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Emaar mgf palm gardens gurgaon


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Emaar mgf palm gardens gurgaon

  1. 1. Emaar MGF Palm Gardens GurgaonFor any project to do well and be a viable investment opportunity for aninvestor, the location of the project is of utmost importance. As they say, 3 BasicParameters for choosing a real estate option is 1. Location, 2. Location and 3.Location. Emaar MGF’s new offering, Palm Gardens, is a strategically locatedproject and the location has the following advantages:Proximity to the National Highway 8 & Dwarka Gurgaon Expressway: Theonly project to be located on the intersection of the NH-8 and Dwarka-GurgaonExpressway, this will offer best connectivity to the Delhi Airport, Delhi City andother parts of Gurgaon.Commercial Activity in the vicinity: The project is located right next to theCommercial Belt on the National Highway 8 and Dwarka Gurgaon Expressway,and is in close proximity of completely Commercial Sector-88. Since this all willbe next Economic Hub of the city, a lot of demand for Residential Apartmentswill be createdMetro Connectivity: The project is located on the Metro Corridor and justopposite the proposed MRTS Depot. As per a survey by Cushman & Wakefield,every property on the Metro Corridor in New Delhi appreciated 22% more thanthe properties which were not on the Metro Corridor, and hence this will resultin higher return on your investment.Amenities: the project offers unmatchable amenities, and apart from the usualamenities like 100% Power Backup, Continuous Water Supply, 3 Tier Security,etc. etc., the Project also offers the following which definitely are the USPs of theproject:Golf Range: As more and more people are taking up to Golf, any communitywhich offers a Golf Course/Range becomes sought after amongst theprofessionals. Apart from offering Lush Greenscapes to look at, a Golf Rangealso ensures that you will find likeminded people to socialize with, which go along way in creating a great community.8 acre Central Landscaped Greens: The towers are situated in a manner that itleaves space for an 8 acre Central Landscaped Garden. This will offer a veryhealthy lifestyle to the residents of the community, and will be a great place forresidents to spend leisure time.
  2. 2. Luxurious Clubhouse: The Clubhouse, apart from offering the usual amenitieslike a Swimming Pool, Gym, Bar, etc., also offers a Bowling Alley. This wouldmean that you have the convenience of sports activities, Golfing, Bowling, etc.etc. all within the community.Efficiency of Plans: The Layout Plans @ Palm Gardens are so efficientlydesigned to give maximum usable space within the apartment, hence resulting in87% efficiency vis-a-vis the Super Area. This, when compared to the marketstandard of 75%-78% Efficiency, ensures that you have large living spaces ascompared to any other similarly sized apartment. Imagine a 18ft x 11ft MasterBedroom, 6ft x 10ft Master Toilet, an 11ft x 11ft Lounge Area, along with 2 otherbedrooms, living/dining and a servant room, all within a chargeable area of 1900sq ft only.For further details :-Ravi Kumar -