Full form of hardware and networking devices and terminology


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Full form of hardware and networking devices and terminology

  1. 1. Full Form of hardware andnetworking devices andTerminologyIn Comptia N+ or A+ exam you may have a question asking for full form. Besideexam in networking world we have to face several situation where needthe extended or complete form of abbreviated form. Here we tried to list few mostof them with their full form.AC alternating currentACPI advanced configuration and power interfaceACT activityADSL asymmetrical digital subscriber lineAGP accelerated graphics portAMD advanced micro devicesAMR audio modem riserAPIPA automatic private internet protocol addressingAPM advanced power managementARP address resolution protocolASR automated system recoveryAT advanced technologyATA advanced technology attachmentATAPI advanced technology attachment packet interfaceATM asynchronous transfer modeATX advanced technology extendedBIOS basic input/output systemBNC Bayonet-Neill-Concelman or British Navel ConnectorBRI basic rate interfaceBTX balanced technology extendedCCD charged coupled deviceCD compact discCD-ROM compact disc-read-only memoryCD-RW compact disc-rewritableCDFS compact disc file systemCMOS complementary metal-oxide semiconductorCNR communication network riser
  2. 2. COM1 communication port 1CPU central processing unitCRIMM continuity-rambus inline memory moduleCRT cathode-ray tubeDAC discretionary access controlDB-25 serial communications D-shell connector, 25 pinsDB-9 9 pin D shell connectorDC direct currentDDOS distributed denial of serviceDDR double data-rateDDR RAM double data-rate random access memoryDDR SDRAM double data-rate synchronous dynamic random access memoryDFS distributed file systemDHCP dynamic host configuration protocolDIMM dual inline memory moduleDIN Deutsche Industrie NormDIP dual inline packageDLT digital linear tapeDLP digital light processingDMA direct memory accessDNS domain name service or domain name serverDOS disk operating system or denial of serviceDPMS display power management signalingDRAM dynamic random access memoryDSL digital subscriber lineDVD digital video disc or digital versatile discDVD-RAM digital video disc-random access memoryDVD-ROM digital video disc-read only memoryDVD-R digital video disc-recordableDVD-RW digital video disc-rewritableDVI digital visual interfaceECC error correction codeECP extended capabilities portEEPROM electrically erasable programmable read-only memoryEFS encrypting file systemEIDE enhanced integrated drive electronicsEISA extended industry standard architecture
  3. 3. EMI electromagnetic interferenceEMP electromagnetic pulseEPROM erasable programmable read-only memoryEPP enhanced parallel portERD emergency repair diskESD electrostatic dischargeESDI enhanced small device interfaceEVGA extended video graphics adapter/arrayEVDO evolution data optimized or evolution data onlyFAT file allocation tableFAT12 12-bit file allocation tableFAT16 16-bit file allocation tableFAT32 32-bit file allocation tableFDD floppy disk driveFERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy ActFn Function (referring to the function key on a laptop)FPM fast page-modeFRU field replaceable unitFT P file transfer protocolFQDN fully qualified domain nameGB gigabyteGDI graphics device interfaceGHz gigahertzGUI graphical user interfaceGPRS general packet radio systemGSM global system for mobile communicationsHAL hardware abstraction layerHCL hardware compatibility listHDD hard disk driveHDMi high definition media interfaceHPFS high performance file systemHTML hypertext markup languageHTTP hypertext transfer protocolHTTPS hypertext transfer protocol over secure sockets layerI/O input/outputICMP internet control message protocolICS internet connection sharing
  4. 4. ICR intelligent character recognitionIDE integrated drive electronicsIEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics EngineersIIS Internet Information ServicesIMAP internet mail access protocolIP internet protocolIPCONFIG internet protocol configurationIPP internet printing protocolIPSEC internet protocol securityIPX internetwork packet exchangeIPX/SPX internetwork packet exchange/sequenced packet exchangeIR infraredIrDA Infrared Data AssociationIRQ interrupt requestISA industry standard architectureISDN integrated services digital networkISO Industry Standards OrganizationISP internet service providerKB kilobyteLAN local area networkLBA logical block addressingLC Lucent connectorLCD liquid crystal displayLDAP lightweight directory access protocolLED light emitting diodeLIP or LiPoly lithium-ion polymerLi-on lithium-ionLPD/LPR line printer daemon / line printer remoteLPT line printer terminalLPT1 line printer terminal 1LPX low profile extendedLVD low voltage differentialMAC media access controlMAN metropolitan area networkMAPI messaging application programming interfaceMb megabitMB megabyte
