SIP Highlights


SIP Highlights
It was a memorable experience for me to work with Strategic Cloud Services. Company had
assigned me on a pr...
my research. This was the stage where I had to break my heads to find out the optimal way
which can describe the collected...


There was lack of resources in Delhi (territory). I had to setup by my own .The entire
expenditures like interne...
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Internship Summary In Cloud Computing


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Internship Summary In Cloud Computing

  2. 2. SIP Highlights It was a memorable experience for me to work with Strategic Cloud Services. Company had assigned me on a project so called, market potential analysis for Delhi. In order to perform this research I had taken EmployAstar as a product. EmployAstar is a cloud product based on Applicant Tracking System. This application is developed on Force.com platform in the Salesforce CRM. EmployAstar is useful to the recruitment department & staffing agencies for sourcing, managing, integrating the resumes for conducting the entire recruitment. I am very much thankful to my company guide Mr. Yuvraj. N (Business Development Executive, SCS bangalore). He was always a motivational source for me. Along with him I would also like to express my gratitude towards Mr. Satyabrat Hansraj (HRBP, SCS Bnagalore) & Prof. Hrish. R who had always helped me by providing the adequate feedback & direction during entire internship program. I am highly impressed with the working culture & the learning environment of the company which I had experienced for past 3months. From the day first I was occupied with the various tasks like working on cloud computing technology, tracking the competitors, finding out the cloud based products in India etc. This was at early stage. Gradually as I went ahead I was given product training. Since I was Woking alone for the Delhi, so there was a short delay in capturing those useful information. Although with this short delay I took help of Mr. Yuvaraj and worked on the product training so that I can go ahead for the next level. As a result I was able to clear this phase and enter into the platform where I can start my tasks & presentations At the next level I was assigned to come up with the list of potential customers who would be suitable for our product. Since, the product is about to launch & its major competitors like Target-Recruit & JobScience were already existing into the market with a great success rate. Hence in this particular scenario I decided to consider to target small & mid-Size enterprises. Hence I considered a population of 500 SMEs Then at the 3rd level we had come up with a questionnaire which was relating to the EmployAstar. With lots of up and downs & the bad phase finally I came up with the adequate questionnaire & converted this into online with the help of ‘Google Docs’. This was an initiative taken by me to conduct the entire survey online. With the help of these tools (i.e. questionnaire, Internet, Database & power of telecommunication), I was able to next level which was conducting the survey. This was the crucial phase in which I had to interact with those 500 SMEs. Getting appointments with concern person (HR/IT head) and discovering the contact details of them was a very difficult task. But with the help of calling pitch & the corporate behaviour etiquette taught by Mr. Yuvaraj I was able to clear this phase. I had interacted 52 clients personally (F2F) and 448 clients with the help on internet (online) & telephonic mode of conversation. From the survey I came to know that were exist 142 companies who are willing to have more information about this product including pricing & its application. They also requested for the business proposal so that they are think & talk to their management for its implementation If I talk about the last stage of this program in which I had to immersed into the primary data collected from the responses got from 74 various companies which was sample size for
  3. 3. my research. This was the stage where I had to break my heads to find out the optimal way which can describe the collected data. One side there was a data from which I can interpenetrate the conclusion by considering the all the responses with the help of graphs & charts. On another hand, there was required to analyse the co-relation & its deviations with respect to various variables & factors. Therefore, I have to different ways to analyse. As a result I decided to go with the both the tracks in which 1st track will be describing the behaviour of clients with respect to the EmplyAstar on the basis of its application & usability. While 2nd track describes the interdependency of the various factors. Finally end I concluded by considering the data analysed from the research as well as the responses and feedback I got from the Delhi cloud based market. Learning from the company As far as learning is concern it can be summarized as:          Questionnaire designing for extracting various cooperate data Conducting Online survey About Cloud based products, applicant tracking system About Salesforce CRM Calling pitch B2B behaviour Cooperate presentation Primary data collection & its analysis Implementation of BRM & SPSS tools Contribution to the company      In my research I had taken 500 SMEs companies as a population. Among these SMEs I was able to extract 145 companies who are willing to upgrade with the product called EmployAstar From my research I was able to show them the co relation between the various factors that can affect the demand of the EmployAstar. I had created an awareness about the product to the 500 SMEs which will be a positive aspect from the company point of view I had designed a case study on the Delhi cloud market with respect to EmployAstar. I had come out with the correlation between various factors describing the demand for the EmployAstar, which was appreciated by the company. Negative aspects If I am talking about the negative aspects in this summer Internship program. I would like to summarize it as following:  There was absence of product Demonstration for the product, due to this we were not able to have sale experience. This was a drawback for us while giving the information about the EmployAstar & while in product awareness process.
  4. 4.     There was lack of resources in Delhi (territory). I had to setup by my own .The entire expenditures like internet, telephone etc. was beared by me other than the living & accommodation expenses. If it was provided by the company then it will be a source of inspiration as well Entire task & operation was performed as per direction of SCS, Bangalore. There was no any help from the Delhi team. So if sometimes I felt like helpless in some of the cases & situations Absence from company ID cards or authorization letter. Because if this I found difficulty to interact with cooperate peoples like head of Human Resource department or of Information technology. I had appreciated if I had got some faculty guidelines from the Gurgaon campus. At the end of this, I would like to say that it was a good experience from me. I agree that there was lot of up & downs along with many good time & bad experiences which I had faced , but coming out with the solution gave me a real & wonderful pleasure which I had enjoyed in past 3 months of this program. Implementing all the concepts studied with accuracy & optimally was the major challenge for me, which I came to know during this period only. As a conclusion I came to know that all people have some problems & its solutions along with them only, but the person who comes out with its implementation or Idea is the initiator & the person who implements those ideas or solutions tactfully are the winner in this cooperate world.