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Sexual HIV Prevention Programme - QA Processes


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Quality Assurance Processes, using Standard Operating Procedures and adhering to health and medical regulations

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Sexual HIV Prevention Programme - QA Processes

  1. 1. QA Processes 2012 R RapitiQuality Assurance Manager Internal Training March 2012
  2. 2. Purpose of SOPsO Standardised Operating ProceduresO Carry out the process correctly and in the same mannerO Successfully accomplish the task
  3. 3. QA SOPsO Request for Quality AssuranceO Programme ReportingO Version Control
  4. 4. QA GuidelinesO Consultant guidelinesO Writing guidelines  Abstract Writing  Success Stories  Technical Reports
  5. 5. Purpose of SOW Report AddendumO Improve quality of consultant productO Increase accountability of the consultantO Ensure that the consultant is in line with the project’s requirementsO Save time and money! 5
  6. 6. Product SOWProvide the writing SOW and attachments to the consultant as an addendum to thecontract.O Product purpose, target audience/s, key messages, formatO Product requirements O Timeline (interim and final deadlines) O Format selected (template, etc.) O Materials for submission (as applicable) O Complete deliverable O Excel books O Photo files O Any source materials not available onlineO Product Review TimelineO Attachments, as applicable O SHIPP Technical Report or Brief Template O SHIPP Writing Style Guide O Timeline Table 6
  7. 7. Questions?