  5. 5. MBR master boot recordMBSA Microsoft Baseline Security AnalyzerMCR multivariant curve resolutionMFD multi-function deviceMFP multi-function productMHz megahertzMicroDIMM micro dual inline memory moduleMIDI musical instrument digital interfaceMIME multipurpose internet mail extensionMLI multiple link interfaceMMC Microsoft management consoleMMX multimedia extensionsMP3 Moving Picture Experts Group Layer 3 AudioMPEG Moving Picture Experts GroupMSCONFIG Microsoft configurationMSDS material safety data sheetMUI multilingual user interfaceNAS network-attached storageNAT network address translationNetBIOS networked basic input/output systemNetBEUI networked basic input/output system extended user interfaceNFS network file systemNIC network interface cardNiCd nickel cadmiumNiMH nickel metal hydrideNLI not logged in or natural language interfaceNLX new low-profile extendedNNTP network news transfer protocolNTFS new technology file systemNTLDR new technology loaderNWLINK Netware LinkOCR optical character recognitionOEM original equipment manufacturerOMR optical mark recognitionOS operating systemOSR original equipment manufacturer service releasePAN personal area network
  6. 6. PATA parallel advanced technology attachmentPC personal computerPCI peripheral component interconnectPCIe peripheral component interconnect expressPCIX peripheral component interconnect extendedPCL printer control languagePCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card International AssociationPDA personal digital assistantPGA pin grid arrayPGA2 pin grid array 2PIN personal identification numberPKI public key infrastructurePnP plug and playPOP post office protocolPOP3 post office protocol 3POST power-on self testPOTS plain old telephone servicePPP point-to-point protocolPPTP point-to-point tunneling protocolPRI primary rate interfacePROM programmable read-only memoryPS/2 Personal System/2 connectorPSTN public switched telephone networkPVC permanent virtual circuitPXE preboot execution environmentQoS quality of serviceRAID redundant array of independent (or inexpensive) discsRAM random access memoryRAS remote access serviceRBAC role-based access control or rule-based access controlRDRAM RAMBUS dynamic random access memoryRF radio frequencyRFI radio frequency interferenceRGB red green blueRIMM RAMBUS inline memory moduleRIP routing information protocolRIS remote installation service
  7. 7. RISC reduced instruction set computerRJ registered jackRJ-11 registered jack function 11RJ-45 registered jack function 45RMA returned materials authorizationROM read only memoryRS-232 or RS-232C recommended standard 232RTC real-time clockSAN storage area networkSATA serial advanced technology attachmentSC subscription channelSCSI small computer system interfaceSCSI ID small computer system interface identifierSD card secure digital cardSDRAM synchronous dynamic random access memorySEC single edge connectorSFC system file checkerSGRAM synchronous graphics random access memorySIMM single inline memory module scalable link interface or system level integration or scanlineSLI interleave modeSMB server message block or small to midsize businessSMTP simple mail transport protocolSNMP simple network management protocolSoDIMM small outline dual inline memory moduleSOHO small office/home officeSP service packSP1 service pack 1SP2 service pack 2SPDIF Sony-Philips digital interface formatSPGA staggered pin grid arraySPX sequenced package exchangeSRAM static random access memorySSH secure shellSSID service set identifierSSL secure sockets layerST straight tip
  8. 8. STP shielded twisted pairSVGA super video graphics arraySXGA super extended graphics arrayTB terabyteTCP transmission control protocolTCP/IP transmission control protocol/internet protocolTDR time domain reflectometerTFTP trivial file transfer protocolUART universal asynchronous receiver transmitter user defined functions or universal disk format or universal dataUDF formatUDMA ultra direct memory accessUDP user datagram protocolUL Underwriter’s LaboratoryUNC universal naming conventionUPS uninterruptible power supplyURL uniform resource locatorUSB universal serial busUSMT user state migration toolUTP unshielded twisted pairUXGA ultra extended graphics arrayVESA Video Electronics Standards AssociationVFAT virtual file allocation tableVGA video graphics arrayVoIP voice over internet protocolVPN virtual private networkVRAM video random access memoryWAN wide area networkWAP wireless application protocolWEP wired equivalent privacyWIFI wireless fidelityWINS windows internet name serviceWLAN wireless local area networkWPA wireless protected accessWUXGA wide ultra extended graphics arrayXGA extended graphics arrayZIF zero-insertion-force
  9. 9. ZIP zigzag inline package Ravi Kodoli, 9595169899