bridges were prepared for Messrs Dorman Long & Co by Sir Douglas Fox and Partners, Consulting Engineers, Westminster, London. 1927-29 Engineer-in-Chief to the Government of the Bahamas for the design and construction of the following works and the reorganisation of their Public Works Department and fixed a scale of rates which has produced a satisfactory revenue. City of Nassau Waterworks, Cost £120,000 City of Nassau Drainage and Sewerage Scheme, Cost £250,000 City of Nassau Harbour and Dock Works, Cost £420,000 These works comprised the widening and deepening of the main entrance Channel. The dredging of a turning Basin. The construction of Prince George's Wharf with connecting Bridge, and Clifton Pier and transit Shed. These works entailed the use of some very heavy equipment including, one 8 cu.yd. Floating Dipper dredger, two Suction Cutter Dredgers, of 21" and 18" dia. respectively and 2 Grab Dredgers. These works were expected to take 5 years to carry out but were actually executed within 2½ years, and are said to constitute a record for public works in the Colonies so far as time and economy of expenditure are concerned. 1929-33 Practicing as a consulting engineer in Canada in my own name. Schemes dealt with development of Water Power (100,000 h.p.) on the Mattagami River, Ontario, Canada. Drainage of Emily Creek, Ontario, Canada. Estimated cost of these two works £1,200,000. Moose Factory, Ontario, Canada. - Docksand Dredging, including transit sheds and railway sidings. Estimated cost £200,000. 1932. Owing to the world trade depression had to abandon work in Canada. Advised the following firms in the preparation of important tenders: a.Messrs. Walter Scott and Middleton Ltd. for the Gebel Aulia Dam, across the Nile. Estimated cost £2,000,000. b.Messrs. Camaron and Pooley Ltd. Contractors, Birmingham, for the Talybont Reservoir, South Wales. 2/5
  3. 3. 12/19/13 Arthur (Lancelot) Bonner Plunkett Estimated cost £300,000. Feb. 1933-35. Managing Director of Plunkett Limited, Public Works Contractors, 26, Victoria Street, London, S.W.1. Owing to the continued slump in large public works was compelled by circumstances to form my own contracting company to carry out for Messrs. Stewarts and Lloyds Ltd. the foundations of their new Tube Mills at Corby, Northants, by contract. Cost of work £55,000. In September 1934 my firm tendered for the Assuit Barrage Remodelling, Egypt, and though our offer was seriously considered the contract was eventually awarded to the next highest bidder whose price of £1,077,000 was nearly £50,000 more than ours. Sir Lindsay Parkinson and Co. Ltd. and Plunkett Limited were respectively 2nd and 4th in the list of 11 tenders submitted, but the Contract was eventually awarded to the firm 5th on the list. Conclusion:- Having gained the greater portion of my experience on large works I am not anxious to persevere with the carrying out of small contracts in England. Also the rates for such contracts are so severely cut that it is almost impossible to make a reasonable profit. For big contracts the finance that was at my disposal last year is no longer available owing to the troubled state of finance on the Continent of Europe. I am therefore seeking a post that will offer me continuous employment for another 10 years and at the same time give me an opportunity of making use of the organising and administrative I possess with valuable experience in almost every branch of civil engineering. 7th May 1935 Medical Notes: 4th December 1908 - age 18 lived at 13 Downside Crescent, Haverstock Hill, London. He was appointed an office in the Volunteer Forces of India to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant at Delhi on18th March 1916 1/8/23 in Trinidad 9/7/23 Acting Governor of Trindad visited the Oropouche Lagoon His contractor in Nassau was George McNamara, of Leaside, Toronto. McNamara was said to be a friend of Al Capone who visited him in Nassau. September 1928 - Clifton Pier, Nassau destroyed by hurricane 3/6/28 - at Spanish Wells, Bahama Islands He used letterhead of The Emily Creek Fur Ranch Limited (Ranch near Lindsay Ontario) with offices at Dominion Chambers, 449 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Ontario. he also had his own letterheads with this address. 23rd march 1931. 3/5
  4. 4. 12/19/13 Arthur (Lancelot) Bonner Plunkett Was in hospital for an appendix operation in Toronto on 2nd April 1931. intended leaving via New York on 16th April on the "Europa". 19th September 1934 depart Croydon to Paris at Grand Hotel D'Angleterre et Belle Venise - Hotel de Noailles Marseilles 19th September 1934 - Office of A.L.B. Plunkett at 28 Victoria Street, Westminster, London (this is close to Westminster Abbey) September 20th 1934 via Seaplane from Marseilles to Naples - to discuss with Franki the taking over of his company. September 22nd 1934 - Haifa. - (Palestine Railways) September 28th 1934 - Cairo - The Continental Savoy October 1st 1934 - Cairo 28th June 1935 - lived at 22 River Court, Catherine Road, Surbiton, Surrey 14th January 1936 - lived at Eversleigh, 32 Lovelace Road, Surbiton, Surrey He became ill in August 1936 with throat cancer. had Radium Bomb Treatment on 27/4/37, 5/5/37, 9/6/37 and 21/6/37. 10/8/37 - He was in Ward M of the Royal Ear Hospital, Ear Nose & Throat Department of University College Hospital, Huntley Street, London. Surgeons who attended him were: Mr C. Gill-Carey (Patient No 6667): Mr Trotter Patient No 5497. Also Dr MacDonald & Vanderboss His burial grant No 2130 granted exclusive right of burial in perpetuity in the Grave Space No 5104 in Section XII Class C on the Grave Space Plan of the Cemetery at Lower Marsh Lane, Surbiton Certificate dated 11th October 1937. 4/5
  5. 5. 12/19/13 Arthur (Lancelot) Bonner Plunkett Noted events in his life were: • Occupation: Civil Engineer. Arthur married Margaret Stewart Robertson, daughter of William Maltby Robertson and Sarah (Marion) Maccoll, in 1912. (Margaret Stewart Robertson was born on 5 Apr 1892 in Oban and died on 16 Feb 1964 in Johannesburg.) Home | Table of Contents | Surnames | Name List This Web Site was Created 26 Jan 2008 with Legacy 6.0 from Millennia 5/5